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Although I do learn a lot of material from my teachers and peers, I know this school can do much better. The activities and extra-curricular offered are excellent and I enjoy participating in them. There are mostly Hispanics at this school, due to the reason that it is in a border town. The school does offer a college readiness class on Fridays and it helps students know more about things like FAFSA and other scholarships.
My experience has been extraordinary so far, I have been given many opportunities to become the best version of myself.
I loved that Douglas High School is a small community in which you get to grow and learn in a good comfort zone. However, we did not have as many resources because of money and I would totally like to change that.
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i love the students, the staff, and the opportunity to be something bigger from a small town, the way the teachers make themselves available before and after school to help you on whatever it is you need is amazing. There is a lot of underrated talent and possibilities in this area and is always overlooked.
Douglas High School has given me an amazing experience in my four years attending, with it's amazing students, teachers, and overall staff, it's an amazing school to attend. Clubs, with there being plenty, anyone can fit in to any type of group because at Douglas high School there is a club for everything, no one is left out. The academics, though they aren't the very best, they do give you everything you need and will need in the the future, one does not leave unprepared at Douglas High School.
What I liked from DHS is that teachers always tryed their best for their students to do good in each subject!
It was a great experience I had when I was a student really enjoyed it really appreciated the hard work of the staff as well in my end not much change in my end.
It really feels like a home town as well as the variety of the sports well giving opportunities for everyone, I wouldn't have chosen another high school to be in really great school would definitely recommend to my friends or anyone who would like to join as well.
In a way to change not much of change in my end to the school itself just to enroll if you have the chance you will definitely will have a great time in the school itself.
Teachers and staff were always available when I needed help. I felt like I could accomplish anything while I was there.
The one thing I can say about being a student at Douglas High School is that it was a great journey. I got to be involved in so many clubs such as Student Council and Key Club, and even joined the band and the cheer team, which led to many unforgettable experiences. DHS gave me the opportunity of going to a district convention, a leadership camp, honor bands, competitions, and getting involved in volunteer service.
What I experienced at my high school ( Douglas High School) was not much than an ordinary high school. It was very average I cannot really think of anything that could make it stand out besides some of the sports programs did really good when I attended.
I love the strong sense of community here at Douglas High School. Everyone knows one another and wants to see eachother succeed.
Douglas High School offers a wide range of academic, athletic, career/technical education opportunities. I am both student and an athlete and I can truly say that the sport clubs are well manage and teachers are comprehensive about out of town games, which means fro those who are miss test or assignments are able to make up for it without any cmplaints. As for school spirit, I believe we can work on that a bit more.
Many of the classes had helped me prepare for college. I'd like to see more advanced courses for the science and history department.
I really like how everyone is so nice and helps you if you dont know something is in general by the teacher and classmates, one thing i would change is the dresscode because i cant wear somethings that i have in my closet.
Growing up in a small town I was expecting to have a better high school experience, you know, like the ones that you see in the movies where there is a ton of high school spirit..that wasn’t the case with Douglas High. Our administration decided that pep rallies were just unnecessary and that they posed a risk for the students.. so they were all cancelled for our own “good”. That was the start of our school losing its spirit, with the banning of our school fun, students stopped going to the games and stopped getting excited for the start of sports seasons. It got so bad that alumni even wrote an article about how homecoming wasn’t the same anymore and how disappointing it was to see how unspirited their old high school became. I would have liked to see our administrators getting more involved into their own school spirit and having them look for solutions instead of smushing what was left of our fun days.
The people that helped me prepare myself for the next level in education, really did impact most of my decision when it came to post-secondary schooling. They have no only helped me achieve resources to be able to attend the university in the Fall, but have aided in shaping me as a young individual.

Though the teachers and staff were great, helping at any chance they get, the school should fund more AP courses, as well as more CTE classes to help those who are diverse in their career choice. With more AP course to challenge the students minds and make them as competitive as the rest of the nation, and adding more CTE classes, the students would be better prepared for the reality after High School.
I loved Douglas High school! Everybody was so respectful and nice. Although our school did lack spirit and the lunch food was terrible, we still went to support our athletes!
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I honestly thought it was a really good school. I liked how you could choose different classes that you thought were interesting for your future. Taking classes that you would need to better educate you for a career. I would have liked to change certain classes to get classes that I needed for my career path but things happen for a reason and I did meet a lot of very good people and teachers who were a great influence on my decisions in life. Like my economics teacher who gave us an outlook on life and tips on how to work towards what you need in life. Also my English teacher who always pushed us to do better, there should be teachers like that through every grade.
It was an excellent school the food was okay and I don't regret graduating from there and had a wonderful experience. It is a very excellent and friendly school. The teachers are wonderful and teach excellent. I learned a lot from there and they have high expectations which is excellent.
At our school there is not much school spirit. One thing that I would like to see happen at our school is more involvement happening, whether it is meet with the councilor and them helping you and guiding you. Having more involvement overall at the school, I believe that it would improve the school in many aspects.
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