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I recently graduated from Dover High School and will say that firstly, it is not as bad as surrounding neighborhoods or schools may portray. I am now in college and firmly believe that the school is adequate in that it depends on the students for if they want to succeed and not always just the teachers or lack of resources. However, what I do wish would change is that the school would have more availability for AP classes and resources for its existing ones as I remember that being a pretty major issue. Overall, the school is fine, needs some more resources, will prepare your student about as well as any public school for college (meaning not that well) but what I remember most about it were the amazing teachers.
I had 3 children go through the district schools, my youngest is a senior in the high school. My older children received scholarships to college and I suspect so will my youngest. There are tremendous opportunities to learn. The teachers my children have had are engaged and interested in advancing student education. I have never feared for my children's safety and I truly believe there is very little, if any, bullying, none that I or my children have witnessed. I am present in the school for events and volunteer for the sports in which my children participated.
I enjoyed the fact that my school was very diverse in faculty, staff, and students. However, the many teachers did not put forward much effort into properly teaching us. Also, the school did not have much to offer athletically which made the experience less pleasurable.
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I loved the atmosphere and the fact that there were no clicks and tight friend groups but that a lot of people interacted with each other. The education and teaching doesn't prepare student for college as well as neighboring schools though.
I had a great high school experience! The teachers helped me and gave me amazing advice whenever I needed it. The school is open to many different personalities and cheacrters, no one feels out of place. Mostly everyone is accepting of who you are.
My four year experience in Dover High School was very memorable! It’s a one floor building that was easy to get around. Although I may have come across a few teachers who may not have had the best performance in teaching, there were also many teachers who have guided me through High School learning not only the subject at hand, but also many things about life. The students at Dover High School for the most part get along very well, we can be in the hallway and yell “yer” and someone across the hall can “yer” back. Things I would like to see change are things like being able to go out to eat during lunch time, students being able to use their phone with wifi connection for educational purposes, and adding more interesting elections because many were taken away that I would of like to learn about, like auto shop. Therefore, I would say Dover High School isnt too bad of a school, but theres always room for improvement.
Dover High School is filled with great students and teachers. There are however some students and some staff who take away from a good high school experience. I think if rules are enforced equally the school could improved into a place in which everyone could have a good experience.
I’ve lived in Dover my whole life. Been to the elementary, middle, and highschool. As a student who has been part of advanced classes they’ve done a good job. They have provided the resources necessary. I’m not complaining about the education. The AP courses here are challenging but they’ve given us the teachers that are fit for the part. Things that should be improved are the rules. The dress code is really unnecessary. Having better consequences for tardies or absences; not just give a million detentions to the students. But overall I don’t complain much about the school.
Dover High School is in its upcoming time right now. The school always has tried to recover from all the stereotype and negative comments people have on not only the school but the town. Currently there is a vice principal adding to the guidelines to make it easier for the teachers and students. Administrators are now sitting down with a select few of students about every month to address issues that us as students should be looked on. Funding is getting back up there.. all AP students are finally receiving all the technology that is needed.
Dover High School was my second home for 4 years. I made new friends, learned so much, and also became college ready. The diversity is one of the biggest factors that this high school has. Overall, this school is great and it keeps getting better and better.
I liked that at Dover High they have several opportunities to advance in certain subjects by offering several AP Courses as well as just Honors.
Dover High School is a great place with tons of diversity and certain students that wish to prosper. Teachers are great students are rude at times but it’s a good place ! A welcoming community
Dover High School is a school located in a small town in Dover New Jersey. Although the town is made up of mostly Hispanics the school itself is known for being diverse. This in fact is one of the things I love the most about this school. As well as the fact that the teachers are extremely supportive and always willing to share their knowledge. If I had to change something it would be having a larger amount of clubs being offered. This would be beneficial for students in order to expand their interests.
DHS is a School with very nice teachers but the majority of students being extremely rude to staff. Fellow peers are very hostile to authority and becomes quite irritating due to a large mob mentality and poor attitude. The collective thinking many of us students have ,with exceptions, is the expectations of Dover students is lower than that of schools around us due to our reputation.
While I am taking AP and honors classes I feel the support of the teachers and the other students in my classes feel like family.
I liked the library and all of the resources. I wish they offered more courses and more options when it comes to the curriculum
What I would like to see change is more consistency in dealing with kids who have learning disabilities. I would love to have a greater variety of electives and classes to better ready us for college.
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The teachers are really nice, I really enjoy my time participate at Dover High School as an transfer student from foreign country. I can really catch up with the school work and find myself familiar with the environment without experiencing any shock in culture differences
Good resources and programs but never optimized. A lot of wasted opportunities, because the school did not let students know what was available
The culture at Dover High is unlike any in surrounding schools, however there should be more opportunities for students than there are.
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