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Douglas High school is all about patriotism and involvement with its students. This high school takes care of its students and makes sure nobody is alone. The principle of the school wants the students to have pride in their school and the students help one another as much as they can they are there for you when you need someone to talk too. the teachers here are friendly and very helpful when you need help, or someone to talk to. they teach you so you are ready for college they take your education very seriously even if you don' take it seriously they will. the clubs and activities are good i wish they could add more or different ones like a archery club or a cooking club, that's one thing i would change or add too. Parent involvement is always welcome at douglas you will see parents helping their children and see the parents helping watch the dances or other activities.
The teachers are good, and you learn more about every subject. If concerned about failing always talk to teacher and they are willing to compromise with you.
These last two years at Douglas have been nice. There is great education at the school and a good support system. I love the school as it is. All the teachers are so welcoming and help with what ever you need.
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Douglas High School is a great school. From my experience, the worst anyone does to you is accept the fact that you're there; there's almost no bullying. The teachers are nice to you, the classes are easy, and the electives (which you choose) are fun. Lunch is good, with the choice of regular lunch or ala-carte, where you can get whatever you want from the menu. 11th and 12th graders also have the opportunity to leave campus for lunch, though the rules for open campus have become more strict in recent years. Overall, it's a great school to finish out in.
I really liked the environmental club and creative writing. But unless you are in sports, you're an outcast. Teachers pick favorites based on who is in the most sports, not on the individual's personality. They also didn't offer enough variety for classes.
I like most of the education here but the school as a whole could definitely try harder. I wish they tried harder on focusing on the safety of students and faculty because just this last year we had two school shooting threats and one bomb threat.
Douglas High School was overall a wonderful school to go to. It’s a medium sized school, but the education was fantastic. The teachers were very caring and since we are a military school, they’re also very understanding on how it can be difficult to transfer schools for new students.
Douglas has a really good drama program and great teachers who expand your intelligence. The English department in particular has amazing teacher I loved each English class I've been in.
My experience in Douglas High School wasn't something to brag or complain about. It's a school that has it's days where something catches everybody's attention, but really you just walk the halls and go to class. It's not a bad school per say and I didn't have any super terrible experiences, you can easily create small nit friendships and it's a very friendly school.
I enjoyed my time at Douglas High School. I think there are some very good teachers that love their jobs. Also it is an average size school. Not too big, not too small. I think that the athletic facilities could be improved but they do have a very nice library.
There is no school spirit. I remember when I was in 1st grade and went to the high school basketball games for cheer it was so fun and full of school spirit. That's gone. On top of that everyone is too afraid to say anything about it we need to be able to express ourselfs but some of us can't do that right now.
I like the fact that Douglas High School has the ability to teach us in a different way. Douglas High School encourages us to push ourselves to study more and become academic achievers. Douglas High School is the school to be at in the district.
I loved the atmosphere at Douglas High School. The teachers were nice and treated you so kindly. They helped you with your homework whenever they had a second; even if it was just a second. They did everything in they could do make sure their students passed with flying colors. Another thing I liked was how the students treated each other. They were really nice to each other. There was not a lot of bullying in the hallways. Everyone was nice to everyone even if they did not like them.
Doughlas is a good schooljust t latley it's losing all the teachers, it's just going down hill. I hope for it to get better when I leave.
I really enjoy the staff & classes at this amazing campus. I have learned a lot throughout my first year there. However, like any public high school, there are many...interesting...students. Back to the positive, though. Their sports system is phenomenal, & every day I see that there are a plethora of epic clubs.
Coming from a person who's been in the Douglas school system for the majority of K-12, it has it's charm. The school is excellent in ensuring good academic performances and takes great pride in it's students. The school body is filled with ambitious students who obviously work hard on campus and off-campus.
Of course, high school is only as great as one may make it. A good quality about the school is that it's always changing the curriculum to meet the demands of the world - college included. Every teacher sets out to prepare the students for the next step. That being said, a student may become a test subject to new projects and opportunities. It's a well sized school with around 120 graduates each year.
However, the only flaws that may concern some students all depend on attitude and opinions. Some teachers may be considered too strict, there are flaws in the technology, or it may feel like the school isn't putting enough effort for the students.
It's a great high school in a small town. Student and teachers are friendly and the care about each student. What i will like to see a change is in academics and college readiness.
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Douglas High School prepared me very well for college courses. I loved my teachers so much that they inspired me to go to college to become a teacher myself. Aside from academics, there were many options for extracurricular activities. Both sports teams I was on had great coaches and the clubs were very dedicated to their causes. Overall, I had a great experience at Douglas High School.
Diversity at this school goes beyond ethnicity and sexual orientation, although that's great too. People can be generally accepting and be involved with a wide range of things. I've ran into the "unsupportive" and laid-back here, but just because they don't show up to a game, doesn't mean they aren't hype about the school and its people. People come and go here because of the AFB we live by, but that makes every second count though, doesn't it?
You can tell the teachers want you to grow, learn, and be the best you can be. Most teachers lecture with applied activities either in groups or independently. They're there to help you and they fulfill that with students. As a student, make sure your putting your best foot forward in approach and asking for assistance. With grading, almost all the teachers are consistent. If you're giving your best, you always has that one teacher that bumps the grade or offers extra credit to the persistent.
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