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A lot of cross information between Administration, and staff coming from the school. I do however love the student services lady Melissa.she's definitely a go-to gal.who cares about those kids with all her heart and does her best to keep track of everything. Your child can be a good person, and the school will make them out to be a horrible child if they have any problems with attendance, all they care about is there numbers. Not your child's education.
Horrible student body. They bully other teams that come to their school. Administration does nothing. Would not feel safe sending my child to school here.
Going to Douglas High School for my senior year was not greatest high school experience. Students their where not as friendly or welcoming as the other three high school I gone to. Teachers there do not work individually with students and do not make themselves easily accessible. If you send them a email about questions you have they are not good at answering them early. It was also quite disappointing that their was only one school counselor that does not have regular check ups on how you are doing in your classes, if you are on track to graduate, and finally answer question involving financial aid. It was also very saddening that they did not have scholarships offered to the top ten students of the graduating class. Then only great thing I found in Douglas High School is the lady in the registrar office who sent my transcripts to the college the day after I asked her.
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It's not a bad school to go to but they don't have a whole lot of classes for if you are going into either a STEM or STEAM field.
I think that there are a lot of good people in the school and community, but for every good person there are two terrible people that have the ability to ruin your high school experience. The facilities have been poorly taken care of so everywhere you look seems sad and dirty. The school was given a very low safety rating which makes me feel unsafe simply standing in one of the two main hallways
The school is small which is nice but most of the teachers seem to be out of their element. The food is bad and the building are old and breaking.
Unfortunately, while I was attending, there were many changes to faculty and to common core. A fair amount of fellow classmates did not make it through and dropped out. However, I enjoyed dual enrolling with our local community college while attending required course at High School.
Douglas high school is a great school where just about everyone gets along. There are no cliques or bullying. Band kids and athletes are best friends. Cheerleaders get straight A's. It's a small school so students really get time to work with teachers one on one. I went from going to big schools to Douglas and it is much nicer.
I love how interactive the teachers are here. They always stay after school if you need additional time, and are willing to help you on any assignment or test. I also really like how they work with UCC so some UCC professors teach unique classes at DHS. The staff always do their best to make sure you are doing great in school as well.
Most of the teachers seemed to really care about their jobs amd their students and the extracurricular activities were enjoyable...especially the arts. Small school, 500- students. But though other students were obnoxious...the school was good.
Douglas High School is a close-knit community, where cliques aren't a problem and all the staff know the students' names. They are great about promoting graduation requirements, but resources for college bound students is poor.
I wish there were a bit more clubs. Extracurricular opportunities share a good amount of commitment and are really supported by teachers and leadership that gets kids to go to games and show their school spirit. The most popular after school activities are the football games, even if we do never win we try to show school spirit. Sports are really supported whereas the band isn't as supported but the second most supported activity. There are multiple clubs that aren't as widespread in the school as sports like the robotics club and the bowling club.
My personal experience at this school is enjoyable, aside from the daily homework. I am not sure what makes our school unique. It could be that there aren't really bullies in our school and a lot of the people are nice. That's one of the reasons why I would choose this high school all over again. I also like how my school isn't very big.
The knowledge teachers have on the subjects they teach are immense. They have lots to teach and to contain all that knowledge is amazing. Their teaching style is good, students that actually pay attention understand what they are learning and if they have questions, the teacher answers them. The consistency on grading varies since teachers are people and they have lives too. Not only that but the meetings they must attend do take up lots of time. Other than that the teachers are pretty good and try to get things done in the amount of time they are given.
there are some safety policies but as many as big schools have
over the years that I have bee there they have slowly gotten rid of extracurricular opportunities and each year all the clubs and organizations get less funding
the school is really small and a good amount of the parents are focused on just their kids, there are a few that get excited about the success of the other kids in the school. many of the parents ca be rude to the teachers because to them it is the teachers fault that the student is failing and not the student
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There are certain teachers that go above and beyond to help the student in their classes, and then there are teachers that do their best but maybe not all they could possibly do, and then their are a few teachers that just do as required. however all the teachers are very approachable and if you ask for help they will to the best of their ability.
I participate in band, so I know that our music and arts programs are full of talented students and teachers. Our sports teams are very passionate about what they do. We also have after school programs that allow students to get help from tutors or work on computers to do homework.
Douglas High School is a relatively small high school, so it is surrounded by a rather close-knit community. This means that parents, families, and business are able to get involved in school programs and help support the students. Douglas also has much less of a bullying problem than many high schools. Overall, I'm glad that I attended Douglas and not a larger school.
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