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Dover-Sherborn Regional High School Reviews

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Overall a very nice school,good teachers a variety of clubs and prepares you for college, however lacks diversity.
Mostly good teachers, good curriculum in my opinion, not great diversity but they try their best. The students are more controlled than in other high schools as the school is fairly small.
One thing I liked about Dover Sherborn was there were helpful when it came to school work and I would like them to change how they address certain issues
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I really enjoy the teachers and academics, but it falls short in diversity, and there is no school culture
Dover Sherborn has excellent academics and a lot of incredible teachers as well. The History dept is stellar and the Science dept is also extremely impressive. Although there is a lot of work involved at DS, it prepares students for college extremely well. Because of the rigor at DS, the atmosphere is extremely competitive as it is not unusual for students to apply to ivy league schools. This environment creates a lot of unnecessary stress and ultimately leads to a lot of anxiety and depression among students. Dover Sherborn also lacks diversity. Most of the student body is white with a small percentage of minorities. As the average income in dover is well over 500, 000 a year, students attending Dover Sherborn are extremely privileged. This creates somewhat of a bubble around the school. Students lack understanding and relationships with others from different backgrounds. I feel that this is a huge drawback.
The environment is very welcoming as a new student my freshman year, it was very easy to make friends because the school is very small. The teachers are very attentive and the classes are small so the the education is focused on students. In addition they really value the quality of the education, it will not just be busy work. The headmaster is very invested in each student and their experience.
Whenever I needed help with anything and everything, I had many people to go to for help. My teachers pushed me to do my best and were always very good about offering extra help when I, or other students, needed it. The school definitely prepared me for college and I'm so thankful that I was lucky enough to attend this school! I'll miss it so much!!
Excellent education and teachers. The workload is very fair and the work assigned is very reasonable and helps me understand the material better.
Dover Sherborn is a great community, with a few great teachers that will make learning awesome. The good teachers help make school bearable. There is to much pressure on kid to do well academically and stress levels are often very high for no good reason.
There is NO DIVERSITY! But everything else is amazing. I will give 4 stars because I believe that diversity is important. Sports and Clubs are great, we have won 3 state championships in the past year. Great school!
Great school system where the kids are serious about academics (see the SAT/ACT scores) and there are plenty of after-school activities. It is a beautiful setting and kids could run or hike down extensive trails to the Charles River where they could launch a kayak. Lovely place to grow into adulthood surrounded by nature.
This is the best school (public or private) in not just the state, but the country. Our teachers and students create an amazing learning environment and all students enjoy their school days more than those of any other school. If anyone were to rank this school outside of top 5 nationally, then they have clearly not experienced the greatness of the Dover-Sherborn community and school system.
Dove-Sherborn is a place where I’d you ask for help you will receive it. It provides for those students the opportunity to excel their minds and abilities with an in-depth hands on learning experience’s that the school so well provides to their students. As well Dover-Sherborn has an incredibly developed sports program with active Couches whos goal is to help support not only there athletes in their perspective field of play but also their future. In addition the faculty and administration do a Phenomenal job of supporting and governing the student body. the preparedness of DS students for college is close to that of private institutions yet is readily available publicly Walst also readily.
Incredible school. Awesome teachers, excellent education. It was the best I could've asked for in a school.
Had a wonderful time at dover-sherborn. They really made me feel like I was included there. The teachers you form long term bonds with.
Teachers are amazing and really willing to help the students. DSHS really helped me feel prepared for college and there were many resources that were available to help me through the college search process. Not a lot of diversity at all in the school, especially since they now got rid of the METCO program. Bullying is still present at times. DSHS has had some issues with anti-semitism as well.
Other then the spotty wifi, DS is properly ranked as the best high school in MA. The teachers are almost all compassionate, and great at what they do. The only thing that needs to change is the open campus.
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I would say My experience at Dover-Sherborn was terrific because of the teachers that I had along the way. The teachers care a lot about you, and want to see you grow and succeed after you depart from there. From a freshman, all the way until you are a senior you lean many things about college, and how to be prepared for the real world. When playing sports or being part of any club or activities, you feel like you are part of a family. The two towns are small and not very diverse, which can make it harder for other students to feel apart in this school, or town. Although many teachers, parents, and faculties work very hard to make it equal for everyone that attends school here. This high school has prepared me so much for college, and after that.
Dover-Sherborn High School is a great school educationally. It is consistently one of the best in Massachusetts. The teachers are generally very nice, understanding, and they want kids to prosper in the environment they provide. It is great educationally, however socially the school is very clique, allowing for an environment to be somewhat inclusive.
I would not be going to the college that I am if it wasn't for the rigor at Dover-Sherborn, this, plus lots of clubs, and more often than not, teachers are stellar/will actually help you even if you don't realize it, is why I rate3 stars. However, I have a lot of problems with DS, but I’ll only address my top 2. 1st, which I think most people agree upon, DS is a high stress school. For me, this actually made me work harder, but it is 100% not a healthy situation and mental health is poor here. 2nd, excessive cliquey-ness and weird social norms, from my experience, don't allow most kids to have multiple friend groups or labels (i.e. jock and theatre kid). My non-DS friends think I'm lying at some of the things that go on here that just won't fly anywhere else - some kids think black face is okay (because they've barely met anyone of color), or some kids think DS isn’t “that” rich, despite being in the highest tax bracket and 5/10 students owning fancy cars with no jobs.
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