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I liked that the school offered a pretty broad amount of career-centered classes but what I did not like was the teaching styles of some of the teachers and lack of healthy and/or vegetarian lunch options.
Downey honestly has some great memories that I have. The teachers were great and as a athlete, being part of the athletics program was a great thing to be a part of. But the administration is no good, and I feel that they don’t prepare you enough for college.
My experience at Downey High School was very eye opening. I went to a Catholic school for my middle school years. My middle school had 200 students from preschool through 8th grade. My high school however had over 4,000 students. The change was tough at first but I eventually adapted and got used to it. Even with over 100 students, almost every teacher I had gave opportunities for extra help and that's what I loved the most. The teachers were very helpful and understanding. The only thing I think Downey High School needed help with when I was attending, was getting more up to date on buildings. Now after going back and visiting old coaches and teachers, I see that Downey has a lot of more improved buildings and resources for students.
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Through my 4 years the teachers were alyways very supportive, the school was always clean and well maintined, and the activities I participated in were very good.
The art teachers and some of the English teachers will care for you, but the science teachers are pretty bad at their job and math teachers will let you fall behind. They really only care for the AP & Honors students and I've seen that as someone who was in both average and advanced classes.
Downey has a higher education system and the teachers there actually prep you for college. I would love for them to be more involved with the students and get to know them better. I don't like that they added more bars because it looks more like a small prison , but I understand why they did it.
I like the teachers, they care about the students and always want them to pass the class. Also I love how they sometimes decorate the quad thank you ASB!!! The environment is very chill and not that much drama, if there was drama the staff would take care of it.
I love the variety of career technical education programs. Each class has a variety of resources along with connections with multiple companies and businesses to allow students real-world opportunities in jobs.
Downey High School is a School that has a lot of classes that students can choose from. There option for art, engineering, medical, etc. I’ve taken many classes at this school, to try and find my interest. I still haven’t found it, but it not too late.
During my past year in Downey High School, I got to learn a lot about the environment and the culture. I love the teachers at Downey High School, their methods of preparation is very astounding and intriguing. I love the connection that everyone has with each other, and especially the passion that they have when their is an upcoming event. Everyone goes all in. The only things I would love to see change is the production that comes out of the students educationally. Hopefully, students come to their senses and actually do the work that they are supposed to do.
The teachers are great. The technology provided is pretty new. There are plenty of clubs for people to join and to get out there and do something. The engineering classes provided there gives students a great head start. Teaching essential skills for engineering programs at college level.
Downey High School gives everyone a chance for a better education. Teachers strive for students to excel not only in their class, but in life. I have leaned not only learned in this school, but to grow as a human. Although the school is great, the one critical claim I would make is school lunch. We have a heavily populated high school with four thousand children. It would be nice to have more tables and spaces available to eat, rather than to eat on the grass. Downey High School is a great and vibrant atmosphere overall.
Throughout my high school year, I had teachers who kept me motivated. One of my favorite teacher was my Spanish teacher, Mrs. Cubas. She taught me how much Spanish is important in the United States. Even though Spanish is not my first language, Mrs. Cubas chose me as a nominee for the Viking Award in that subject. She is one of the reasons why I want to continue in Spanish for high school.
My experience here at Downey High School had been a memorable one and the best four years of my life. This school always has something going on... making school enjoyable for both students and faculty. From freshman year, they make everyone feel welcome with the program Link Crew. They are prepared me for my next journey in life. I am truly going to miss high school... especially at Downey High School.
I like that the teachers are very helpful in helping students achieve success, whether that be for college or for the real world.
Overall I think the school is well organized and provides a lot of opportunities to students. Many of the teachers that I know, love what they do and are committed to teach students everything they possibly can.
I am a current senior at Downey High School and I genuinely love my school so much. I entered this school as a freshman and all my teachers that year were very welcoming. I was a self centered person for most of freshman and sophomore year. At the end of my sophomore year, something inside me clicked and I wanted to join the school's ASB, so I did. I applied and received a spot in the class and it was the best high school decision I've made. As a senior, it is now my second year in ASB and I can say I have changed dramatically in my personality; It really opened me up. From ASB, I interact with so many more of the teachers and administration that work there. The campus is great and our school spirit is amazing. In all my almost 4 years here, I have never felt anything but welcomed.
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Overall, Downey High School is a great school with some wonderful teachers and staff memebers. For the most part, many of the teachers I had were very devoted in helping their students learn. Mr. Glasser was my AP U.S History teacher and he’s one of the best teachers ever. He is really invested in his students and is constantly preparing us for our future especially for college.Downey High School and Mr. Kim, the Ap Environmental teacher, also allowed me to have one of the best experience in my life when they took me to Yosemite for a field trip. It allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and I found a deeper love for nature and caring for the environment.Downey High School is also a place of school spirit and they work hard to push “Think with Ink” which is the school’s focus on getting students to think more critically through writing.
I think what Downey High School needs to improve on is shifting their attention to more of the performing arts.
I really like the teachers there , since freshmen year I have had teachers who challenge me to do my best and make me proud of my achievements. The school pride is BIG, we cheer for our teams during football games and go all out during Spirit week. Their are several intersting club such as one I joined, Kiwanis which focuses on community service . The staff is always hard at work, friendly and will help you out when needed. I have taken honors classes and Ap classes which have give me college credit besides getting me ready for the type of workload universities will expect out of successful students.
I absolutely loved my school. They provided me with so many opportunities to discover my fields of interests and skills that helped me decide what career I wished to pursue. Each teacher taught with passion and intellect. Everyone helps each other strive.
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