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Truly a great school. Academics are challenging but this makes the students work harder to be the best they can be. Very pleased with the academics.
Downingtown East is a great high school for sports, and academics, but that’s about it. The environment is generally negative, and their efforts towards college preparation are minimal.
Downingtown High School East provides a lot of opportunities for students to take high level courses such as AP and Dual-enrollment and also really challenge themselves to explore themselves outside of school.
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I liked that DASDHS East was near my home and gave me a lot of academic challenge. I wish this school was more focused on positive connects than wealth and rigor. They need to address the social and mental health problems that lead to many suicides during my years there.
At Downingtown East I made great friends, found my best friends, and was given the chance to impact here, and am positive I will do so. The teachers are supportive and push you to be greater. I had a very good experience here and got very involved in the school.
I love all the teachers at Downingtown East High School! They really do care and made my time here as a student enjoyable. I would love to see the administration fix the ceilings, which literally leak once in a while. It's very common to see buckets in the hallways or rooms collecting water coming from the ceilings.
Excellent academic courses and teachers that prepare students well for college. Very good extracurriculars from art to athletics.
I am a current senior I have enjoyed my time at downingtown east! I have learned a lot and have had a couple great teachers throughout the years. I think the football program is very great and their rival against west makes the games so fun! I love the library and the cafeteria that includes many sitting areas for doing work. The admistration is great and they are involved with their students.
I enjoyed attending Downingtown East! The teachers and staff clearly care about the students and make every effort to ensure our learning. This school helped prepare me for college in the fullest extent! I made lifelong memories here.
I will graduate from Downingtown East in 2019. As if the statistics did not speak for themselves, this high school is among the most elite in the state of Pennsylvania. Competitive environment, great teachers, many clubs and social events. Its not hard to get involved. Very welcoming environment and rarely will you feel isolated or like you aren't cared about. Also very well known for their excellence in sports, namely football and ice hockey. Overall great experience at this school, couldn't ask for anything more from a highschool.
Downingtown East overall is a great school. The honors and AP classes are challenging and competitive. The atmosphere is welcoming and most of the students are kind and positive. There are so many clubs that you can be involved in and the athletics are great.
I think Downingtown East is an awesome School ! As a parent I feel at ease knowing my children are getting a great education and are in a safe environment, honestly the only thing that I would have like is for it to be alittle more diverse which is not something the school can control .
I am a current student at Downingtown East High School and so far just since school has started there has been nothing but bullying and drama for me and when I tell the principals they do nothing about it. I’ve been going to DEHS for three years now and all three years have all been horrible experiences for me, the school is way to involved in sports and and football players think they’re better than everyone else and don’t regard anyone’s feelings and the teachers feed right into it, the students are all mostly wealthy and priveleged, and the teachers do not help student make up missed work if they are absent. So overall my review on East is that it is a horrible environment for a high school student who’s already stressed but to have teachers and prinicipals who don’t help when you go to them for help just makes it that much worse. The only good thing about this school is the school events.
I liked the overall school community environment. Everyone is welcoming and always ready to accept new students. Our athletics are amazing and successful at both the Junior Varsity and Varsity level. Our music program is successful as well. This past year the choir won 2nd place at the Disney Festival of Arts competition, and the marching band won state championships in its first year of competition. The academics are great because all of the teachers are willing to work with you in whatever areas you struggle in. Also, there is a way for almost every student to be involved in extracurriculars. From breakfast club to ping pong club there are a variety of clubs and activities to adhere to every students interests.
When I started at Downingtown East, I was a scared freshman with a small close-knit group of friends. As I moved up in age, my understanding and overall knowledge about the school increased. East is a great school for academics and sports. However, it is a predominantely white school which is not bad, but just saying there is not much diversity. I am forever greatful that I was able to s[end four years here. Now as a senior, I can say that the greatest gift East has given me is that it gave me the tools to expand my knowledge about myself and the community around me.
I loved the well-rounded nature of the school. Awesome academics, art, music, theatre, and sports programs.
I received an amazing education at this school. The sports program and the administration is too notch. I am an honor roll student and the teachers are always there to assist and make you a better person. The foods not that bad either
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I have only had a few decent teachers during my three years at downingtown east. Most of them are stuck up and not open to change. They believe an education comes from memorization of useless material. Most of the students are rude and disrespectful. The school is gross. The cafeteria and bathrooms are a complete mess. The school prides itself on having great technology but nothing ever works. the laptops are cheap and outdated and mostly useless. Teachers are not trained well enough in the use of technology. all in all this is a pretty crappy school and i think they could use a lot of improvement
The course curriculum at DHE is very challenging and our teachers are the best! DHE is very diverse and allows me to interact with students from different backgrounds and culture.
I enjoyed being a student at downing town east high school(Dehs). The school itself has a diverse student body, and various opportunities for students to be involved with leadership. I joined National Honors Society (NHS)-a service organization that gives back to out local community, Science Buddies(experiments to empower children to have interest in science related Careers), and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)-(teaches students business skills needed to succeed in not only business related careers, but also in other careers). Additionally, the rigor of the AP and honors classes aided me as a way to give me a glimpse at the type and complexity of work to expect at a college level. Overall, DEHS provides a learning atmosphere that prepares children into the working world and beyond.
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