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Douglas S. Freeman High School Reviews

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It was a very white populated school which could be overwhelming to an ethnic student but overall was welcoming and very spirited high school
Douglas S. Freeman High School thoroughly prepared me to be successful in college. The atmosphere was welcoming and there was importance placed on inclusion and diversity in the school.
Freeman High School could almost be described as a state within Virginia. We have our own culture, our own community, and our own way of operating. It is a school where I have never had to worry about my safety or making friends. It is a very inclusive and social school where everyone is happy.
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Going to Freeman gave me somewhat of an idea of what a typical high school would have been like in the years following the desegregation of public schools. White, upper-class honors students were practically invincible. Here are just a few things I saw those types of students do, get caught, and get away with: Steal the teacher's copy of a test and take paper of it, Juul in the middle of class, say the N-word in the middle of class, sexually harass girls and more. Freeman has a serious racism issue that the administration and teachers not only are aware of, but enforce.
I had a great time at Freeman (in retrospect, maybe not in the moment) and must especially praise my experience with the Leadership Center. There I found a group of fast friends and excellent teachers that made my experience all the better. Although I couldn't escape typical high school struggles in whole I think my time at Freeman was about as good as possible and I wouldn't want to have gone anywhere else. (Ok it might be a little snobby)
Great student body and teachers! Freeman has a great mix of nationalities and socioeconomic circumstances in its student body and staff. Academically, several students from Freeman attend colleges (including IVY league schools).
Lots of diversity, very nice people once you find who your friends are. Loved it there and took it for granted.
I liked the school spirit and education aspect, but felt it was very much clique. What I mean is that there were definitely groups of friends everywhere and there was little to no branching out.
Freeman High School is truly a special place. The community centered around Freeman has become known as the "Freeman Family" because of how close it is and how it has been known to band together in times of need. We have lost a few students to various tragedies in the past 5 years and each time everyone has come together and supported one another. The administration is amazing at their job, the teachers truly have a passion for helping students, and overall, Freeman is a very welcoming place.
I like the food but the people and teachers are insensitive, rude, and obnoxious. the bathrooms are a not clean at all.
So far i have enjoyed my time here at Freeman. This school is diverse in many ways and the staff attempts to reach all ends of the spectrum. The staff attempts to help with whatever they can. The sports are one of my main reasons i enjoy the school. The coaches and team environment is unmatched and well organized.
I have never witnessed any bullying at Freeman. It is a diverse school with caring faculty. Mr. Mey and Mr. Marshall, heads of the administration team, genuinely get to know as many students as they can and support them in everything they do. The athletic department is competitive and dedicated to teaching sportsmanship and success.
I have liked Freeman because when you step foot into the school, you become a part of the Freeman family. Our sports teams are absolutely incredible, and each is a family of their own. Specifically, we have an awesome football program that does extremely well each and every year. "Once a rebel, always a rebel."
I have loved my experience at Freeman because it truly feels like the teachers and administrators care about us and want us to succeed. We also have an awesome sports program with many state level teams.
Actual school is falling apart. Academics depend on the teacher you get. You can definitely do well if you try, but its also easy to not get far. Best public school in Henrico County.
I am in the specialty center (Leadership, Government, Global Economics) at Freeman and I absolutely love it. Although I`m not interested in politics, the center has taught me a lot about life and has prepared me for my next four years in college. I am zoned for a different school, so traveling has been crazy (45 minute - hour drive each way) and I`ve had a few negative stereotypes placed on me because of the area I`m from, but I have found a positive place within the school. There`s tons of clubs and sports opportunities (even though Title IX isn`t really paid attention to). School Spirit is mediocre. It`s all about what you make it out to be.
Freeman high school is a very popular high school in the Richmond area. lots of people move to the area to come to the school i love all the teachr and its a very fun enviroment to be around
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Douglas Southall Freeman High School was an alright place to attend. During my time there I received a decent education from what were primarily good teachers. The school during my time was plagued by a tragedy of administrators I have since learned they have replaced.
Freeman high school is such a great learning environment for all students. I was a second language speaker, but never felt bullied at any time.
Everybody that goes there is so friendly from the principal to the students themselves. Overall I loved my experience there.
Nothing at Freeman High for the most part stands out in a good way. The school could maybe to a little better with its diversity and the quality of food they serve.
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