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I can express myself through academics and the arts. I am free to be myself and share my personality with other supporting students.
This is great school. It's different from any other high school. People are very nice and accepting. Administration is the only reason why I am giving 4 stars. Administration cares more about the dress code than the arts. Douglas Anderson has amazing teachers however there are a few bad apples. Overall, as long as you follow pointless rules, study, you'll be happy here.
DA is a very accepting environment with all different kinds of people and creative outlets. There are so many art areas to choose from and the teachers in each department are amazing and so passionate about their teaching. I am a senior in Musical Theatre and I have developed so much as a human being the past four years, I truly think DA has made me a more outgoing and kind person. However, as someone who is not pursuing her art area after high school, my only complaint is the academic teachers are not the best. DA requires students to keep their grades up in order to continue their arts classes, but for me a lot of the academic teachers are very laid back and not as strict as the arts teachers. I took all AP and Honors courses and it was quite easy to maintain A/B honor roll, but when it came time for final exams, my classmates and I were barely prepared. With that said, if you feel strongly passionate about theatre, art, music, writing, etc., this is an amazing place for you.
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Douglas Anderson SOTA is an amazing school! It's filled with so many wonderful people making beautiful art and music. The classes are challenging, but the Lunch & Learn schedule allows for students to catch up on missed work, study, talk to their teachers, or practice their art every day! This is my first year here, but I already love it!
Douglas Anderson is an amazing school with wonderful academics, caring teachers, and a great sense of unity among the students. The academics are very rigorous and students thinking of auditioning need to make note that the hardest thing about this school is balancing the academics with the arts. The arts classes are more than just electives and require a lot from students. You have to be really dedicated to your arts area to succeed at this school. The teachers are amazing and if you ask for help they will give it to you. They all love the students and are happy to teach at this school. The guidance counselors are very helpful in college prep as well as just being there to listen to your struggles. Being an arts school the kids really get to express themselves and aren't bullied for being different like other high schools. The food is average, like any other school in the district, and of course, there are no sports. There are quite a few clubs and A LOT of honors societies.
Douglas Anderson needs more opportunities for education courses and college courses to prepare students for college. But the inviting environment and resources it provides are great.
I really like the musical theater program here! It's such an accepting community!! I love the new academic building as well. I also love the freedom we have
Douglas Anderson School of the Arts is an amazing and inspiring school. I highly recommend to anyone who feels they want to pursue any arts career. I enjoyed my time at Douglas Anderson so much, and I am going to miss it like crazy.
I’ve always been encouraged for my work, academically and artistically. My arts area mentors have continuously helped me engage in my writing and my academic performance. Academic teachers are passionate about their particular studies and care about students’ learning.
Wonderful school. This school just has a great program. They don't judge newcomers based on academic performance, but based on their desire to create- and it generates this really great environment of kids who care for their work and each other and teachers that want to support that. Academics are pretty normal, too. It can be hard to juggle the big load of work from normal academics (APs & Honors too) and your arts, but it's worth it. I would recommend this school for anyone who's willing to put their work into their art.
Diversity and adaptability were their strong points! Flexibility and understanding of their students were their weak points.
Its a great school academically and in terms of the arts. The teachers are wonderful and the classes are very well taught. The guidance department is the most supportive i have ever seen. It's only short falling is that the students, while good people for the most part, lack an ideological diversity from one another creating a somewhat closed-minded environment
It is a great arts school that produces well rounded students. The academics are high along with intense studies in the arts. My daughters are thriving and really enjoying their experience at DA. I would highly recommend it. They also just received the Certified Magnet Program award.
I must say, that no matter where this school is ranked, THIS SCHOOL IS THE BEST HIGH SCHOOL IN AMERICA. No matter what happens, this school always find ways to bring everyone together. My experience at this school wouldn’t have been the same at any normal high school. This school has helped me to develop a craft and grow not only in my arts area, but also in life. This school is packed with so many teachers and staff that cares a lot about their students and prepares them for what is to come. I am so honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to attend the #1 High School in the U.S.
My experience at Douglas Anderson was amazing because it taught me how to be consistent with myself. The faculty will do anything to make sure you feel welcomed and will know that you belong there.
The school community at Douglas Anderson has such a diverse environment that I feel helps you prepare for the real world. Everyone shares their love of the arts which helps foster a positive community and friendly competition that helps you grow in your skills.
My four years at DA taught me much more than simply arts and academics. They taught me character, building and problem solving skills, among many other things.
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my experience at douglas anderson was great i learned alot in my art area and in the acedemics as well. it opened a new door for the arts and trained me for the open world and getting ready for college. I made a lot of friends and no enemies thats a good thing about douglas anderson is everyone is so friendly and everybody helps each other.
I loved the arts programs at Douglas Anderson School of the arts. We had several shows arts, band and dance
The administration didn’t seem to be worried about the kids as much as they seemed worried about doing the bare minimum of their jobs and still getting okay rates. However, the arts areas we participated in were highly diverse and prepared me for hard work ethic and real life skills. The arts taught me how to communicate better, empathize better, and take charge of situations. Because of the arts I give Douglas Anderson a much higher rating than I would if it was a normal academic high school.
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