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Downsville Community Charter School Reviews

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It’s a decent school. I’ve been attending since kindergarten, and they’ve improved dramatically throughout the years, and are only going to improve more. The school itself is expanding, and in the near future there will certainly be an expansion to house all of the students.
Downsville gets better and better each year; with quality teachers and an open learning atmosphere. With the school being fairly small, character is promised. Every body seems to know each of their peers, defeating any unwanted bullying or hate. My favorite part of attending DCCS is the help you receive from teachers. The teachers truly care for the future of their students and they want us all to succeed.
I like the small town appeal of everyone knowing everyone and the staff goes above and beyond expectations.
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Downsville charter school is a decent school that goes from K-12. There are excellent teachers and great freiendships to be developed here.
(My boyfriend goes here (he's a senior with almost to none's worth of college readiness) (and he has four classes) he tells me all the time that this is one of the worst schools he has gone to. He says the teachers barely pay attention and some don't even review past contents for him. None get the students ready for college by what I heard. It's a school that really just teaches " stuff" nothing else. lack of money donations and money guidance (the school has been almost shut down plenty of times. the poor kids that go there usually got fit into groups and bully the other groups, changing some kids emotionally for the worst. it's just a big ole mess of a building that needs to be changed.
The school is small so school nurse also works in the office. There really aren't any health programs or resources available. Periodically, there are random searches for drugs, etc. There are policies in place in case of emergencies and we do have drills for those. Bullying is not a major problem, but when something happens it is usually taken care of quickly through suspension or other policy guidelines.
There are several clubs and organizations for students to participate in and once a month is club day for the various clubs to meet throughout the day. The only extracurricular opportunities are basketball, softball, and baseball. Usually the same students play both basketball and either softball or baseball. The school is small so I guess for that reason

it is unable to offer too much diversity. My favorite is softball which I've loved my whole life. This I will truly miss when I graduate.
I have made some really good, close friends at school. My parents went through a divorce when I was in Jr. High and my friends were very supportive. I played sports and my coach at the time was very encouraging and understanding. Now that it is my senior year, I know I will miss playing softball and hanging out with my friends. The school is small and has limited opportunities. Looking back, I wish I had attended a school more devoted to getting their students prepared for college; but, at the time, I just didn't want to go through more change in my life.
Only a few teachers truly want the students to learn. Several ridicule a student for asking questions to try to better understand the material. They don't care if the student is involved in extracurricular activities and some appear to enjoy giving failing grades. A couple of the teachers have no consistency in their grading; for example, in writing a paper the rough draft receives some tips to improve it, the second is turned in with those tips and the teacher then marks those and sends it back for the final looking like the original draft. It also makes it hard for the student to learn if the teacher is concerned with whether or not their job is secure. High school and teenage years are hard enough and stressful enough without being made to feel stupid by their teachers.
I feel extremely safe here.
Although i personally dont eat their food its pretty good.
I love our schoole administration. I disagree with some of our dress code policies, but overall i agree with most of the rules.
I have made such great friends at this school. All the teachers here treat you like you are you are their own kids. i will never forget this school.
All the teachers at our school are so so devoted and caring.
The extarcurricular opprotunites at my school are great. There are so many clubs to choose from and they are so much fun.
At my school everyone has an equal opprotunity to be apart of the athlestic department. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging. Since I attend a smaller school you can recieve one-on-one attention if you desire it or need it.
Even though I didn't learn the college kind of stuff I would need, I learned everyday life things. And I made the best friends and memories there. I wish I could go back and visit and be a student again for just another day.
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Don't get me wrong, I loved all of my teachers. But honestly they were mostly like friends, not teachers. There were exceptions of teachers who did actually teach.
Of course there were sports, but not everyone wants to play sports. Then there were clubs like FFA, FCCLA, FBLA, etc.
This school prepares you for the farm/country life. Not really a college experience.
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