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This high school is very sports-oriented. Academics matter, but sports are the first priority. The teachers are fine in regards to Common Core subjects, but the fine arts teachers could have been better. Most of participating in Fine Arts included teaching myself. I felt that I was prepared enough for college to get by. One thing I wish they had when I went there was either Advanced Placement classes, or the ability to participate in the International Baccalaureate program. There weren't enough teachers at the school to teach all subjects. I had to take Physics solely online. The teachers that are there are not qualified to teach AP classes.
Overall going to Douglas High School was great. There were many really good teachers who did well in their subjects as well as did well with communicating with their students. Some teachers barely taught classes and instead chose to be friends with their students and just talk, but there were only two of those that I know of. The school was set up really well. Classes were alright sizes, some were a little too large. In one of my classes, there were more students than seats but that only happened once, the rest were good sizes. There was a great variety of classes taught and overall the school is great.
My experience with my high school was pretty great. For every student there is an abundance of different classes one can take. I enjoy taking art and pe classes along with my main educational classes. My school put on many exciting events and dances that brought all of us together and it makes students bond even closer. Luckily for me, I was able to take additional classes like drivers ed that helped me outside of school. After some years the school had some budget cuts and those classes were taken away, that’s something I wish my younger siblings could have.
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Douglas High School has been a great experience for the past four years. I have enjoyed the dances and home coming weeks. The atmosphere is fairly neutral. I was not in the center of attention, but the kids who were felt like they were god. They enjoyed the publicity that they received from the small town talk. I always felt safe, no one ever bothered me. There have been a handful of fights in my four years and they were mildly violent. No weapons have ever been taken into the premises either.
My high school career was fairly normal. I believe that Douglas High School did a great job preparing me for college. Most teachers are incredible.
I like that the teachers give their best effort to help each and every student succeed. New lessons are prepared everyday and the staff go beyond expectation to care for us everyday. We are also given plenty of opportunities. Very amazing school! I have learned so much especially in the social science department and the math department. Then of course English.
I have learned a lot of important information. I have also made lasting relationships with amazing people.
Douglas High School is a very interesting typical school. It gives more money to the athletics than the fine arts programs. There is no support in a students well being unless that student has a promising future. Why I simply stated my experience was average is because this happens year after year without change, so why say the experience is poor if it's typical. The only thing I can say positively about the school is the few exceptional teachers that come through once and a while. However, from the chaos they manage to survive to earliest retirement, or find a better job in a different county, town, or state.
I really enjoyed the science department with an overall kind staff. I do feel that the biggest weakness is that the school does not prepare students for college as well as they could have.
My experience at Douglas High School has been a very pleasing one. I love the community within the school district. It is filled with caring and kindhearted individuals who will go out of their way to see each student succeed. These teachers are willing to help any student with the questions they may have. Also the knowledge that the teacher have at Douglas High School is exceptional. Their knowledge passes on to their students making them intelligent individuals. In this school, I feel extremely safe and I feel like in always have someone to talk to. Although, I would want to see the diversity and school culture change. Students are not very accepting to new or unique individuals. Also they are negative towards participating in certain school activities and sometimes make unprofessional comments.
Douglas High School is filled with higher ups who are power hungry and unable to make competent decisions to make the environment more suitable and effective for the students to learn in and the teachers to teach in. The students own opinions on how to make the school better are ignored and most of the time they are called whiners or just plain childish for having a possibly helpful opinion. Most of the teachers there are probably the best part of the school. They are all very caring and desire nothing more than to help the students understand what they are being taught. Not only that but they are extremely easy to get along with and talk to. The teachers try their best to teach students what they need to know in what short of time they have with them. Maybe instead of budget cuts and remodeling the school, the teachers should have been given raises.
This school is great if you were born in Douglas and love to play Football/Volleyball, or basketball and track. It is a very cliquey school but there are many different types of cliques. It isn't hard to find a group to fit in with and for the most part people are nice but don't expect anything extra or unique if you aren't a native born, bearcat. The teachers are ok but there is VERY large favoritism between certain teachers and students. They don't get better grades for this but they get extra help and are taken better care of in classes. Overall it is not a terrible school but there are large problems that if fixed can make it much better.
My favorite thing about this high school was that many students by the time they graduated makes close connections with at least one teacher who they can easily talk to. In my experience the teachers are fairly observant and caring for the students. There are also several opportunities for extracurriculars, so there was something for everyone to be a part of. I was kept extremely busy between academics and the activities I was in.
I enjoyed the opportunities at Douglas High School. I was given the chance to participate in several sports and other extracurricular activities, as well as specialized music programs such as jazz band and choir. Even when difficult classes were not offered, online classes were presented at no cost to students needing these classes. The teachers are also friendly, making the environment welcoming.
I have only gone to the school for three years but it is a great community to be able to be apart of. It is a big sport school and I liked that a lot.
Our school is heavily weighted by extracurriculars. We have many activities that will offer positive benefits to any student who chooses to participate.
My overall experience has been a great one. I have been invoked in many activities throughout the years and would do it all over agin in a heart beat. This school is part of a small and tight knit community making it a highly supported school.
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I have really enjoyed the Douglas High Scool teaching staff. Everyday they are prepared and are always making sure that every student is getting the education they deserve.
It is easy to schedule classes at this school. However, teachers do not talk to each other and there is often a test in 4 out of 7 classes in one day. The workload can get overwhelming, usually around the end of each semester. The curriculum is limited with no AP courses, only one foreign language class, and no physics class. There is after school tutoring available, but only for "Gear Up Wyoming" students. It is not offered to the majority who is not in Gear Up. Popular classes tend to include metal shop and auto-mechanics.
Since this school is in a small community with a low crime rate, it is pretty safe. This school has cameras on the doors and locks that require students and visitors to ring in, but they hardly are checked. Just about anyone can walk into this school and avoid signing into the office unless it is during lunch time or the very beginning of school.
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