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Dowling Catholic High School Reviews

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Academically this school is a ten out of ten. With the service hours that are required to graduate, it looks amazing on a transcript. However, the school does not care about the wellbeing of the students.
Dowling prepares you very well for college and the teachers actually care about making sure their students do well.
I like Dowling Catholic High School because it gives me an environment to build relationships with new people and it helps me prepare for college.
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Dowling Catholic delivers on its mission to create Christ centered leaders for life. Most of the teachers and administrators live this mission every day.
Great education, extra-curricular activities, strong faith base and support from community. DCHS has provided our family a strong sense of community. Our children will be fully prepared for college, both from an academic standpoint, but also a social and emotional standpoint.
I transferred there when I was just a sophomore. It was an alright experience. I really enjoyed how people were well behaved most of the time. I would say the only thing I would change is how the administration really has preference for those who do sports and are popular.
Dowling Catholic High School is an excellent place to continue your faith filled education, however because the religion is heavily catholic some students may feel left out or ostracized due to the religious nature of the school. If the bible happens to disagree with you, then so does the entirety of the school. The staff is friendly despite that, but it simply falls under the "rules are rules" outlook of the bible.
I liked the family/community atmosphere of Dowling Catholic High School. The teachers and faculty seem to really care about their students.
Dowling is a great school to prepare you for college. The teachers actually care, there are so many opportunities to take advanced courses, and there are multiple activities available for students.
Going to Dowling was the best thing that could have happened to me. Being able to make friends and get involved in multiple activities while finding my faith along the way is something I could never repay them for. I truly feel like Dowling Catholic High School and everything I have experienced along with it has shaped me into who I am today and the kind of person I am. Most importantly they helped me form a relationship with God. I was able to grow in my faith and build a strong foundation in my beliefs before going off to college. I feel that I have become a strong student, leader, friend, and faith oriented person and I have Dowling to thank for that.
Although I have only been a student at Dowling Catholic High School for around 2 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there so far. The school has numerous extracurricular activities that allow students to easily form a group of friends through similar interests. Though Dowling has a decent amount of different classes to choose from, it would be beneficial if they could expand their foreign language department, which only includes French, German and Spanish. Adding languages such as Mandarin would help the students that wish to go into business, as well as form stronger relationships with the foreign exchange students at Dowling, most of which are from China and Korea.
Dowling is such a blessing to my family and me. The community of people who go there are just outstanding and the care that the teachers, staff, and coaches have for students is amazing. Dowling really does strive to make leaders for life centered on Christ.
Loved my high school experience here! I had so many opportunities to travel, like to Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Washington DC!
Dowling is a fantastic school that prepares you for college. Going to Dowling gives you a leg up in the college search, and the College Counselor here is excellent at helping you find your school. Academic excellence is a top priority at Dowling, and most students do care about their grades and GPA. The average ACT score is higher than those of public schools in the area because Dowling is good at preparing you for the ACT experience. Dowling also offers dual enrollment to DMACC and Saint Louis University which are amazing for getting ahead in college. I would be proud to send my kids.
The best thing about Dowling is that it’s a super welcoming community. All the teachers, students, and staff are really supportive of each other.
Dowling Catholic High School is a school like any other. The administration is inactive and uncaring towards student complaints unless the student happens to have a donating parent. There are a few great teachers, but then others who will always screw up the law in a goddamn law class. The staff also generally makes bad decisions, like depriving us of classes for prayer and replacing AP classes with mass and creepy speeches. The counselors generally stay out of your hair, which is good, but when reached out to, they are slow to respond. I feel unsafe whenever I'm reminded how many guns are owned and used by students and teachers, some of whom have decided to make a shooting club. The sports are good but I've never been willing to watch because of the unsafe feelings. The school has money but uses it poorly. The facilities are on par with some small middle schools in town, except when it comes to the chapel, which was recently built for a huge sum of money.
Dowling is a very tight knit community. The teachers are great and care about all of their students for the most part. There are great opportunities such as mission trips and small group supports. Dowling creates considerate, bright minds who will change the future for the better.
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The Dowling community is a great honor to be a part of. Every Dowling member you meet is respectful, willing to help, and supportive. Throughout my years at Dowling I have felt as if everyone I come across has been looking out for me and hoping and praying for the best for me. The school works hard academics wise and will prepare you well for college. There are many clubs and things to get involved in.
Strong community- felt like a close family. Teachers taught well, and were always there if you needed something. All the students help one another build each other up. Promotes all programs/clubs.
Great environment! Definitely prepares you for college, leadership and how to live a faith filled life
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