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I have attended Douglass School since I was in Kindergarten. Growing up in this school and community has truly been a privilege and an honor. I am a graduating senior this year and plan to someday enroll my own children at this great school.
It is a really good school. The teachers are good and I like the small school environment better than a big school. Overall I really love going here and love the experience here as well.
The teachers here are very nice and are help you with what you need. You have to show that you are interested to spark their interest. The staff and teachers here are so great. I am glad and very proud that I have been attending this school for my entire education career.
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The building is made of wood and paper-thin walls. I don't fear for my safety as far as someone carrying out a school shooting. I do, however, become nervous when severe weather threatens the area. The school would quite possibly collapse if there ever was a tornado, and a fire would roar through the building given that its floors and walls are all made of wood.
The guidance counselor are pretty decent at their jobs, and strive to encourage everyone to do his or her best in every class and endeavor.

Parent involvement is very very rare, it's almost closed off to parents.
The teachers are top-notch educators as well as people. They are all supportive and eager to help anyone who comes to them in need of aid.
The administration has recently changed but has not implemented any changes so far, so this answer is about the previous administration. The previous administration served many but catered to only a few. Basketball always received more money for shoes and uniforms than any other sport in the school. The administration seems to have not changed rules in many years and the dress code is fairly restrictive. Only pants that come below the knee can be worn, shirts with buttons all the way down are to be tucked in, and there is a zero tolerance policy for facial hair.
This school has been good for me for high school. I have a good group of friends, and the school allows all students to get a quality education. However, the building that high school classes are in has been standing since the 1940s and it seems that many community members and school officials have been around since then too. No shorts are allowed to be worn in high school or junior high unless you are in gym class at the time. Many teachers are friendly and supportive of the students, and that has always been a highlight.
The programs for cross country and track & field are growing but are still small. This school is all about basketball and baseball, other sports take the back burner. There is no football either.
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