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Dover Senior High School is an excellent school for 9th to 12th graders. Teachers explore diverse and creative topics and make learning fun. Teachers are supportive and helpful. There are a variety of clubs and sports perfect for every individual.
The best thing about Dover High School in Dover New Hampshire is the bonding with sports teams and spirit weeks. When it comes to both of these factors it’s like a family. For sports teams everyone works together and bonds. There are many spaghetti dinners and sleepovers. When you are on a team at Dover High School, you are part of more than just a sports team. You are part of a family. During spirit week everyone bonds together with poster decorations and food drives. Additionally everyone shops together for the food drive and getting supplies to make sure everyone is supporting the class you are part of.
I have really enjoyed my time at this school. I am apart of two career classes, Biomedical Sciences and Health Sciences Technology. These classes have really made a big impact on my life and have led me to pursue a future in the medical field. I have had many passionate teachers and have learned a lot while being there. There are many amazing clubs to join and you can create clubs if there is something that you are passionate about that isn't already a club. There also many athletic opportunities during each sports season.
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I love the music department. It has a lot of good opportunities to expand your interests and helps you work on your certificates for certain fields.
Dover High School has this big focus on Student Voice. The idea is fairly new and it brings up problems within our school and brings the students together to make school life better. Dover High also has a CTC program which helps students focus on careers and prepare them for the future. If you aren’t sure what you want to do, Dover High has many clubs to offer ranging from Robotics, Drama Club, and clubs for the 3 languages we offer (Spanish, French, & Latin). There’s at least one thing you could get yourself involved in at Dover High which is very nice.
I like how everyone is friends with everybody, and I would like to see teachers interacting with students more!
in my four years o attending the school i was in the tail end of it as we were getting a new school right after i graduated. the schools environment was so dynamic in a way that struck you because you never knew what you would see the next day. there were many good and bad things that went on year by year but some of the teachers there were examples i still look up to today.
My experience has be overall very good. The part I like most about the school is their education and classes. It hasn't always been very easy but I know deep down the education system in Dover is fairly good. If there were anything I could change I would change the way your senior year looks within the building. Senior year can get very overwhelming and stressful, while you try and plan your future and I find the work load can be a lot on you.
Wish I could have been in the new school, but I love the community and the teachers. I have been to the new one though, and it's gorgeous! Those kids are lucky.
Dover high, regardless of what everyone has seen, is a school with the best bonding of students as a group and with faculty that anyone can get at a high school level. The school takes in three towns and in an instance of freshman year you soon know those kids like your own family. The faculty teach with passion and enthusiasm about not only their subjects but more importantly the necessities of successful life. I couldn’t be prouder that to be a current student at this school. This review only scratches the surface.
Dover Senior High School is a very large school with many opportunities to join clubs, attend social events, and become a part of something bigger than yourself. Its new building came with a new mindset of students here. While the large atmosphere can become difficult to make your voice heard, the drive of students to make change is admirable. Dover supplied me with the friends I will remain close with throughout my life and an education that I can continue to build upon as I progress to college. Dover is a school that is full of opportunity and familiar faces!
I believe Dover High School to be an above average institution but it is of course far from perfect. There is a new building this year which is absolutely beautiful but the administration is still figuring things out as far as who gets to use the new learning commons and the courtyard, some teachers don't have all of their supplies yet like projectors, and other things like that. It feels like we the students are figuring it out along with the faculty who sometimes don't have answers that we're looking for. But all in all, it is a beautiful, more or less state of the art, place. I count myself lucky to be able to take some classes there part time, as I'm actually homescholed.
I liked the wide variety of classes available within the Career Technical Center located on school grounds. The Animal Science program helped prepare me for my college years studying Equine Science. Not to mention we got a new school this year (2018).
I have enjoyed my time at Dover High School in Dover, New Hampshire. I received great learning opportunities. Dover High School provides students with many classes to choose from and clubs to join. Sports are heavily supported as well as music and art; a good balance. The school praises honor students, but also makes sure non-honor students still get good opportunities. Dover High School's Career Technical prepares students for life after high school.
Since it is a new school that was just built it is a new start to the whole school year. And so far I am really liking school better than I have before because I feel motivated to do my work and I think everyone is motivated because of the good vibes the school brings and the community it has.
When I attended Dover High School, the building itself was falling apart. There were indents in the stairs from where students would walk, chips missing from the tiles in the floor and ceiling, and the ventilation system would sometimes blow snow in from outside during the winter. Despite this, I still had a fantastic High School experience. Though Dover High was not spared the typical High School drama, it was the faculty that made my experience there exceptional. Like every school, there are certainly exceptions, but overall the faculty at Dover High pushed me to become not only a better student, but also a better learner and a better friend. I might not always remember every pulled fire alarm or less than savory meal, but I will definitely never forget the the teachers that supported me throughout my four-year journey.
most of the teachers are nice and friendly, they are also very helpful. the new building is fantastic. but the food served is not really appetizing.
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Dover high school taught me more than just academics. Whether it was the engagement of the teachers playing an active role in my personal life as well as my education or teaching me how to successfully tackle life’s challenges.
Really quite good CTC and Vocational programs for pretty much anyone. Some of the best Firefighting, Cosmetology, Animal Science, and Shop classes in the state; students come from a bunch of schools in the area because of our awesome tech classes. The food sucks, absolute garbage. I’d barely call it nutrition, 0 diversity in lunch, and no other food choices for those with allergies, except a few salads but wtf kind of nutrition are you supposed to get out of that? At Dover, a small salad, juice and milk, is considered a “meal”. The literal subculture of Dover, is drugs. Which isn’t too surprising in relation to every other school in the area.
Dover High School was both the best time of my life and some of the parts I wish I could forget. But that is what high school is all about, it is supposed to shape you into the people you want to become. Dover High School challenged me both academically and physically with their intense curriculum and sports programs. I was both an athlete and a student so that made it especially difficult for me to maintain my grades but with the help of the amazing teachers and faculty I was a Scholar Athlete for four years and lettered in two sports while also maintaining a social life. High school was definitely tough but I wouldn't be the person I am today without it.
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