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DC is an excellent high school that provides lots of opportunities for all students to excel in academics and to get involved in clubs, athletics, and community service activities. Academics are a top priority. One of the highlights of DC is its diversity. The administration is extremely supportive of students and their families. Mr. Weaver (principal) takes a personal interest in each student and his/her situation. Mr. Weaver and the other administrators have made great strides in creating a supportive, anti-bullying environment so that all students can excel. Communication has been A++. I receive alerts via text, phone call, and email all at the same time (blasts). The administration is forthcoming and transparent about what is going on at the school and strives for continuous improvement by taking student and parent feedback seriously.
Douglas County High School has a great environment for students to learn and grow. With all the sports, clubs, and extra curricular activities students will always have something to look forward to.
I appreciated the teachers who cared and taught me to that my ceiling was much higher than I believed. For the school to improve, the administration has to learn that the real needs of students matter, not what they think are those needs.
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I loved my experience at Douglas County. The school is committed to growth and encouraging students to go above and beyond. The school had many opportunities for students to get involved aside from academics.
Overall, I had a great 4 years at DCHS. It’s a great school with great teachers. The honors classes aren’t really hard. If you want to be challenged you should take AP courses. The school is big on athletics but only basketball and football. I wish there was more support for smaller sports like volleyball, baseball, track and field, etc.
I liked Douglas County for the most part, mainly because I was in IB and knew everyone in all of my classes already. I do feel separated from the majority of the school but there's not much you can do about it. Out of the district, we have the best academics and the most diversity.
Douglas County High School was a very fun place to go to school and it really prepared me for college.
Very good staffing and they really care about kids getting their education. I attended my entire high school career here at Douglas County. I’m proud to be a Douglas County tiger. There’s no doubt about if you need any help at that school they’ll give it to you. From the principal, the teachers, counselors, and even students. At Douglas county high school they all stick together ! I recommend going to this school they have very good programs and so much more to offer!
I love my school. We have some really good teachers, a few really bad. Some teachers legit care about you and your education. Others literally hate you and try to mess up your grades because they don't like you. We can have good spirit sometimes, however sometimes bad, we have our days. It's diverse, but mainly black and Hispanic. We have people from everywhere around the world though. People here can be really nice and few people are just mean people.
I love the atmosphere that the IB program creates and the way that the people and teachers within the program push for the IB candidates to do their best. I would like to see a better environment that melds the other students not in the program with the IB students within the school.
I loved that we had academic assistance, an hour long period every other day. This allowed me to devote my time to working on homework and talking to teachers about subjects I needed assistance on. The teachers at the school we often very kind. I had especially good experiences with the teachers in the art department. As I want to become a future art teacher I love being able to learn from them and how they teach. As well as being able to connect with them and know that I can use them as future resources in my career. I would love for the school to create more future teacher programs at our school there is one early education class but not so much for learning about other education aspects.
The IB program at the school offers some teachers that are excellent, and others that are not prepared to teach IB. Complaints about teachers seem to be ignored instead of addressed. The school sometimes seems to value sports and extracurriculars over actual education. The foreign language department is excellent, but areas such as math, science, and lit need improvement. The band, chorus, and theater programs need to be better financially supported, and issues surrounding the IB program need to be addressed and dealt with.
From the moment I walked into Douglas County High School as a freshman, I knew it would be quite an experience to share. The teachers are very interactive with their students and put passion into what they are teaching. Events such as Homecoming and Spirit Week always bring out the creativeness in students. Even though the school has over 2,000 students in total, you will still be able to find small, close-knit groups of friends to support you in everything you do. Overall the school has a very exciting atmosphere that engages both students and administrators.
Douglas County was a great learning environment. The teachers and staff really cared about student success and I felt very loved while in attendance there.
Douglas County High school is a very friendly and fun environment. I feel like every student no matter their interest or personality, there is a place for everyone. It’s very easy to make friends and meet new people and pretty much all of the students are friendly. The administrators and teachers are very involved and seem to really enjoy their jobs.
Just transferred in this year from a Coweta County School and instantly fell in love. Nothing like people perceive it to be!
I have been going to Douglas county for 4 years and i have to say it’s not the best school, but it is a good school
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It is rather easy but that is probably because the teachers are really nice. I highly recommend it. The people are really nice and it has a decent amount of security. The clubs are in a wide variety and all about all sorts of things. I mean they even have a club for k-pop.
What I mostly loved about Douglas county high school was how that school motivated every student every single day. It showed how much they actually cared about us graduating. They cared about us succeeding and making something out of ourselves. They believed in what we, the students, believed. Once a tiger always a tiger at Douglas County High School. This school made sure everyone was 4G ready, Grades, Grind, Graduation, and Goal.
I like Douglas County High School because I feel like I am in an environment where all my peers respect me, and all my teachers strive to help me be successful.
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