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Douglas County West High School Reviews

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Over all DC West was a very good community it’s little to no bullying and very helpful teachers. It is a very safe environment and strive to keep things that way. Even with a tight budget, DC West still keeps up to date with technology so us students can keep up to date with the world. Any college courses are provided through DC West and we don’t even have to leave the campus, it’s all in our school district and our teachers are able to teach us the curriculum. The only thing I disliked was that we are not very good at sports so it was hard for me to enjoy going to games and bonding with classmates but DC West has other great opportunities to bond with one another.
Every year seemed to have another trial and tribulation, no concrete system that had been used consecutively.
Being a senior at D.C. West high school, I look back on the last four years with a smile. Athletically, it may not have been picture perfect. Academically, I am more than pleased with the college courses offered by the teachers. I would like to see the facilities be updated and for the room temperature in the classrooms to be more consistent
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Douglas County West gives you a lot of opportunities that a bigger school does not. You can be involved in any extracurricular activity. Great education, and smaller class sizes allow for a more personal atmosphere. The only downfall is that the facilities need to be updated which they’re doing there best with little support from the community. Community involvement is very poor, there aren’t many people that support the school as it is very divided between the wealthy and poor.
Teachers are great always willing to help. Lunches aren't top notch, we receive six chicken nuggets for lunch. The school isn't always the cleanest, but overall its a pretty good school.
It is a very small school so having that opportunity to talk with your teachers on a personal level and to have the time to meet and ask questions when needed was a huge help. I would definitely change the science program at school because I personally feel that it was not very advanced.
I love almost all of the teachers and different sports and clubs there are to join. I wish it had a little more diversity and facilities. Better food would also be nice. Overall I really enjoy going to DC West.
Douglas County West is a great high school with some great faculty that really care about the students. The counselor does a great job with college prep, and a John Baylor ACT course is offered at a discounted rate, which is very nice.
Many dual enrollment classes were offered
As the only hispanic in my grade I only experienced a few encounters of racism but most students were friendly. On the other hand one of my friends that was gay experienced many hardships during his four years at this school.
Many of the teachers were also coaches for many of the after school activities. Some dedicated more of their time than others.
Many parents were helpful in school programs, some more supportive in athletics than others.
More attention and funds seemed to be going into paying for athletic things rather than funding and acknowledging things like band, choir, and Drama. A completely new track field was made but no effort was made to build a theater besides our old, run down stage in a middle school gym. The school accepts teams of high school hockey students to attend school even though most of them are not even from the same state. Hockey students are typically from wealthy families and most of them believe that they are better than everyone else because of their status. Besides some of the defects, DC West has an amazing teaching staff that really connect with the students and help them learn. Many dual enrollment classes where offered to me in high school that allowed me to transfer thirty credit hours going into my first year at a university.
There could be more students involved in our community
There are many parents who are very involved in this school, but there could still be more overall support in the district.
The teachers at our school are very approachable and kind. The lessons are usually always great except for in a select few classrooms. Some of the teachers really know what they're talking about, then you find a few who don't seem to really care.
High school is great but I wish it was more fun, the enthusiasm is lacking at our shcool.
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This school has its ups and downs. It mostly just need to be updated.
My grades highly improved when I came to this school due to the help I got from teachers and peers.
Small school in a small town. Wouldn't change it for anything! Teachers here are great.
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