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Lost some of best teachers but overall pretty good. New part of gyms and weight room is extremely nice. Rest of the school is old
A good high school with nice knowledgeable teachers. A lot of after school activities to get involved in. A pretty big school with two buildings, could need some up dates, there are parts that are very old and warn-down.
Good school with some really inspiring teachers. Sports teams are ok but I really enjoyed my time at DC. Lots of ways to get involved with clubs and things if you want to enhance your college apps.
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It is a decent school, although it does lack in facilitating to students needs. This being said, we, as a school, do not have the proper updated technology for better education purposes.
For a high school, I love the variety of subject areas, they have generally good programs, and the students also generally respect eachother more than anywhere else I've ever been. Also the IB program, which is why I chose to come to this school even though I live 20-30 minutes away, and I've never since regretted it.
I enjoy that the whole school is engaged in certain aspects, especially assemblies and helping out one another. One thing I would change is the funding for certain things in the school. The arts program is really good, but there are just never enough materials, and the teachers have to purchase a lot of it themselves. Also, some of the sports teams get the shaft when it comes to funding while others get the majority of it. Just something I would change personally though.
I think that Douglas County High School needs an adjustment as far as staff is concerned there are a few teachers that are there for their own benefit and not for the students. If there were teachers that had more school spirit it could help with the student involvement. This is an environment with very bright kids and a lot of potential.
Douglas County is an great school to attend, academically. I transferred here from New Manchester High School and over the past 2, I have learned so much. Most of my teachers have prepared me for how hard reality will hit. I have learned how most of us take for granted how blessed we are. We have the opportunity of free education, unlike others.
My experience was average. I wouldn't say it was great and I wouldn't say it was bad. I feel I attended because I was supposed to. However, there were some fun times like their prom and assemblies.
I overall at Douglas County high school feel safe with the environment. My experience was good, I made close relationships with teachers and peers. I feel that I have expanded my learning here!
This school destroyed my confidence. I tried to yeet myself in the bathroom. Please do not send your children here.
I connected well with many of the teachers and the school offered many interesting electives like ceramics and woodworking.
My experiences at Douglas County High School have helped better prepare me for college. I love going to school every day and seeing how diverse each person is and how eager every teacher is to see students succeed.
Overall my time here has been really good. There is a wide range of academic opportunities, including honors, AP, and IB classes. There are also a lot of interesting elective classes like woodshop, jewelry, and sculpture as well as options like sci-fi/fantasy, marine biology, and anatomy for upperclassmen. I've personally never had a problem with any bullying or harassment. There are lots of opportunities to play different sports, men, women, and coed. There are also co-op teams with different schools in the district for more niche interests. There are three orchestras, a theatre program, and multiple choirs. The campus is nice, with space for all of the classes. The only thing that I would say could improve would be the distribution of resources between the athletic programs and the arts programs.
The school has improved since my freshman year but it's still not great. What I don't like the most are the teachers, especially those of the IB diploma program. Most of them pick favorites and others are biased towards the students and in what they teach. The food has improved in the last year but most of it is still lunchroom quality food that you'd expect. I like what the school offers the students for study spaces inside the school and what technology they offer.
Well, I love the atmosphere and I love most teachers here, though due to us not paying well compared to other counties we do get the last of the pick... Which is fine, but some of the teachers here could be better. I know that our administration is definetilly looking out for us and care about us.
We have enjoyed the variety of experiences available. The teachers are top notch at the higher levels. At lower levels (ie not honors, AP or IB classes) some have been marginal at best.
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I was very happy with the way most teachers connected with their students. The locker situation was not optimal, and the South building is pretty run-down.
I liked Douglas County but if I could change anything about the school, it would be the funding in the art department. I believe the students have the passion and do the teachers but the funding isn't there to provide what is needed.
The town is full of a bunch or rude, rich, white people who are very obsessed with money. This reflects on the school. Too many privileged people that complain about how great life is. Math department needs a LOT of improvement. Other than that.. normal crappy high school.
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