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I love this school and as a senior I feel that my teachers and the learning environment that they create have helped me to prepare for college and beyond. The school has great school spirit and has fun activities and traditions that create a good balance between work and play.
My son went to STEM and he liked it. He said that as far as he was concerned it was harder than college because by the time you get to college you know what to do. You know how to study and how to take good notes. You are more prepared for college then High school. He liked that many IB credits transfer. He credits the tough curriculum and his knowledge of studying for this. This school is not for everyone. You must want to learn at a higher level. If you go into the I B program here you basically take college level classes. Don't expect to skate here. Larger smmm mmmMost of their athletics is combined with Downingtown West. Would not recommend band not unless you are willing to devote 25 hrs a week to it in addition to what you do at school and games. Like everything at this school you give 100% or you don't do.
This school prepares you for college a lot and although there is a heavy courseload, the students and teachers are very friendly and work together to provide you the support you need.
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I very much enjoy the learning environment of independence and trust. The student-faculty relationships are all wonderful.
The Downingtown STEM Academy is very unique compared to other schools. The school is more project based, has small class sizes and has a strong focus on stem fields. There are no sports or music programs but they can be taken at the two other high schools in our district. I've greatly enjoyed my experience at STEM Academy. I loved how I've been able to get to know everyone because of the small class size. I also loved how the assignments were based on projects and group work, preparing us for both college and work.
Great IB program, and I feel like I will be really prepared for college! All of the teachers and administration really want us to succeed and are always pushing us to improve.
It is a rigorous school as they prepare students for college. This is an IB school and the courses are very challenging. For extra curricular activities, students coordinate with other public schools to participate.
I love that school, I wouldn't change a thing. I guess that homework can be challenging sometimes. In the midst of applying to colleges, like all seniors, it would be fantastic if the teachers would understand how very busy we are, and not give homework during that time.
The STEM Academy is by far superior to the other high schools of DASD. It provides students with more freedom to learn what they want, and provides them with access to competent teachers in a variety of different subjects. Despite this, it teaches kids through the IB Program, which many believe is unimportant or less valued than the AP Program. Still, it provides a rigorous education that is not matched by the other district schools, and allows the students to develop and mold the school into what they want.
Downingtown STEM Academy was truly a gift. However, every gift must be earned, and STEM made me pay with time and sleep. It is true that STEM has a rigorous curriculum that is similar to a 4-year college program, and students feel constant stress and anxiety over upcoming tests and assignments, but this is not the most prominent aspect of STEM. At STEM, since there are fewer students and the students per teacher ratio is smaller than most schools, students are not only able to help each other out, but build a support system amongst themselves and their teachers. This allows everyone to understand how stressed students might be feeling. Not only do the students have the support and sympathy of their peers and teachers, but there are numerous activities at Downingtown STEM Academy for students! This includes Cupcake Wars, Camathon, as well as the wide variety of student-run afterschool clubs. Downingtown STEM Academy was the most thrilling challenge I could ever ask for.
It was a tremendous challenge, but graduating from STEM taught me that I can do anything. The academics are rigorous, but the group project-based approach taught me so much about working with others, being a leader, and dividing tasks for the most efficient and effective process and product.
STEM is more than a school for kids interested in science, technology, engineering or math. It is a school that is focused on creating the best learning environment possible in order for its students to grow. Even though I am not super into the STEM fields, I still believe this school is the right fit for me because of the inclusive atmosphere. Teachers are approachable and willing to help, which is perfect when I need extra help. The one thing that sets STEM apart though, are the students. Everyone here genuinely cares about their academics, but not in an overly competitive way. Overall, STEM is a fantastic school that anyone would be lucky to attend.
The Downingtown S.T.E.M Academy is an experience to say the least. Commonly hailed as an unconventional place of learning to the general public, the Academy provides their students with immense trust from day one, empowering them through freedoms uncommon in most schools. For instance, there are no hall passes at the S.T.E.M. Academy. The school establishes a level of common trust and respect by providing this freedom to the students, allowing them to flourish in their rigorous studies. Also, while studies are rigorous at the Academy, their practical application to life is overwhelmingly beneficial. The freedom to grow from struggles encountered in the overwhelming amounts of work teach students how to fail, which is the most important lesson I have ever learned. Through the independent approach to timed writings and literary analysis' featured in the curriculum, I have grown as a free thinking academic and small town teenager.
I really loved my teachers and the academic rigor at the STEM Academy, but I feel that sometimes communicating with the administration can be frustrating.
I love how ready I am for college now that I am nearly in college, but I do think that there is some unnecessary stress that hurts entire grade levels about things that could have been easily prevented.
The Downingtown STEM Academy has a unique way of learning which focusses a lot on technology and collaboration. Throughout my time at STEM, I have worked with many people including fellow classmates, teachers, and professionals on a number of projects and research opportunities. Students also spend a lot of time doing project-based learning wherein we are able to demonstrate what we have learned through something creative such as a video or a presentation or even building a Rube Goldberg Machine as opposed to taking a test. I think this method of learning is much more effective than the typical memorize and test method. It is because of STEM that I know I will be successful in my future no matter what I end up doing.
While the Downingtown STEM Academy has a very rigorous academic program, overall the atmosphere makes it worth the stress. The freedom and collaborative nature allow for hard work to turn into success and preparation for the future. There are also many opportunities for clubs or extra-curricular that can form a well-rounded student.
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Downingtown STEM is a great high school, in which I have been exposed to so many wonderful opportunities. Not only have these opportunities prepared me for college, but also for entering the workforce.
Overall, I have had an incredibly positive experience at the Downingtown STEM Academy! I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend this high school, as the opportunities it has opened up for me over the past four years are absolutely unmatched. It's one of the top public high schools in PA for a reason! The academics are rigorous, yet the teachers are incredibly supportive and will go the extra mile to ensure students are successful. I feel very well prepared for college after my experiences in the IB programme! If there is anything truly negative to say about the school, there is a very observable stress culture that lingers throughout the student body. The workload is already intense and many students face considerable academic pressures (internally and externally instigated). Fortunately, however, teachers and admin are actively working on sustaining a more positive school culture.
The atmosphere at this school is unlike any school I have ever seen. Everyone is so friendly to each other, the relationship everyone has with each other and the teachers is something all schools should strive towards.
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