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Education at Dover was very easy. I’m a B or C average student and I graduated with almost all A’s. I was not prepared enough for college. I wasn’t told when I needed to fill out my fasfa. It was never explained to me how I was supposed to apply to colleges. I didn’t feel prepared enough and that I had to figure everything out on my own. I didn’t feel like I had their support or even that they wanted to help me. They expressed that they wanted to help us but never showed us ways that they could help us.
Dover now has CTE programs that really help zone in on your career. I was personally enrolled in one and had the best out come. I ended my four years of high school with tools and tons of memories.
Somethings I like about Dover Area High School is the environment the teachers produce, the athletic program, and the school cooks. Every time I walked into a class, no matter if I was having a good or bad day, the teachers would always light up the room whenever they walked in. Their personalities are the best. Plus Dover's athletic programs are known for making it to States and our cooks always make us the best food. My favorite was always the funnel cakes.
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Dover offers opportunities for all students to better themselves, and strive for more hands-on learn opportunities.
For the four years that I was at Dover Area High School, I can say that they were some of the best years of my life. I made lifelong friends and got to participate in a variety of sports year-round. The teachers were friendly and were always willing to talk about student-life outside of the classroom. A variety of classes were offered that prepared me for almost every aspect of life. Overall, I can't complain about my time spent at dear old Dover High.
After spending three years in Dover Area High School (graduated a year early) I can confidently say that if you take advantage of the educational opportunities and seek out help for what you want, this is a great school.
My overall experience at Dover Area High School was great. Dover has amazing plays and musicals that our community attends and our sports teams are like a family. We have great teachers that work with us if we are having trouble and push us to do our best. Every student receives a school ipad at Dover but we rarely use them which is something I would change, making it easier for teachers and students to post homework and tests. Besides the ipads I wouldn't change anything else I loved my experience at Dover Area High School and I know it will keep getting better every year.
I am an alumni of Dover Area High School and my 2nd child will be graduating from there in June. We have had very positive experiences in each of our 4 years there as a student. Positive changes have been made with how the administration and teachers communicate and interact with both parents and students. The Dover school district has an impeccable reputation for providing quality music education and my sons have benefited greatly from their experiences in the fine arts department.
The school is a very nice place to attend. I found much help on academic AND personal issues, from teachers, counselors, and other alumni who I spend my day with. Overall, an excellent school to attend.
My experience at Dover was very good. I was a cheerleader and was very involved. Dover did not really prepare me for college, but the classes were fairly easy.
Ive been living in dover since kindergarten and ive never liked it. Im a minority going to basically an all white school . The teachers at the high school have this i dont care type of attitude towards your grades. There not really there for you when you need help . The food is terrible like finding hair in your food type of terrible . Racism is also a big issue . Theres many people who support confederate flags and support calling people names . Bullying is also something that is big at Dover . Im not proud of my school at all .
I loved a lot of the teachers. What I would change is just the feeling in the school it is really old and torn down and if it would be upgraded it would add a lot more comfort.
As a sophomore at Dover High School, I can positively say that Dover has not only extended my knowledge, but opened so many doors to new opportunities.
Overall Dover Area High School is a very decent school. Most people outside and within the school and within the district in general think otherwise. Regardless I don't have any major complaints about Dover. The Education is good if you try your best. You get out of it what you put into it. I love most of my teachers and the for the most part the students are good too. I also play softball for Dover High School and I enjoy it very much. I have had a great experience with our trainers, coaches and everyone. There are a few changes I wish the school would make but not any school is perfect so overall I have/am having a great experience with Dover Are High School.
Dover is a very nice school but could use some upgrades so that students can learn in a school system manner. When I attened there seemed to be a fight once a week and always a threat to rid of some form of club or organization which I feel is Dovers strong suit.
The teachers were the best part of my high school experience, they were the salvation of that school in my opinion. There was not much else that stood out for me other than the classes that I took.
Dover does a good job of minimizing fights and working things out among students. The guidance workers are always available to talk to if you're feeling stressed, upset, or angry. The school nurse is very understanding and takes care of everyone equally.
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There is an extracurricular activity for everyione at this school. If you're athletic, there are multiple sports teams you can try out for. If you're musically talented, Dover has one of the best bands around and they travel to Hawaii to play. If you're strong academically, there is a very talented model UN program. And for those who were born leaders and have good idea worth sharing, there is an active student council and smaller student government groups that take care of their specific class.
Dover is just another high school in my mind. We didn't have a ton of money or the best equipment but we got through easily. Dover pride is a real thing and I think that stems from the mutual everyday issues that everyone faced. Sports, however, is what really brought us all together. Everyone, no matter the sport or extra curricular activity, was always supporting everyone else.
There are few teachers that really stand out at Dover Area High School. However, the ones who do go above and beyond what is expected of them and I have yet to encounter another teacher who shares that passion at the college level. I have learned countless life lessons from these specific teachers as well as their course material. If every teacher was as knowledgable and had a genuine interest in their students like those teachers do, I'm confident every student that leaves Dover High will be prepared for college and their lives ahead of them.
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