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Douglass Academy for Young Men Reviews

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our school offers many chances and opportunities to all students to better their lives , academics excellence , and social skills even tho our chances at success are hollow as black males our school needs to be shown as a top school michigan.
I love Douglass Academy for Young Men in Detroit. My son has done well at the school. They have a strong mentoring program, career related programs that students can earn certificates and a wide variety of resources to prepare the young men for college.
Health and safety would be last on the list if there were things that were wrong. Classrooms and areas of the school are sanitary and there are no rodents or insects here.
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I am involved with every extracurricular activity my school has to offer and they are all great male role models who help us strive for a great future. They take us on trips to see different places and businesses and how different people who are successful made it to where they are.
This school has really saved my life as a teenage African-American male because in a way it forces me to learn and get my work done in a timely manner. Although the school is an all male academy it has its good contributions.
The teachers at my school come from the same background as most students at my school, making it easier for teachers to relate to most students and help them understand different topics better.
I love my school because together we have a strong brotherhood that is almost unbreakable. Also it has great sports team that will get students the necessary exposure for recruitment.
Frederick Douglass just give out grades for students to have success
The library is rarely available to students because there is always a meeting
The school is getting better with its condition. They have been updating every thing lately.
The staff at the school is super nice and helpful. We have had a big shift with the staff but everything is still good.
At our school we have a lot of activities such as a lyricists society, golfing, karate, football, and basketball
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