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A well managed facility, prepares students well for college classes with a variety of available honors, AP, and jump start classes. Strong emphasis on STEM classes provides students with a practical application for all learned skills.
I love the many opportunities that I am allowed to take at the school. It is smaller than many high schools in the state, but that doesn't discourage the school for trying its best. Some of the facilities can be better though.
This school has a very happy atmosphere and is also not too crowded. The teachers and admins are very good at what they do and are doing a great job at running the school.
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Douglas High School has a strong point in their teacher staffing. The people allowed to work here I feel have a great and positive impact on students for the most part. While the unification and involvement of the students could use some improvement, the school offers good education and resources for us. The continued support from the staff enables students to have an equal opportunity to graduate.
Douglas High School is a nice looking, somewhat newly remodeled school but the education here is not the best. The school only cares about test scores and they do not care about the students actual learning.The students here are all white and there is not much diversity at all. The students here are pretty friendly and you will most likely not have an issue with bullying. The counselors are not very good at what they do and the teachers are average, some are great and some are terrible. The sports teams are below average. Overall it is a decent school but not the best out there.
Great overall experience. The entire administration was supportive and offered endless resources for success. There were many after school activities to attend and teachers would stay after hours for tutoring.
Douglas High School was a great experience. The teachers are very engaged with the students education. They are they to help everyone succeed. I like the fact that they offer many different classes with high standards.
Throughout my time at Douglas High School, I found that our student leaders were making honest attempts to improve the atmosphere! The teachers were welcoming and wanted to invest in their students!
Douglas County High School has some incredible teachers. Fortunately, so such a conservative area, the district still encourages expansion and modernization of the high school campus. They recently added a brand new modern building that has been great for furthering technology integration in the classroom, and a more comfortable campus for student.
I have been lucky enough to have supporting counselors and parents to tell me to take more rigorous honors and A.P. Courses. I have had a great experience at Douglas, the only thing that I find wrong is that most teachers press their opinions and ideologies onto their students.
Personally, I am very involved in school so therefore I really enjoy it. The most noticeable thing about Douglas High is probably the community. We are a lively bunch and we create a environment that makes kids want to go to school. The teachers have a lot of credit to take for that because they are personable with how they interact with students and truly make them feel seen. For example, when my father passed away in November of 2017, all of my teachers reached out in some way, even ones that I had in previous years. My leadership class even made me a video expressing their condolences along with former teachers of mine that wanted to leave a personal message. We really are a family here at Douglas and a key thing about us is that, we are inclusive rather than exclusive.
I am currently a High School Senior and Douglas High School is a great school. It has great teachers who are there to help you with anything and there are sports that get everyone involved. This school is the best one I have ever attended and I hope that anyone who attends this school experiences the same experience that I have.
If you are in the Advanced/ AP track you will get incredible teachers and a quality education, however, average classes are often fairly mediocre. We have some good programs but the culture only recocnizes sports.
Such a good school in a great community. Teachers actually care about their students and their success. The community is active in the health of the culture at school.
Douglas has incredible teachers. They are dedicated, motivated, and caring. The school culture is great with excellent participation and an air of general ambiance. There are plenty of resources available to students from computer labs to machine shops and ceramic labs. Though the sports department wasn't as strong this year as it has been traditionally, the student section and involvement was still excellent. Couldn't recommend a better school!
Great school with some truly amazing teachers! If you get the chance make sure to take the AP and honors classes!
I enjoy the drama program. Though the funding is a little thin, they try their best. The actual academic aspect of Douglas is on the edge as well. Some teachers don't enjoy their job, most do though. The curriculum is harder than that of a couple of years ago.
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I liked Douglas because of their support for the music program. I also enjoy being part of a school where the teachers are actually there to teach you and help you grow as a person.
Douglas High School is a fantastic school with so many clubs and sports and if they don't have what you want, you can try to make a new club.
The teachers are very approachable to struggling students and do well in their teachings. The curriculum isn't too rigorous. It is very easy to schedule classes and get into the ones you want. The workload is very manageable; no teacher gives out an unreasonable amount of homework. There are many opportunities to get help on campus, whether it's from a teacher or the tutoring program. There was lots of opportunity for students to take more challenging classes, such as Advanced Placement classes, as well as creative classes, like welding or ceramics.
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