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Douglass High School Reviews

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Douglass is a great High School with an amazing community and a good environment. But like every other school, there are setbacks. We don't have as many resources and the bad reputation we have keeps us from gaining as many opportunities.
My experience at Douglass was great and unlike anything I've ever done. I had went to another high school before I transferred to Douglass, and I definitely enjoyed Douglass more. I learned a lot and I saw a lot. Douglass taught me how to be a better person, how to communicate effectively, give back to my community, and most importantly, how to be a great leader. One thing I would change about Douglass would be the teaching staff and faculty. Some teachers were awesome and some teachers didn't enjoy their job. It would be awesome to see everyone come to work with smiling faces and a burning passion to prepare the students as best as they can for the future. Education is the most powerful tool anyone can possess, so it shouldn't be taken lightly.
Douglass high school has a great environment. It is a great school all around, academic wise and activity wise. There is also a lot of room to make friends since it is a small school.
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Douglass doesn't have the things that other schools have. They don't have a lot of class choices or a lot of sports. But going to Douglass is an experience I wouldn't change for the world. Most of us there are like family & we usually have each other's back. Douglass isn't perfect, but I love it.
Douglass High School is a great education environment and my experience here has been great they the teachers and staff prepare you so that u can be ready for the next stage in education such as in college.
Hi my name is Brittney Harris. I Am a senior at Douglass and I love it. But the one thing I would change about Douglass is have more teachers who care about the students.
I like Douglass because the teachers do their best to push you to succeed and be successful in life whether that is going to college or going to work after you graduate. You can make some really good friends there.
My experience at Douglass High School overall has been excellent. The students and staff are fun people to be around. I personally improved academically. The only thing I wish could change is the pay rate that the staff gets then maybe the would care and try a bit harder than they are now.
this school isnt really based on academics.
I was student-athlete of the year my senior year.
There are some pretty awesome teachers.
The school is very safe .
My experience here at this school was great. The teachers always keep pushing you to keep your grades up .
Overall it isn't bad but it could have improvement
The teachers at this school try hard to help each and every student succeed and make it to college.
Well this is my first year at Douglass so there are not really much to say
I would do it all over again, because Douglass is not a school, its a family. We all learn together making new memories, and records in the sports we play.
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I don't like lunch, its always the same nasty food everyday.
Sometime they are strict, but it depends on the level of trouble we introduce ourselves to.
The support at our school is beyond amazing. Parents from all around, fans that create a gigantic noise in support.
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