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My experience at Downingtown West has been an eventful four years. Their musical program is very exciting and fun to be apart of, but it does require a lot of time commitment. Truly, my favorite part about West was their engineering classes. The teachers for these classes make the courses fun and exciting, and they help their students improve their knowledge of how innovations are made and work. The teachers from these courses have changed my perspective of the world and the career I want to pursue in the future. The only thing I would think that Downingtown West High School could change is their math department. The teachers attempt to help their students, but the teachers fail to come up with new ideas of how to get their students to learn better and more efficiently.
Downingtown West is a well-rounded school academically. The staff are very friendly overall, and I have never had personal issues with any teacher in my four years there. They provide rigorous course loads for those who wish to pursue them and are helpful in the process leading up to college. They have a helpful set of guidance counselors, who make the college process much easier than it would be otherwise, and who also are accommodating to students before this point. The school's mental health specialist could be more effective in working with students personally, but this is a minor issue overall. The athletic and scholarly extra-curricular activities are well regulated overall, and most coaches are very professional.
I think that this school has amazing teachers who are dedicated to making sure their students succeed not only in class but in whatever future they are preparing for.
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Downingtown HS West is a great learning environment, with a wide range of extracurriculars (from mock trial to National Art Honors Society to Aevidum to Spanish club) & course selection options. The curriculum is expertly-taught, for the most part, & there are many resources that students can turn to if they find themselves in need of assistance. Overall, West is a wonderful school to attend.
Overall, what a student gets out of their time at Downingtown west high school depends on what they put into it. There are plenty of opportunities for academic advancement available, however, it is the student's responsibility to pursue them. The vast number of students can make one child feel like just another number. Additionally, there can be a lot of social issues present that are not properly dealt with by the administration. If a child knows not to get involved iwith certain
People are racist and the school does not care about their students. I would not send your student to this school if are a minority unless you’ve prepared them to handle all of the bullying. The atmosphere makes learning difficult because everything is so negative. Don’t even bother going to a counselor or teacher because they won’t do anything either. Even if you decide to go to a counselor to talk about mental health issues they just send you away typically saying they’re too busy. It seems like there’s no support system in place to help students out and it seems like they blame the parents if anything goes wrong.
Overall it was a very educational experience. I had lots of fun getting involved in sports and clubs.
The school spirit is lacking and nobody cares about anyone other than themselves and whoever they are dating. People are close minded and unwilling to reach out to others. Everyone there is constantly saying how there is a problem with the school, but not many people are actually willing to put in an effort to change. Administration does not care about their students and will not listen to students unless a parent comes in and sits with their child for what seems like 3 weeks before deciding that they might actually want to deal with a student. Guidance does not offer any support to the children even though they say that we should approach them. Every time I have reached out to a teacher or guidance I was sent away or forgotten about. It honestly just seems like nobody in the school really cares about their students and just try to act like they are so they don't get in trouble.
At West, I feel the concern of the administration and staff as a whole is not where it needs to be. I felt as if grades were their main concern, rather than the well being of the students.
I enjoyed my time at Downingtown West High School because of how inclusive the entire school was. Every student was given the opportunity to succeed, participate in activities they enjoyed as well as various clubs. The teachers prepare you for college through the technology colleges use, the way classes are held, and expectations students are given. If any student is struggling they are there to help the student understand the topic through various approaches. There slogan stands true, "No Student left Behind."
I would like the teachers and administration to take more time to get to know their students. As well as understand the work they are giving them, and the hard work that they do.
I enjoyed my last three years at West and am looking forward to my senior year. Downingtown West offers endless opportunities and many choices of classes. The teachers are always willing to take time and help any student who may be struggling. Our sports teams do very well and the games attract a large number of students which always makes for a fun evening. West has prepared me for my academic future and I look forward to wherever I continue my studies.
Downingtown Area West High is probably one of the best high schools you can ever go to. Students are really friendly and they help you and they challenge you to do more just than to study. Everyone is so welcome.
While overall the high school has good classes and pushes their students to do their best, they lack a lot of human decency. When sexual harassment is reported, nothing is done about it and victims are told to avoid the situation. This is contributing to boys growing up and thinking sexual harassment like this is ok.
The one thing I like about West is that the teachers wants every single kid that leaves West should either be going too college go do a trade school because they want every one of their student to be successful. The one thing I would change is the diversity we need more race in the school.
I love Downingtown West and am so lucky to be a student there. They have amazing opportunities and resources available to all students. We have educational assemblies, field trips, great sports teams, amazing extra curricular activities, great facilities, and plenty of college preparation. Not many schools have all of these opportunities and those aren't even all of the things available for students. I feel that I thrived here and anyone who comes into this school has every opportunity in the world to thrive and improve their skills no matter what type of student they are.
School is good, lots of school spirit, the administration is bad, there is a clear misconnection betweeen teachers, students, and amninitsration sports are great but sometimes carry too much weight compared to academics.
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Downingtown West High School is a very wonderful school. It gives students so many opportunities. Aside from the core classes, students can take electives such as cooking, sewing, dance, and even learning to manage money! This school teaches languages such as French, German, and Spanish, but also includes Latin and Japanese! The academic emotional support is also admirable, with teachers and counselors who are willing to help you excel in your high school years. There is a room that gives you important resources you may need outside of school, such as internship and job applications. This school also supports harmony and friendship; I once heard that it is famous for being "clique-free". We work to bring others up and stop problems before they start. Going to this school was a fulfilling experience for me.
The classes are good, but the students, especially the upperclassmen, are rude and mean. Other than that all of the classes are throughly taught and explained to ensure utmost undstanding of that topic. However, that may vary from student to student as I have heard of some terrible teachers strung throughout the school,
I feel as though the school has a lot of opportunities of the students to thrive. There are many clubs that are available to the students, as well as several help centers.
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