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I've attended Dove Science Academy for 5 years and everything has been wonderful. There is almost no bullying in the school -- in High School, anyway, the Middle Schoolers are a whole other story -- and the teachers are very genuine and ready to help struggling students. Since attending Dove, I've participated in every AP course I've been able to, and all I've taken have offered a challenge to the usual school routine.
My experience at Dove Science Academy was insightful. The teachers and faculty push you to go to college and have a wide variety of Advanced classes to help students reach their academic goals. The smaller classes help students be able to ask more questions as well as being ready for testing. Improvements could be made on the way that they do not have very many extracurricular activities. Students will get a quality education, but not the diverse and high school experience they need for their future.
Dove Science Academy is a good college preparatory school if you are looking toward attending a 4 yr. College after you graduate.
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Dove science academy students are very friendly. Just about everyone gets along. I've attended to dove for about 6 to 7 years. Dove seemed to care more about students academics scores during middle school rather than high school. Dove also appeared to have more of an interest in what you wear rather than focusing on students grades. The school needs alot of changes. Our textbooks are about 10 to 20 years old and not up to date. Some of the teachers are hard to understand. You may have to ask more questions about what they are trying to say instead of asking questions about the lesson. Administration is more focused on discipline. The school also is not college ready. As a junior they haven't talked about applications due dates, the requirements, nor the test scores needed. Their school system needs to change completely.
Dove is a pretty okay school, other than the fact that the teachers couldn't care less, and it looks like crap on the inside. The food isn't the best and our sports teams suck.
Dove allowed me a good amount of room to grow and explore, as far as choosing between STEM and humanities, but I feel as though more resources should be put towards extracurriculars and labs.
My school is college prepatory school. I experience a very kind environment and a good level of pushing from my teachers to do well. My school teaches vigorous subjects but never leaves a student behind. All the teachers I have encountered wish to see you succeed and help in whatever they can to make sure you do succeed.
Better health measures could be taken.
There is very little funding for the few clubs there are.
Most do a good job
A lot of one on one time with teachers!
My overall experience at this school was wonderful! The teachers truly care about the students and the classes are smaller, so the teachers personally get to know the students. All of the teachers work their hardest, spending extra hours at the school, letting students sit in their classrooms during lunch periods on bad days, and giving extra time when needed in special cases. They are the best part of this school!
I graduated now I am a personal tutor to students
Currently the only athletics is basketball.
Some but not all teachers do an acceptable job.
Everyone gets along very nicely
Three times I have traveled outside the states with this school.
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Turkish dance was great for me but is no longer.
Bullies are quickly shut down by their peers.
I like the school because it offers AP classes. I've learned a lot at school, I've gotten better at math and they try to get you to go to college. There main goal for you is to goal to college, but i don't know if i would go to this school if i could start over again mainly because the food sucks and badly any sports.
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