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Downsville Central School Reviews

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There are a total of three clubs here at Downsville, band and choir are classes. There isn't much selection.
The students here are so closed-minded and mean. If you're different it is a huge issue to them. There are few opportunities here for students to receive and advanced education and to prepare themselves for college. I would never redo my high school experience.
The teachers here go above and beyond. They care about their student's education and will do whatever they can to help us.
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nice, but aren't strict enough
not great, plain and boring
Bus drivers should be more carefully selected
Very strict on female dress code, while lax on male dress code
There could be a ton more clubs.
Know one is getting in this school, doors are always locked
This school has everything a student needs
Everyone knows everyone and everyone is friendly with eachother
Able to take college courses in high school
The only thing I disagree with is the short wearing policy. Some children are small for age and have to wear smaller clothes which in turn makes the shorts a little short, which they don't like.
This school has a variety of programs for the kids!
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