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Dover-Eyota High School Reviews

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I liked the small-town feel of the school at first but as I got older it seemed like many people grew out of that and didn't like that about the school. There are many great teachers that really care there, but also some not so great ones.
It was overall a good School. Most teachers did a fairly good job teaching. The school was always kept cleaned and up t scale on everything.
It is a great school. Great facilities and good food. Great parking lot and love the classes hand prints on the walls.
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It's about as good as a high school can get, terrible. Due to the lower number of students, teachers can pick favorites easily.
It is an excellent school in teaching and in the atmosphere. Teachers are very willing to help and care about your learning. The students who attend are kind and wonderful kids. However, there is little to no diversity and a student must work extra hard to succeed with most teachers because they have difficulties teaching the material in a manner every student can learn in. Some elementary and middle school teachers consider most children a lost cause as well.
My experience at Dover-Eyota has been alright. It's not a great school but it could be way worse. There is only about 80 students in each class and the school is found in Eyota, MN.
The principal gets pushed around all the time. The counselor is really good at getting the necessary information to students. The office staff is pretty nice. Teachers try to enforce the dress code, but it doesn't work.
Teachers use a variety of teaching styles in the classroom including lecture, PowerPoints, hands-on, write on the white board, and use the technology. The teachers are very knowledgeable about many subjects, including the one that they are teaching. They also truly care about their students by getting to know them personally. The teachers could be better at communication with their students. I have tried to email many teachers, and they don't email me back until a few days later. Some of the teachers are very fast at grading and others are very slow.
I am full time Post-Secondary right now so I think the school has prepared me for college. They prepared me for the classes that I have to take. I haven't graduated yet, so I haven't faced the "real world" yet.
Students were not allowed to wear "too" revealing of clothing, the dress code was modernly modest. The rest of the schools standards are very standard in comparison to other schools and policies are thoroughly followed.
I loved my school, it was very small town and almost felt like a little family rather than a community of students. I felt free to go seek help when needed, and got a long well with everyone in the school. There was very little drama and there were classes directed towards different interest groups. My school also offered classes through Universities in the state to help give a jump start on college. I would most definitely choose to attend the high school I graduated from again.
All fields are kept clean and new, the gymnasium is the largest/newest in the conference.
The building is in great condition, and extremely clean. All technology is up to date. I don't ride the bus but I've heard good things about it.
There has been no threats against the school. We have tornado/fire drills regularly.
Like every school, there are teachers that are better liked than others, but overall Eyota teachers are good.
Everyone is very good about following the dress code; it isn't extremely strict. Shorts need to be an appropriate length, no spaghetti straps, stuff like that.
I, personally, have had a good experience at Dover-Eyota. I would say it's not for everyone, but if you like the small town feel than it is perfect!
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Eyota has a variety of clubs varying from Math groups, Academic Triathlon, National Honor Society, etc.
The food is very good! There is always a salad and sub bar open. Along with that there is a soup bar as well as a meat bar.
Eyota is very good at being student based. There is always a teacher willing to help, plenty of after school opportunities to further your education.
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