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As a student at Frederick Douglass High School I learned more than his story. We embarked on journey over 4 years that included knowledge, application, and diversification of skill sets useful in any career field. Anyone looking at Frederick Douglass as less than exceptional most like has no authentic experience or interaction with the students, educators, or programs of the school. My experience is an anchor in everything that I am and have become. Expect greatness from Frederick Douglass HS of Atlanta. ALWAYS!
Attending Douglass high school was a great experience but I wish we had more resources. A lot of the things they have now are out of date, especially advance placement textbooks. they are at least 10 years old or more.
Douglass High School prepared me for college in ways other institutions do not. The teachers are well equip with all the educational material they need. The only downside to the school is the students.
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When I first began high school at Douglass, I was scared and nervous. Thanks to the wonderful and inspiring minds that belonged to the many qualified teachers, I began to warm up to my surroundings and began making lasting memories among both friends and idols! I would highly recommend any high school student in APS to attend Douglass! THE ASTROS ARE THE BEST!!
I enjoyed most of my teachers and enjoyed most of my classes. i had some pretty messed up days but other then that certain classes and teachers made everything great for me.
Douglass was a place that showed me growth and maturity. It helped me understand that there is more to life than the streets. Getting involved in the school helped me stay out of trouble nd helped me change my life for the better.
Honesty , I would say that Douglass High School is not the best school to attend. If I were you I would stay away from it and go somewhere better and safer. There is absolutely nothing to like about Douglass High School.
I love the JA Academy that my son is in. He's a upcoming sophomore and our experience with the program last year was excellent. I would highly recommend this program for any freshman coming in the school for 2018 2019
I attended Douglass my whole high school years and overall i loved it and hated i had to leave . Over the years the school have improved since i first entered the school . Academically, sport wise , and teacher wise.
Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta, GA is excellent for any and every student across the world. We truly believe in tradition and have so much love and support from the alumina's.
I came too frederick douglass my junior year, every since i came to douglass i have had a good experience. the teachers and students are great never had any problems.
I love Douglass Highschool support system.The mentoring program taught me to become a better person and got me ready for the real world. The teaching isn't bad most of the time some teachers just hate their jobs.
I hated it. I would never recommend any parents have there children attend this horrible school. I hate the fact that it was the school I graduated from.
I made a lot of friends and gain a lot of opportunities regarding college. I really enjoyed being in the poetry club and interacting with my classmates,it was truly an amazing experience that I'll never forget.
The school is really fun you make a lot of friends and there is a lot of clubs you can join my favorite activity was playing soccer and art class.
The teachers are really good it depends also on the students some of them try to work hard for their grades some don't some teachers try their best to help students even outside of class.I had an awesome experience at Douglass high school you make a lot of friends and you can join a lot of clubs I was in soccer,music,and art.
I caught pure hell at this school but overall, it has made me into a much better person than when I started. Since my freshman year, (2012) there has been a new principal every year. Even this upcoming year (Fall of 2016) will have a new principal. This school not only need organization but also someone who is willing to commit and help students and genuinely want to see them prosper. I refuse to take this survey and lie about what this school is really about. Don't get me wrong, the school as well as the students have the potential to be much more than it has been in the past. It just takes for everyone to put there minds to it and stay focused. I have met really humble people at this school, that, I admit I may never speak to again. Either way it goes I wish everyone the best and I also wish the best for Frederick Douglass High School.
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Fredrick Douglass high school security is terrible.Many students have had many students to get jumped, seriously injured from fights, bought weapons into the school. In the past year we have had multiple incidents where students have been pepper sprayed for no reason by officers, the swat team has been called, students have sold drugs and weapons inside the school. This is very unacceptable, these children are getting in through the metal detectors and it is not going off at all, book bags are not being searched very well. The adults are doing a poor job at searching the students.My school is not safe at all, everyday there is a gang fight or someone getting seriously injured from some type of wound.
Our extracurricular activities are very good, I've noticed that most of the coaches care more about the kids they coach than the actual teachers that work at my school.We do very fun things to get children involved after school so they don't have to go straight home to someplace that they don't like to go.The administrative support is very involved when it comes to sporting events such as the football games and the basketball games because most students want to play this sport and are good at it.
The overall culture of the school is now terrible.I say this because we don't ever get the correct leadership we need within the school.The school is now worse then it has ever been in the fact that each year there is a new principal at the school who has never worked with inner city children and has an elementary school background.The only thing that makes the school truly unique is we have a wonderful fine arts department that cares for the children more than all the other teachers in the school combined. The teachers in the fine arts department are the ones who have gotten the school under control.I defiantly wouldn't choose this school again if i could do it all over because in my honest opinion this is not a high school anymore it has turned into a complete circus with no ring leader.I need to be in a place where education is first and behavior issues are not ever thought about.
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