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Every high school is different. Dover High School is a school that I am thankful for attending. Although there were hard moments along the way, I would not change my history with the school. There were teachers who made me feel accepted and safe even when I felt overwhelmed. The dedication some tecahers had with their students proved that the school was interested in their students. The help received will not be forgotten and the resources the school offered was more than enough. Although there are things that could be improved such as, the diversity of the school, intolerance was not too prominent. Dover is a school in which a person is able to learn and grow as they prepare to move forward in life.
I liked that it was a small school so everybody knew everybody. The teachers were also easy going and they made their lessons interesting. I would like if they invested money in fixing the school like installing a new air conditioner, working smart boards, and other things. They could also add new clubs and get rid of the old ones that nobody participates in. It was also be good if they provided drinks like apple or orange juice rather than just milk. The food could also use some improvement.
Dover is a small school, we only have about 115 on average per class. But looking at the surrounding schools we are bigger in size. As a student it’s great to see the student involvement in the school, as a school no matter what the circumstances are we come together and support eachother. And I feel this because we are such a small knit community where almost everyone knows you and you know everyone. The only real envy I had when it came to wanted to be in a bigger school was definitely the diversity. Not just in people, but for sports, some teams can be good but we do not have the selection like other larger schools. Overall I feel like I had a great experience at Dover High School.
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It is a very connected and close community. The small classes allow for everyone to get to know each other. The teachers were the best part of my DHS experience.
Dover High School has been a roller coaster experience, good and bad. I’ve participated in my clubs and sports that have shaped me as a character. I’ve been a captain of the Varsity soccer team, Varsity track team and Varsity cross country team. I’ve had many encounters with many different types of people and I like how Dover tries to bring everyone together. We include many types of religions, races and gender types. Dover has improved in many ways from when I was a freshman to now, as a senior. When I leave Dover, I want to make an impact. I hope Dover continues to prosper and development in the future so I can be proud of the town and community I call home.
I liked the freedom to choose our schedules and I wasn't very fond of the lack of electives there are to choose from.
Dover High School takes the time and effort to make sure at least every student is cared for and feels welcomed and involved in everything. I've personally never had a problem with the school or any of the staff there.
Coming from a small town and attending school at Dover High School, my experience was at the minimum very good. The school always provided guidance for when I need it personally. I enjoyed participating in varisity sports such as soccer and track and a various amount of clubs. I always tried my hardest in every sport I participated wanting to make myself better and the team better, also applying this in the classroom. My teachers would always be there for me when I needed extra help or didn't understand something. Dover High School has given me various amount of opportunity and shaped me as who I am today. Although I wish they had offered more AP classes or honors.
Being in a small school isn't always a bad thing. All the teachers know you personally which makes it easier for when you need help with something in class. The teachers are very caring when it comes to you passing all your classes. The teachers want to see you succeed, they know their students are capable of doing the work and don't give up on them.
The people who are there to participate in something they feel strongly for are the strong part. Other than that nobody takes what they do very seriously, it seems more like a title for bragging rights than an actual passion.
Teachers show that they are very passionate about their work and work hard to help students succeed in the classroom while being stern and preparing them for when they start college or get into the work force.
Health and Safety is not something that was stressed at this school. The doors would lock after a certain time, but anyone can walk in.
I love staying after school for activities, however most of the time I stayed due to practice for various sports.
This was the closest school to my neighborhood. This school helped me develop athletically, but I think they can do a lot more academically.
The teachers are knowledgeable, but I would rather see a more diverse group. Most, if not all, of the faculty is Caucasian and this can lead to issues with communication.
Overall, my experience at Dover High School was okay. I attended the school back in 2003 and have graduated in 2007. I am now a junior in college. Looking back, my most memorable moments were when I attended prom and my High School graduation with my friends.
I graduated from here- student body is friendly, teachers are easy to approach and really care about their students.
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Its very easy to find a club or organization that meets the needs of the student either as a whole or as an individual
There are general classes and AP/honors classes. DHS is different because they also have CTC classes that students can get certified licenses that they can take into the world after they graduate.
This is high school, so you will encounter cliques and peer pressure. However, if you are nice to everyone, then everyone will be nice to you. If you do not go looking for trouble, then it will not find you.
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