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I moved to Douglass, Ks my junior year of high school. I was nervous and scared but Douglass High School welcomed me with open arms and acceptance. I remember the first day of school was scary, I was very nervous until this one girl walked up to me and introduced herself and I realized I was going to like douglass.
I love Douglass High School and I would not mind bringing my kids back to go to school in Douglass. Two year ago, Douglass got remodeled and it is 100% more safe now. The school also got remodeled on the inside and the set up of the classroom and administration offices is very convenient for the teachers and students. The teachers have always been very well at making sure that we, as students, understand what they are teaching and all of the teachers make sure to be involved in our lives. They also will get involved in the student activities which makes them really great! Douglass is a 3A school, which is decently small, but we have amazing facilities that are kept very well kept and clean. We have better facilities than most other schools, even 4A. I am very blessed to say that I am going to be in the Douglass High School's graduating class of 2019.
Douglass High School is full of friendly students. The teachers are very dedicated to their work and genuinely care about their students. One downside is that because it is a fairly small school, there aren't many advanced classes (only one AP class is offered). But overall, Douglass is a very close community with relatively little drama. One of the best characteristics of this school is that the people at Douglass High are accepting of any and all people; anyone can find a place to belong in this school.
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I have enjoyed my experience at DHS. The teachers are always willing to put in extra hours to help their students. There is little to no bullying at this school, and generally, everyone feels welcome. The only thing that I would change is that there should be more diversity.
I liked how Douglass is a small school and how the classes aren't huge. The students have clicks here and don't always welcome other students. Most of the staff do a good job at helping the kids, but others could care less.
Our school for the most part has a great staff that cares about each kid and wants to see us do our best. We just finished remodeling our school so everything is new and clean! In our school I would love to see our school spirit change. We have about half of the school that has so much school pride you almost forget about the other half but looking at game attendance is nothing to what I think we could have.
Douglass just had a whole school renovation and the facilities look brand new. There are some much-needed updates, but also some amazing new features for the students to use. The best thing about Douglass is the staff. We have great teachers who care about the students succeeding, but more importantly, some amazing people in administration. They try to understand the students and make the school a great place to go. I'm very thankful for my four years at Douglass.
The students at DHS show great leadership and commitment to work hard in school. The teachers here always push us to do our best and they want the best for our future.
It's a small school. But it's a very friendly school. The education could be funded better always, but we are getting renovations and that's a big emprovement to the building and learning environment. It's a great community, always doing its best to make the school and sports a safe place for anyone
Douglass is a great school and I like how everyone knows everyone. we are like a family. we are really tight knit. also the staff and administrators care about the students and want them to do well and succeed.
I have been lived in Douglass my entire life, so I don't really know what other schools are like, but I you couldn't pay me enough to switch school. My experience at Douglass High School has been incredible. All of the staff members here really care about the students and want their students to succeed in life. Although it isn't a very large school, the majority of students know how to interact with other students and adults in a professional manner. Douglass High School has had it's hand in making me who I am today, and I'd like to say that I am a decent human being.
I like the feeling of community that we get here. The only thing I wish that the school would change is give us an open lunch so we don't have to have what the school provides.
I've attended Douglass High School since I was a freshman, and I've absolutely loved every second of my time here. Our school has some of the best teachers that the state of Kansas has to offer because our teachers give 110% to their students, as long as the students here show effort.
In our small town there aren't too many incidences with bullying, threats, or overall safety. However, students and faculty are taught how to react in any situation. I feel security in know the staff will know how to handle the situation for the best interest of the students.
I understand that at a small school it is difficult to offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities but there are plenty of options for everyone to get involved. We have the typical clubs such as KAY, FCCLA, FCA, and FBLA. However, we now have a new club dedicated to supporting student athletes. The club promotes school pride and allows everyone to get involved in athletics even if you aren't on the team.
Everyone is willing to come together to make each event enjoyable for both the students and parents. In a small town where everyone knows everyone it is nice to know you can walk into a gym and sit by anyone and feel welcomed. The support from the students, families, and community make the experiences memorable.
I've really enjoyed my experience at Douglass High School so far. I'm currently a senior so this is my last year at Douglass. The students at Douglass are so fortunate to have some of the best teachers out there. Everyone at Douglass wants individuals to succeed, and the teachers really make an effort to connect with us. I've really loved high school because of my positive experiences.
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There is a lot of fan and student support for the football, basketball, track, and cross-country teams. Unfortunately, the other sports are kind of pushed to the side.
Douglass has lost some really great teachers in the past few years, however there are still some great teachers that have been there for years and new teachers that have high potential.
Sports are a big deal in Douglass. The teachers and the staff are really supportive when it comes to the athletics. The students that aren't involved in sports are more than likely involved in the arts. Douglass has in the past had a highly rated music programs, however there has been a decline in participation since the directors, Brett Martinez and Brian Stranghorner, had left to pursue other working opportunities.
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