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The extracurricular opportunities are pretty open to everyone. Only a few decide to take part of them.
The facilities in my school isn't the greatest out there, but it's not that bad either. The classrooms desks have been there for quite a while now, so they may not be that sturdy. We have a good guidance/financials counselor. She informs us on all that we need to know about college and school information.
Having a new Superintendent this last school year made several new rules different in our school. I wouldn't say it's the best rules, but they improved tremendously from previous years. Since my school is very small, bullying isn't a big problem, but we still have the bully rules. My schools seems to enforce a lot of safety precautions, so it's alrighty in that general area. We don't have a school nurse anymore. I think we really should though, because it's necessary for when a student gets sick or hurt. They don't have to be send home right away or wait for their parents, because the nurse will be able to take care of them. Overall my school has an okay system of health and safety precautions. I hope it continues to improve as the years go on.
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most students in the school go out and at least try to participate. We have some good sports programs, and some good facilities for the size of our school.
Our school is a small school< so therefore we do not get offered as many classes as most schools do. we mostly just have the required classes.
The school administration is great! It is full of great people willing to help you on anything. Policies in this school are taken somewhat serious! They do not allow anything to slide by. Our policies and rules at Dover are always in effect, no matter what the consequences could be.
My experience at Dover has been great! What makes this school unique is that that it's a tiny school, but you know everyone in your school. If i was to go through high school all over again, I would definitely come back to Dover, it is full of great teachers and students, and is also home to a friendly community.
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