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Douglass Highschool was a challenging school for me offering so many unforgettable experiences. I appreciate being able to attend here for the three years that I did. The teachers and admin work hard towards opening the minds of the students that attend there.
The best 3 years! I came to Douglass when I was in the 10th grade. The students were kind of hard on me at first, but once they got to know me then I was good go. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I had some of the best teachers I've had in my life. The experience was just wonderful.
Douglass has caring teachers.We have friendly students that will help you out. We have alumni that are willing to help us with college. We have a nice library and resources.Douglass has good lessons and some are interesting.
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I would like to see other ethnic groups within Douglass High School besides just African-American and Latin-American.
What I like about Douglass is the fact that it’s an “Work hard play later” envoirnment. Not everyone at the school is bad or acts out. There are a lot of good kids willing to learn to get to where they want to be in life.
Douglass High School was a good school all in all but it did have its problems. A few of my teachers were honestly there for me through tough times and helped me pull my grades up. The test scores were our main problem because we had a lot of teachers that didn't try to explain anything to you.
My experience at Douglass has been a good one. I feel that they push us to do our best and try our hardest.One thing I would like to see change is the parent involvement. I feel that parents should be more involved in school activities.
What I like about Douglass is how the teachers are involved in the students education and likes to help out in every way they can. What I think should change in the school is how administrators are unkempt.
Douglass High school was a great experience. Douglass wasn't perfect but it made you feel at home. They worked welcomed you with open arms. The teachers and students was ready to learn. Douglass shouldn't change anything
I love Douglass High School. They have their good days and their bad days but overall they have been the best school in my opinion. What Douglass should change is giving us more freedom.
Some teacher are all a bout the students
It's a small school that's what I love about it the most.
I was very proud of my teacher. I really built personal relationship with all of my teacher. Some got on my nerves but they were great.
Douglass High School has been around for years, there have been countless others that have made this school what it is way before the previous students got here. I am so honored to call this school home and say that I am apart of a positive impact within my community. For all of the years that I have been here not once have I regret it and doubted this school. Everyday when I walk through those doors I feel at home because I know I have teachers and classmates that care for my well being and education just as much as I do. I recommend anyone to attend Douglass because I know they will love every minute of it and I know they will have positive impact as well.
The building is beautiful. Some of the teachers are amazing. The principle makes great decisions for the school. It's not too big nor too small.
The staff is great. Some students can ruin the moment
Great school loving and caring staff. Some students cause others not to learn.
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I didn't know Douglass was going to be a good school. It turns out to be a great school. The teachers are our best friends, the students are family, and the activities are widely various. I want to stay in this school for another four years.
These teachers are like second parents to the students. They help students out when in need, and also show care and love to the students.
There are so many clubs. We have guitar club, garden club, debate team, chess club, and etc. This school's club most win at competitions as well.
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