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All of the teachers are fantastic, everyone wants to help no matter what the circumstances are. Dover High School is currently under construction for a new school in 2020. This is going to be one of the greatest things to occur for the Dover City School district.
During my time during high school had really great memories. The teachers there are great and helped in whatever the students need going beyond the average teacher. A really great school for anyone looking to attend there.
Dover is overall a great school with great teachers and students but the administration tends to ruin the setting when they get involved. They are uninviting and unaproachable they tend to punish students who don't deserve it and let those that do off scott free. (Policy says that self defense still lands you a suspension somehow? If it were me I would lawyer up but it's always been other students)
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I enjoyed the majority of the staff. They sincerely cared about their class and if their students learned.
I love the staff and faculty, however the building needs attention. The building is nearly falling apart, but they are getting a new school soon!
I had an excellent time while I was at Dover High School. There is so much instilled pride in being a Tornado that I was happy everyday in class. The STEM teachers excelled at conveying concepts and prepared me for college very well.
I loved that Dover was such a great place to grow up and to go to school in. The town's rich history, notably its football rivalry, is one of the ways Dover will always be unique. I am so excited that Dover will be getting a brand-new high school in the coming years.
The four years there was filled with crazy and fun experiences. Classes always made me think openly on various topics. I liked that teachers chanellged me and were there when needed. I would change the cafeteria food.
I like the teachers at Dover High School, and their willingness to help the students. I wish Dover High School would get a new school.
In my three years of being at Dover High, I can honestly say that my experience has been a beneficial one. If you are looking for an accepting community who will welcome anyone with open arms, then Dover High is the place for you. The community is diverse, open to challenges, close knit, and proud to be a Dover Tornado. The high school strives for excellence and has encouraging staff to lead students to their success.
For the four years I attended DHS, I learned an excellent education under the supervision of great teacher. My only complaint would be the age of the school. Built in the early 1900's, it is falling to ruin; I would like to see a new school built in its place.
Though the academics are supposedly much more challenging than the surrounding school's are, it is overshadowed by a crumbling building and a lack of diverse class choices. Most of the teachers love their jobs and would do anything to help their students, but the poor teachers stand out much more.
It was an incredible experience! I made lots of friends. The teachers are all so nice and very helpful! The Sporting events were very fun to attend, especially since the city of Dover has such a supportive community! Also, my social life and academic life had greatly prospered at that school! It is a good school to attend.
Literally no diversity. zero non-white teachers & few non-white students
Few fantastic teachers, many more terrible teachers
The doors lock and there's a sign in/out sheet, but the ceiling falling is a bit of a safety concern.
the clubs are good but sports are too worshipped
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Most of the teachers do not care at all about the interests or success of their students. They care only to make money and get through the year. There are, however, a few exceptions to this mentality such as Ms. Cosenza, Mrs. Wallick, Mr. Hindman, and possibly a few more, but not many if so. The teachers need to know the material they teach, and not just know how to copy and paste powerpoints from the internet. Also, there are no non-white teachers at Dover High School, or quite possibly the entire Dover school district. That's kind of messed up.
Principal stays on top of things I believe
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