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Overall, I enjoyed coming to Douglas for the academics. This high school offers many AP and honors courses that I was interested in, and helped my education grow. Many traditions that belong to Douglas High School make the experience fun and enjoyable. Sports were another aspect of school that helped to make my experience amusing. Athletes work very well together, and coaches are very informative and helpful in their teaching. However, the school culture is where Douglas, and many high schools alike, lacks greatness. Students tend to create drama, and teachers do not do much to combat it. It overall made some days going to school very hard to cope with. Although this happens to many students, I believe schools should be taking greater action in preventing this from happening as often as it does.
Douglas High School overall had an excellent environment. Not only were the academics rigorous but most of the teachers, at least all of the ones I had, were always there to help, always open to what students said, and were extremely effective. They were also quite involved. We had a number of events throughout the school year that made our high school years especially memorable and classes would be brought together. There was a sense of tradition. Some of these events such as our Celebration Graduation, reflected the district's devotion to it's students as well. One characteristic of Douglas High that seems to set it apart is its strong small-community aspect which I think has so much impact on the students that grow up in this school district. Lastly, throughout this first year of college I was surprised at just how prepared I felt, which I think is a testament to Douglas High School's sense of college/career-readiness.
Overall I have gotten the typical high school experience out of it (minus FNL) but I would say douglas has left a good impression on me mostly with the teachers as I have made such good bonds with a few of them and they have helped me grow and shaped me and have helped prepare me for what I plan to do with my life.
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Douglas High School is a great school for a academic and elective opportunities and a great jumping-off point for seniors looking to dive into college. I am happy that I got to spend my entire high-school career at Douglas and know that it will propel me forward into the beginning of my college experience.
School has an amazing set of teachers who work hard to challenge and make sure that all students are succeeding in school. Funding has had some issues though.
Douglas high school was like a second home. Every morning I walked through those doors there was always a bright face of a teacher to greet you. I felt safe to talk to anyone at the school when things at home were rough and they were always there to listen and lend a shoulder to cry on when needed. It was a home away from home and I still am in contact with teachers and administrators now that I am going into my second year of college and I don’t think that’ll ever change.
My first year of high school, I was nervous. Going up a level in education, not even that, moving from the middle school to the high school was scary. However, everyone was helpful, the faculties, the students, everyone. You get new friends, you get educated to your best standards, and overall, no matter what grade you are in, there are always people to help you out. Douglas High is such a great school, but if I had to change one thing, or if they were to improve, would be the timing of the schedule throughout the day. Not many people can get from one side of the building to the other side in a matter of three minutes, but us students tend to learn to walk fast and stay on your side of the hallway, and everything is fine.
I'm currently a senior at Douglas High school. I have enjoyed my time in school so far, it is a very small school and everyone knows everyone. One thing that I wished to change would be our school culture. We lack the excitement for after school activities. But besides that the teachers work with the student well. As for the student relationships it is actually very good. Everyone in douglas is very polite and open minded. I have been going to the school for 5 years I first came into Douglas High School as an 8th grader and I was instantly welcomed. From that point on I have enjoyed my time here and it is going to be hard to leave.
Ever since I came to Douglas, the whole community was so welcome. I like how we have Chromebooks so we can get our assignments done easier. They offer a ton of courses to choose from and I'm glad that I was able to take a psychology course because that's what I want to study in college.
Clubs have difficulty with funding and struggle to find new students to participate. Limited options available for students. Coaches are unfair and play favorites makes it difficult for new students to feel welcome and apart of the team.
Athletic events are attended by little people (parents or students). Drama clubs are as lowly attended. Teachers take little pride in their work often seem frustrated and unhappy. Administration is difficult to deal with, struggle connecting with parents and students and do little in the way of problem solving.
Teachers are sometimes rude and disrespectful to students. Give little extra credit to struggling students and push students through classes, focus more on testing skills then real world applications.
There hasn't been a time where I haven't felt safe at this school.
I personally don't take part in the extracurriculars here but it is because I'm busy elsewhere.
I feel that I've had a good experience in this school system.
Most teachers are very approachable and well rounded, some don't have these qualities.
All the doors are locked, we practice emergency situations frequently.
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Many activities are offered for being such a small school and most of them are high quality
Douglas is small but i still a very good school system
Most teachers put in a a lot of effort and really care about the students
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