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Dove is a good school for college prep. It gets students ready for college in many ways and helps improve test scores for a better college acceptance rate.
At first you’re like ohh this is going to be hard but with the help of your classmates and teachers, they really push you to understand the work. It’s a small school so you basically know everyone and everyone treats each other like family but DSA can get really stressing at times aswell
Dove Science Academy is a great school. My personal experience here has been great. Teachers are very helpful.
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I love evry moment that I ve been there. There are great friends and teachers who will help you with everything you need
What I like about dove is that all the teachers want the best for you. What i would like to see change is the pants policy.
I personally liked how Dove Science Academy structures the class schedules. That is, every student at Dove will always take all classes needed or 15 unit high school core curriculum that some colleges require to apply to any university or college. Also, there is someone that can help you with any problem. Because the school population is small, everyone kind of knows everyone else which makes it easier to interact and ask for help. What I would like to see change is the organization of the school because everything can be hectic the first one to two weeks of the school year.
An outstanding place to learn, filled with opportunities for everyone. It is a great college preparatory school. Dove has a very supportive staff that wants to see you succeed not only in academics, but in life. They have a very solid foundation for STEM, and encourage all students to get involved in STEM.
Me gusta que son muy estrictos en todo los aspectos, 💝 muy buena disciplina para los jóvenes . pero lo que no me gusta que necesitan más actividades para los chicos se motiven y se sientan felices en su escuela mucho estudiar también les daña a esa edad que ni ellos mismos se entienden .
the staff and teachers are highly motivated and always willing to help their students succeed in any way they can. they go above and beyond for their students. the students themselves are highly motivated and helpful to each other.
I like the diversity and small size of the school. It allows many students to get to know each other as well as have one on one action with the teacher. Personally, I also enjoy that there are uniforms to cut down on judgement, though i feel the rules regarding the uniform should be loosened a bit. This year in particular could use some work regarding the strictness of the staff. Overall, I feel as though this is a good school, but there is definitely room for improvement.
Dove Science Academy prepared me for college and taught me skills not only in STEM but also in character.
They focus highly on involving every student into the STEM program early on. College acceptance is 99%! With international trips yearly, they concentrate on showing off the diversity of the world to the students. Teachers and staff show support and guidance for each of the students even after the graduate. It is a very close knit school, like a home away from home.
I like the teachers. they are really nice and helpful. I like my friends. i like the sports because we have soccer. I like the way our teachers care about us. We have field trips every year ; we go to different countries. the most important thing is that Dove Science Academy help us to get ready for college.
I like they can make you get ready for college. they will make you make choices on you own. you will learn middle school math, history, science, English. then you will learn high school math, history, science, English. they make you have 100 percantages of your AR done to move on to the next grade. you must have 30 community services hour per high school grade from 9 to 12 to order to graduate. you must follow the rules or you will be kicked out. it the number one school in Oklahoma.
What I liked best about dove was how interested the teachers actually are in seeing you succeed. When they teach a subject, they don't move on until everyone completely understands that subject. One thing I do think they should change is the school lunch.
My experience so far at Dove Science Academy has been absolutely amazing. This school opens doors to what you thought could never be open. Teachers that guide us and teach what we need to know just like all other teachers should, but what I like about Dove is that teachers become part of your family. House visiting to free tutoring they are always constantly worrying about the students future, this is what makes me feel so welcoming is because they care for us and our safety. Teaching the students everything they know about the life of a college student, preparing us to succeed and to always to excel the best we can, this is the experience I had being a Dove student. We are all a family no matter the race or religion, every single one of us are a family and we crave for success.
Dove Science Academy is a perfect school for any kids wanting a future! The teachers actually care about me! When asked for help they focus on me and kept explaining until I have got whatever i needed help with. Many clubs are in this school such as gaming club a club devoted to playing board games. Another club is study club which in the name is pretty much doing homework or study. A favorite is Do Something Club, a club where kids do community serves/helping out in the world. Although the school has nice teachers and cool clubs it lacks sports. The only sports they have are soccer and cross country. Besides the sports DSA has many books for the library, computers for research and teachers who care. When i needed to do a science project over the solar eclipse I had the computers, with very nice connection to the internet to help me. Different race attend to our school but mostly a hispanic race.
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I have attended DSA since 2011. The teachers and classes are tough, but they teach you what you need to know.
I'm still currently in high school but I have been there since middle school. They take great care of ny education and they make sure I do my best academically. The teachers are very friendly and helpful to all the students there and help us to strive better.
I am a senior at Dove Science Academy and over the years I have liked the school. DSA is not an easy school everything you get at this School you have to earn it. I really like that the teachers are really active and committed to their students.
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