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For the most part I love my school. Dover High School very small; we have somewhere between 400-500 students at our school. Being from a small school allows for lots of peer connection. As a junior, I know all of the juniors, most of the seniors and sophomores, and a few freshmen. Our school does have a few flaws that mostly have to do with the age of our school building itself.
More attempts at community involvement and support for school activities, sports, etc. not only specific activities.

Better Quality Teachers....specifically Math and Science (all fields).
It is overall a good school. Many teachers are good at what they do and want their students to learn. Many opportunities have been given to students who do not have their work finished on time and the students who are in extracurricular activities are given an opportunity to bring up their GPA that would otherwise prevent them from doing the things they want to do in their extracurricular activities.
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I love the staff/admin. They all work towards getting the children to where they need to be. It’s not hard to find the room you are looking for. Principal is very very good.
Dover is s good school when you surround yourself with people like yourself. Most of the teachers are fantastic. All the AP classes are challenging, which is good.
Dover High School is a very friendly school with passionate teachers who want the students to succeed and coaches that want to win and make the program better than it was when they came. The student body is very close knit and willing to help each other. The only thing I would want to see change is better funding for the education and certain programs within the school.
Dover High School has created so many good memories for me. I participated in Golf , Basketball , EAST , and the Band. I have made so many friends and memories that I will cherish forever. Dover is very good at creating a student friendly environment. The only real complaint I have ever had were the lunches. Overall , Dover is a fabulous school.
I like the fact that our school is small enough that you can know everyone and that the teachers can know you personally. I wish we had more opportunities like EF Tours and more of a variety for AP classes.
It's a good school and all but I mean every school has it's flaws.
The teachers are nice and fun. I know one teacher who goes out of her way to help everyone.
Its really Great because of the wide spread involvement of our students.
It honestly is the best because of all my years playing football, I see hundreds of parents there to support not only the players, but members of the band, cheerleaders, and our school.
There are many different types of teachers in my school but the teachers i interact with and learn from try their to help me and my classmates understand what they are trying to teach. I have never had a moment where a teacher gave up on a student, they always tried there best to help us.
At School Bullying is not accepted. Students and teachers alike try to involve each student in team building excercises to allow students to grow and bond together. Everyone sticks up for everyone. There is no student left behind. In someone sees a student struggling everyone will aid that student to reaching their full potential.
Whether it be Band, Choir, EAST, or any sport that you would like to be in, then you will always be supported by your teachers and administration. Being totally devoted to something and just being able to pour all your skills into that extracurricular activity is deeply pleasing.
Dover High School is absolutely one of a kind. Never have I witnessed a schools where not only the teachers and students get involved but the community as a whole. Having the entire community by your side allows for so many different paths to take on your way to success. The Dover Public Education Foundation is a collection of hundreds of residents in Dover who have pooled over one hundred thousand dollars to not only renovate athletic and recreational fields, but created multiple scholarships to help students secure an educated future.
Teachers at Dover High School understand that the students that they are teaching will be the leaders of the future. They feel that teaching the students not just the basics of life but how to be highly intelligent in their studies. Their goal is not only to benefit society but to also ensure that students individual lives are of high quality.
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The Health at our school is ok but the safety on the other hand. Dover has kids getting bullied everyday and certain situations happen that can be avoided.
I would say I love our extracurricular activities more than I do our main classes. In most of our extracurricular activities we do a lot of community service, which teaches us many things. Not only does it teach us how to communicate with the different partners we create, but it shows us how important getting out in our community is. I believe our extracurricular activities our good for everyone. I think if you have clubs and organizations like FBLA, EAST, FCCLA, Beta, etc, you should join them to get the best experience you can in your high school carrier.
This school like every other school does have its ups and downs. I wouldn't change the school I'm going to thought because it's a small school and I know everyone. By knowing everyone, you make a tighter bond with your grade throughout the thirteen years you are with them, good and bad. That's something you need in life starting off. Our school shows us the bad things, like the drama between students, the bad teachers who never teach, etc. By showing us this it teaches us to never be like that. Never get a job somewhere and not fulfill your duty you have there. It also shows us to be kind to one another and not be that drama starting person. So yes I would choose my school again if I could start all over.
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