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If your child likes to fight, have anger issues, bully other kids then this is the place for your little one. Guaranteed not to be asked to leave. Teachers hands are tied to anything.
Chosing this school for my daughter was the best oportunity for her education. Not only is a Christian school but also the fact that the kids grow together from grade to grade, completing all the school years from 5K to 12. As a parent I'm very involved in her education and daily progress and having the option to volunteer with class activities has the advantages of meeting all the DCS staff and teachers. The classes are small so there is more time for the teachers to spend with each student. Thank you DCS for all you do!
Management was pretty good. Classrooms were small and lunches weren't the best but still decent. Downey has very good and passionate teachers who genuinely cares about their students. Despite needing a little renovation in terms of infrastructure and changing a few illogical rules (not trusting student with phones even after classes have ended), Downey was a good school that will give students the care and attention they need. The school also has a very good basketball team that will give interested students a solid foundation.
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My experience was a roller coaster, but it has gotten somewhat okay. I am currently in two subjects and only two classes. We were rated coolest school for two years and we have two star basketball players. Jullian and Jaiden Newman.
I am an Alumni of the school (so to say) but quite frankly I really don't like the school at all. I'm an international student and this school is the only school (that I know of) accepts international students' applications. Each year alot of students come to this place they called a "school" and alot of them came from big cities and school that was significantly better than this school in any aspect. This school is very, very small and this should not be any international student's impression of the "high school experience" in the US. However, I love the teachers I've been with, the class is small so teachers know you by names and some I feel comfortable talking to like an older friend. I love how they can get alot of students from different countries here in this small school, therefore talking to different internationals and teachers is the only thing I will take away from this school as my valuable memories.
Downey Christian is a family oriented school. You feel like you are at home. The teachers are of great influence to the students. Teachers are loving and caring. My experience at Downey was great, it built me up. There were two teachers that were of great influence to me which were Mrs.R and Mr.O, I didn't share their full names for safety purposes. Both of those teachers guided me and gave me the keys to success. What could the school do to improve? Offer the students more opportunities, such as more school electives. I graduated in 2016 and we are currently in 2017. I completed my first year of college and this has been a success. I owe this achievement to my wonderful teachers. What can I say to Mrs.R and Mr.O? Well keep inspiring students to strive for greatness. The goal isn't to be better than anyone but rather to be better than who you were yesterday. The competition is with yourself, strive for better things each and everyday.
the services for students totally is okay, but it could be better
I have a lot of close friends in this school, and the teachers are so wonderful as well
Most of them are the best teachers ever. They always respect students's opinions and willing to help
It really helped me catch up to the grade i needed to be in.
Sports coaches are not the best fit for the job. There is no fitness programs or athletic facilities.
The school administration is always doing their best.
Taco salad is the best.
In the academic aspect i feel prepared for college.
Downey Christian School is great with academics if the student is in the ACE program. I am in the ACE program , my answers here are not based on traditional classes.
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