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Dover-Sherborn Regional High School Reviews

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Had a wonderful time at dover-sherborn. They really made me feel like I was included there. The teachers you form long term bonds with.
Teachers are amazing and really willing to help the students. DSHS really helped me feel prepared for college and there were many resources that were available to help me through the college search process. Not a lot of diversity at all in the school, especially since they now got rid of the METCO program. Bullying is still present at times. DSHS has had some issues with anti-semitism as well.
Other then the spotty wifi, DS is properly ranked as the best high school in MA. The teachers are almost all compassionate, and great at what they do. The only thing that needs to change is the open campus.
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I would say My experience at Dover-Sherborn was terrific because of the teachers that I had along the way. The teachers care a lot about you, and want to see you grow and succeed after you depart from there. From a freshman, all the way until you are a senior you lean many things about college, and how to be prepared for the real world. When playing sports or being part of any club or activities, you feel like you are part of a family. The two towns are small and not very diverse, which can make it harder for other students to feel apart in this school, or town. Although many teachers, parents, and faculties work very hard to make it equal for everyone that attends school here. This high school has prepared me so much for college, and after that.
Dover-Sherborn High School is a great school educationally. It is consistently one of the best in Massachusetts. The teachers are generally very nice, understanding, and they want kids to prosper in the environment they provide. It is great educationally, however socially the school is very clique, allowing for an environment to be somewhat inclusive.
I would not be going to the college that I am if it wasn't for the rigor at Dover-Sherborn, this, plus lots of clubs, and more often than not, teachers are stellar/will actually help you even if you don't realize it, is why I rate3 stars. However, I have a lot of problems with DS, but I’ll only address my top 2. 1st, which I think most people agree upon, DS is a high stress school. For me, this actually made me work harder, but it is 100% not a healthy situation and mental health is poor here. 2nd, excessive cliquey-ness and weird social norms, from my experience, don't allow most kids to have multiple friend groups or labels (i.e. jock and theatre kid). My non-DS friends think I'm lying at some of the things that go on here that just won't fly anywhere else - some kids think black face is okay (because they've barely met anyone of color), or some kids think DS isn’t “that” rich, despite being in the highest tax bracket and 5/10 students owning fancy cars with no jobs.
This school has fostered a great environment to encourage students to be focused on academics as well as teach the value of a strong, foundational educational background. In addition to the emphasis on academics, a lot of the student body participate in sports, and the school does an effective job at supporting well rounded students with balanced schedules. While I have learned so much at this school, I would also have liked to see more guidance about getting more involved in and outside of our community. I would like to see more awareness about the diversity and culture outside of our community.
Dover-Sherborn provides an excellent education that thoroughly prepares you for college. The staff is dedicated & involved. Our athletics are competitive, with coaches pushing you to be better a athlete & work together as a team. Though I regard DS highly, it has areas that need improvement--it’s a wealthy, homogenous community that tends to disregard the diversity of our student body. They're under represented, but, DS does consist of varying races, sexual orientations, and religions. DS needs to work to create a safe environment for these students & address problems of those who ostracize them. DS would also benefit from an enhanced art department in classes like drawing, ceramics, guitar, and TV media. There's an incredible focus on education, but to create a well rounded student there has to be more emphasis on arts, discussion, service, & club involvement. Overall, DS is a wonderfully caring & educational community, but like any other school, has room for improvement.
Overall I believe that Dover-Sherborn Regional High School greatly prepared me for College due to their strong academic curriculum and teachers that were always available for extra help.
Overall, great academic education. Extremely small class sizes, and very rigorous course selection. However, the social scene is very cliquey, not the nicest or most welcoming school, diversity is about as rich as a rice cake.
I think that our school is located in a very safe area, so that makes up most of the safety and security. Due to the open campus and the numerous windows and entrances (most of which are unlocked and not really supervised), it is not the most secure campus in the world. I did not really see any bullying happening, but I know that there are some people who complain about people being somewhat petty/catty and/or very sheltered and overly privileged.
There are many club options, but it seems like the same handful of people are the ones managing the clubs and getting really involved in clubs. Several clubs have seen dwindling commitment and membership as many students are overextended and/or lack interest. While the clubs are generally led by dedicated and interested faculty members, it is hard for our clubs and teams to really win awards (for example in mock trial or debate).
Although DS is a bit of an isolated bubble in the sense of socioeconomic levels and overall diversity, the teachers and generally positive and high-level learning environment was very helpful. Overall, DS is a very small high school which helps with good class sizes and with the sense of community at the school. I personally would choose to attend this school again if I could do it all over.
Especially since most Dover-Sherborn teachers have a lot of experience teaching at Dover-Sherborn, they really know how to prepare and connect with the Dover-Sherborn community. There are a couple extraordinary teachers, but really almost all of the teachers at DS are quite good at teaching. DS has very strong AP classes, meaning that most people pass the AP exams they take and that AP teachers are good enough to have most (if not all) of their students pass their AP exams!
administration sucks, ms keegan (assistant headmaster) does eveything in her power to get students in trouble for anything. fires have been set in school bathrooms and administration still doesnt know who did it
teachers and administration do anything to get kids in trouble. have to pay for parking which is $300 for the year and they dont even provide enough spaces for all kids who can drive to park, you get turned away if you dont have a parking pass, forcing you to be late for school and cause an inconvience if you need a parent to drive you back. teachers are very rude if you question their style of teaching and dont listen to kids very often with ideas or suggestions
work load is a lot, expect way above what you should be doing in 11th grade. teachers dont like it when their teaching style is questioned. Spend about 3-5 hours a night doing homework if you want it to be good.
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Many students leave DS despite it's ranking as best in state because it can be extremely anxiety provoking. It has a very high number of hospitalized students, and if you ask anyone how they are feeling about school they will tell you stressed. Sports are big socially and require a huge amount of participation and time. If not involved on a team sport in can make you feel left out. Most teachers wont care about your well being. If you fail the test, they will say you're just not smart enough. If the whole class fails the test, then the whole class isn't smart enough. Half of the teachers expect you to teach yourself all of the material and are simply there to administer tests. A lot of the kids are very ignorant because they haven't been exposed to the real world.
Despite the fact that a lot of students seem to be on the road to nowhere but overwhelming stress, the teachers are incredibly talented, smart people who are ready to make every student a priority.
The academics are intense to say the least and all of the students are very competitive. It can be very stressful at times but it is worth it because you are getting the same, if not better, quality of education that many people pay for at private high schools for free. DS graduates are just overall more prepared for college in comparison to most high school graduates so with that on top of the excellent athletics it is one of the best public high schools in the country.
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