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So far my school experience has been amazing! We have eagle week and homecoming week both, we get to dress up do problems, and compete for the championship of 1st place for that year. If I had to change one thing about this school it would, let us students have our phones! Yes we know we do not need them but letting us use them for certain activities would be amazing!
I liked that it’s a smaller campus and not very hard. The administration staff ned’s extensive work.
Very good school! Prep for college is great! I graduated as scholar elite, was in honor society and got a 28 on ACT because of the education and preparation for taking the test.
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I love Douglas high, but some teachers can be rude and offensive. I love the school spirit our school has during football season. Win or lose I love this school and our teams. I also learned a lot from every single English teacher and all of my math teachers until senior year.
This school is my home. I absolutely love it! Its not perfect has a lot of drama, but what high school doesn't? I love the people the teacher's and the education. I will always consider this place home for me
Douglas High School does very well with letting kids participate in sports, clubs, etc. My favorite things about Douglas were being apart of the AV (Audio Visual) Club, FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), Choir, and Spanish Club. I made so many friends through each club. The main thing I would like to see changed in the school is how students get treated differently from the Vice Principal. She tends to favor those that play sports over those that do not.
I just think they don’t really do much in helping student get scholarships and making college plans for after graduation.
I’d like to see more student diversity, a better school culture, a more unified outlook for students, and recycling.
I loved the choir and theatre programs but the favoritism needs to stop. Douglas is a very small town so if you didnt know the teacher before hand they did not like you. Some teachers did not like to help students.
Pretty easy course work. Most kids are pretty nice. Teachers. Are willing to help anyone who comes to them. The teachers are also pretty nice and fun. There's a few things like NHS that'll look good on a college application as well.
I love my school. I Will always consider myself a Douglas Eagle. The school is in the south so it may not be for everyone. The teachers are amazing and the overall education is just about the best in the state. I have made so many friends here about Douglas. There aren't really any bullies here but there are the typical hooligans. I have so many great memories of Douglas, Memories that I will cherish forever. I love my school
I loved the fact that the school was so close and had such a great relationship with it's students! It was so easy to feel at home and comfortable in this learning environment.
A lot of the teachers are great. They were very helpful and intelligent.
It's mostly white people, we get foreign exchange students which is cool. There is a lot of sexual diversity though.
Choir was fun. I enjoyed singing in class every day. I wish there was an anime club though.
There were a lot of field trips that were enjoyable. I had fun with friends and was able to join fun clubs.
Great school, I had a lot of fun attending. Don't regret anything.
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The janitors in some of the buildings, not all, really need to step up their work. Many times the bathrooms are without soap, without toilet paper, smell disgusting, look disgusting, and are over flowing with trash. There are magnetic door locks on the doors but they are rarely in use. Occasionally they are but that is very rare.
There are many sports available to play. There is also band, choir, and art. There are many clubs to take part in. However, most of the clubs do absolutely nothing. You will pay money to get in to it and never have a single meeting all year. It is a waste of money but looks good on a resume or application. None of the clubs meet outside of school. It's always in school if ever.
This school lacks school spirit. The student body would rather sit on their cellphones and talk instead of cheering on fellow classmates in sports and activities. We rarely have pep rallies because they are more depressing than peppy. Students do not care for or about one another. Many students have bad attitudes towards one another and teachers. Not many students care about their education. Most everyone only cares about themselves and no one else. There is a big drug problem at this school. Most everyone has done drugs and many people sell them. It's not just the bad or lower kids either. It's the kids that come from good families and that are intelligent as well as the other children. There are only a few that have not experimented with drugs. This school cares more about sports than education. The administration would rather hire a good coach than a good teacher. This school isn't even prominent in the sports world yet that is what everyone cares about. Sports are more cared about than having rewards or fun things and classes for the above-average students that actually have potential in this world. A class will be considered an AP class yet it will have regular ed students in the classroom too. To me, that isn't a true AP class.
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