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I really liked the school itself and the teachers that work there. The student's education is their top priority and they're always willing to talk to students one on one about any problems they may encounter. My only problem is the students themselves sometimes overrule the positive ideas of the teachers with their behaviors but there's students like these everywhere it's just more prominent here.
I liked how my teachers treated me and made me feel especially on particularly hard days. I didn't like however how other adults would treat us especially as an academically gifted student. No one really helped me or my friends figure our way around college. In fact i had to ask counselors from other schools to help me find sites to apply for scholarships.
Douglas Byrd, to be frank is not a very good school; which oh so greatly manifests itself in the mentality as well as behavior of its students. Who are very disrespectful and a bit out of control. Class environments are not that structured, but are often chaotic with students getting up whenever they please and blatantly disrespecting the teacher in the rudest way possible. ISS may as well be an elective for the number of students who inhabit it on a daily basis and fights. Oh goodness the fights. There is a fight every single day and I'm not exaggerating on that. It is literally every single day. So be wary of that. There are plenty of other things wrong with this school, but these make the top of the list. Heed my advice and don't enroll here. Spoken from someone so desperate to leave I graduated early.
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DB4L!! As what the people cheer at school events. The school spirit shoots through the roof. There may be some ups and downs from this school, but everybody tries their best to change how others see this school. There is so much potential in this school for people to grow and become amazing people. There are people in this school who can shake the world, in a good way that is.
I didn't think--when arriving--that I would love this school. The faculty
and staff are nice, and the teachers will help when you need them. Granted, the school isn't perfect. It would be nice if some people cooperated more, and that goes for both teachers and students. Then again, where is it that you will find true perfection? In the end, I'm honestly glad to call this place my high school.
My experience at Douglas Byrd High School was good. My teachers never stoped trying to teach me. I learned so much. Also one thing that brings out Douglas Byrd is they also teach us how to survive when we graduate.
Some teachers are okay and the learning is good. You have teachers in that school who acually cares about the student and what they do after school. I really enjoy programs that I'm in at that school. The dance department is my favorite!! Students aren't really that bad but of course as in other schools, your going to have a handful of kids who wish not to abey by the rules.
The school and the teachers is pretty great, it’s just the students that make it seem bad with all the fights
Douglas Byrd is really an underrated school. It’s given me so many opportunities to change my life. This school has gave me many friends that i can trust and so many teachers that I’ve made bonds with. The academics aren’t that well after all. Some of the teachers (not all) will not help you sometimes but you can get it from a friend or ask another teacher. Our principal is an amazing woman who has shared her story with me so that i can be the best i can be in my life for my family. One person that sticks out differently from the rest is Mr. May. He is a very down to earth person and you can talk to him at all times. I personally wouldn’t want to be at any other school.
Douglas Byrd High School is a great school. The administration try their best to make our school a safe place for us to learn at. For the most part, the students are respectful and they listen to the teachers and staff. I don't ever feel unsafe at Douglas Byrd High School. I know that I'm being taught well. Some things I feel should be worked on are more support for struggling students, better teachers, and more support for extra curricular activities.
The teachers were caring and wanting to see their students graduate. Extra time when they needed to to make sure that you had the resources that were needed to accomplish your goals.
Douglas Byrd High School is a very great school. Everyone always talking about how bad Douglas Byrd High School is, but never once talked about our good. I always tell people a school don’t make you , you make the school !!!
The administration needs to take a larger role interacting with students. Administration has no intentions of taking what students have to say about their experiences or injustices into account, nor taking action to accommodate any legitimate complaints. Teachers often try to project their own beliefs, both political and religious, onto their students. A lack of cleanliness, despite several custodians around campus.
Douglas Byrd molded me into the person I am right now. I honestly loved my experience at the school once I reached my senior year. My senior year helped me realize the value of my school, and what I as a student can do to better represent. One thing I can say that needs to be improved is the student involvement. My class was very involved in after-school activities and other events hosted by the school. Every class after that is failing on that.
Douglas Byrd High is a school that is overshadowed by its reputation. While I only had two classes per semester, I didn't experience anything horrible. The students are ordinary, and the teachers help you succeed. The reputation the school has garnered hurts its resources though. It's not as rough as E.E Smith once was, and so it gets no support in furthering your education. Also as a senior, you can't rely on the counselors to help you very much with applying for colleges. You'll have to bug them every few days to actually get anything done.
My experience at Douglas Byrd was a wonderful experience full of adventure. What I enjoyed the most was the club's and extracurricular activities. however what I think would change is more field trips throughout the year
More communication with parents.lets parents know how we can be envolve with the school. And get more after school activities and clubs for the students and have more foundrise for seniors prom and seniors activities and have the seniors participate and those decisions .
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The main thing I like about my school is the clubs and activities, students as well as myself tend to be very involved in extracurricular activities. Among myself and others we don't just stick to one club we tend to stay busy and do multiple things. In addition I like our cultural arts department as well. Throughout the school year there is always as how going on in the auditorium. Rather it is a dance performance or theater play, our cultural arts department stay busy to keep us entertained that's for sure. My experience throughout my years of attending Byrd has been very exciting. I have been very involve in my school and community because I chose to make changes my freshmen year and has been focus ever since.
I love the athletic department. Although I wish the actual school had more funding and better equipment.
I didn't really like Douglas Byrd Highschool because a lot of the students weren't driven for an education. There's a very low graduation rate as well. I'd like to see more people try that go to Douglas Byrd along with the teachers actually trying to help the kids.
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