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Dover-Sherborn Regional Middle School Reviews

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The academics were strong at this middle school but the culture was very competitive and mildly toxic.
Mediocre review for this for the Middle School. Perhaps the High School is better.
Most of the teachers here are extremely well educated and genuinely care about the students they teach. However, there are many students in each class and they pretty much have to teach to the MCAS test. There's a great wasted opportunity with this approach. There are also a few teachers that shouldn't be teaching children in a classroom. They are absolutely rude and downright mean to children with special needs. Unacceptable.
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The school administration takes a very hands off approach to student discipline. If your parents have money then you often would get a pass.
This school would be a good fit for kids who are either very bright or need tremendous support. If you have a B or C student that might need just an extra bit of help, then expect to have them fall through the cracks. It's also a very difficult environment socially. It's not a super friendly group of welcoming kids. There's affluence here that comes in a package of elitist entitlement. Most of the teachers are fabulous but there are a few that simply just shouldn't be in a classroom with kids.
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