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Dover High's great! I've attended 2 school districts outside of this one, and Dover High beat both. Only thing that's not great is the food, but that's just every school.
I’ve made many friend while attending Dover High School. The atmosphere is great and many of the teachers and administration are kindhearted people. However, I think they could improve on the food & control the amount of fights that occur.
my time there for the four years I was there it was good but there was time where the administration lacked on certain things, and their pathways there isn't really a big variety.
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Two out of three of my children have graduated from Dover High teachers are caring and very helpful! I look forward to my youngest son graduating next year. This school does not get enough respect for its overall accomplishments.
Dover High School offers a variety of career path choices, classes, and opportunities to chase those choices. The guidance that the school provides effectively gives students tools that they need to be more successful in college. Despite these positive facts, Dover High School has some issues that prevent my review from being 5 stars. Within most schools, there is typically some sort of Honor or AP class that students can take. There isn't much choice regarding these classes and this system creates a blurred line between who wants to succeed and who, unfortunately, does not care. Another thing, most classes that are provided don't give proper information on how to live aside from going to college. I feel this is an issue that most education systems face. Dover High School is diverse and is very accepting and has near top tier classes and teaching. All in all, it receives 4 stars for its better than average education and opportunities and acceptance of students.
Dover High has great career pathway programs such as culinary, CNA and ROTC. The staff is very helpful when you need help with something in class. there are several clubs such as culinary, board games and Japanese. The sports teams such as football, basketball, track and baseball are also good.
I've gone to Dover High School for 4 years, and I love it here. The sports teams are not particularly great, but there's a lot of school pride at every game. The band is fantastic and very unique in its marching style. The best part is the academics-- the school has the best AP program in the entire state, which is saying something for a public high school. The students here are very diverse, ranging from the children of doctors to students whose family are on foodstamps, which makes for a great culture. The people here are very inclusive, and there's not a lot of bullying at all. Overall, the school is very good and I'd highly recommend finding a place in-district.
The school has a lot of ups and downs as a student. Dover High School has a great AP system and honors classes. It’s helps separate the ones who want true success from the ones who dont. Dover also has a free lunch system. As well as great school spirit to go along with great sports as well. The negatives are how disrespectful some of this kids are because of it being a public school. As well as some teachers who don’t try to prevent the bad behaviors. The other negative is the lack of parking space at the school which causes kids to become upset with the fact that they don’t have parking pass while others do.
Dover High School is very diverse. The teachers actually care about your well being. The teaching styles caters to all types of teens. The elective classes they have are fantastic. They have a no-bullying tolerance. They make sure families are updated on any event that happened or will happen.
My experience at Dover High was amazing. I never felt out of my comfort zone and there was always someone there to help out. It’s easy to make friends because there aren’t many cliques since most people tend to interact with each other. The food is cafeteria food so I don’t expect it to be amazing but sometimes we’d have great meals. I love the atmosphere of this school because there’s so much spirit and there are so many leaders. No matter what, there’s a place where your voice can be heard.
The new school isn’t designed to suit the number of students that need to travel through one hallway to reach the other side of the building. Everything else is nice.
I liked the teachers at Dover High. They are so nice and helpful and would stay after school if you need help on something. What I would like to see change is the school buckling down on consequences for the students who are fighting.
The atmosphere of the school is nice and the school itself is in great condition. Almost all of the teachers and staff are incredibly capable and understanding of students and will do their best to help them succeed.
The teachers are extremely nice and caring. They provide so much moral support and positivity among the young generation in the school. They treat you with dignity and respect as upcoming adults in society.
Dover High School is very welcoming, and safe school. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 4 years at this school. The teachers are great and go above and beyond to help out students and to make sure that they succeed. I feel as though this school truly made me college ready the academic program is wonderful. The school also has a great culture with all the clubs, art programs, and sports. It all really brings the students together and makes it all feel like a family.
I really enjoyed my time as a student at Dover HIgh School. The biggest issue I had though was the type of preperation we had for college. I lacked resources and help getting into schools as well as no help with SAT and ACT prep.
Very inclusive. Teachers care about their students. Offers Soo many AP classes. Brand New school with perfect fields and high class equipment and coaches
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High school was a really big learning experience. It helped socially, emotionally and mentally. The guidance counselors are a tremendous help with not only school but with problems of your own. Sports are a great way to connect and socialize with new people. We may not win every championship but the bonds we create with each other are long lasting. If your not a sports person we also have other organizations that focus on academics or hobbies that are good as well.
I liked some of the teachers, i believe the overall atmosphere needs to change to provide a more friendly education.
My high school experience has been great. I would not change anything. I am grateful for the support that I received in High School. I will miss everyone!
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