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As a student you start realize that the school consists of two types of people. Those who are smart and those who are known as “stupid” there’s literally no in between. The school is crazy hard and meticulous on consistently giving tons of piles of hw to purposely have the kids work even harder. For a school their students sure do have skyrocketing amounts of anxiety and or stress and do so little about it. Sure they have rallies but so little is done because it’s as if the school expects you to figure things out all on our own and make a full recovery.
Dougherty Valley is a great school. It has many, many outstanding teachers, great activities, nice facilities, and a beautiful campus. However, it has a somewhat competitive and toxic environment. There is constant comparison between students regarding grades, extracurriculars, and standardized testing scores. The administration attempts to keep this to a minimum. These efforts are in vain because this culture is somewhat embedded into the school.
DVHS provides a rich academic experience for students. It is quite a large school, leading to superficial relationships with teachers but they know who they're teaching and cater their content to us. They are also for the most part very young, which makes
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Dougherty Valley HS is very competitive. As much as I hated it for four years, it really prepared me for college. The ultimate goal for any HS is to prepare you for the future, and that is exactly what it did.
I very much enjoyed attending Dougherty Valley, contrary to popular belief. It prepared me so well for college and college curriculum.
Academic programs are very state of the art. High competition though. Many students suffer through extensive peer pressure, and due to high demand for AP/Honors classes, not many qualified teachers are hired. If you value your mental health, stay away from this school.
It's an extremely competitive environment which can make it tough at times but there are a broad range of classes offered, great teachers and counselors who are very supportive, lots of opportunities offered, tons of clubs, and an overall really great school spirit. Students are connected, kind, and helpful and there's something for everybody. Our social scene is pretty good too with really hyped up rallies, sports events, and other school collaborations. Faculty is really kind and pretty lenient with things such as dress code and students have an overall enjoyable high school experience.
A lot of the teachers don't really care about how well they teach or the students in their classroom, but with that being said there are teachers that do care, but there aren't a lot of them.
Dougerty Valley is often described as "culturally diverse" on many mainstream high school review sites but in my personal experience the school is mostly comprised of Asians (mostly Indians) and has the very stereotypical asian pressure to perform impossibly well on every single one of you 7 AP classes. The teachers are either some of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet or they have the outstanding talent of sucking your love for education straight out of your soul. That being said, if you can find a group of people that share similar ideas with you and are taking similar classses, Dougherty Valley becomes a place where people of varying diverse backgrounds can come together with a common goal of surviving what many of us considered the most difficult times of our lives.
Although the education seems decent, the status DV holds has corrupt the courses, making it almost impossible to take all the courses you're expected to for college. The students are terrible people and some of admin is just ridiculous.
I just graduated DVHS last year and really do feel as if I understand the school. It was very competition heavy but at the same time extremely spirited. Some teachers can be an awful experience but if you make a good group of friends it's easier to go through.
This high school is one of the best definitions of preparing one for college. Dougherty Valley is extremely competitive. It is normal for a student to take almost all AP classes, and still somehow manage to be on a varsity sports team, volunteer, play an instrument, display artistic abilities, and more (you really question if they ever sleep). All teachers really care about their students and want them to succeed. They understand the competitiveness of students, and try to have activities related to relieving stress. Even UC's knows DVHS, as it produces a large number of students attending UC Berkeley every year.
Dougherty Valley High School has prepared me for college immensely with its rigorous AP courses and demanding work habits. It is a very stressful environment stemmed from intense competition. This comes from an uncommon diversity issue in which Caucasians are the minorities. Although this high school is very hard academics wise, it’s culture has helped me make friends who I know I will keep in touch with. Additionally, being apart of choir throughout all of high school, Dougherty has an exceptional music program. All in all, DVHS is a good school for those who plan on preparing for college.
Too much emphasis on standardized testing. Lack of diversity meaning over 70% asian student body. Not much in the artistic areas and overwhelming pressure on grades and testing.
I attended Dougherty Valley High School for 4 years and I can truly say that they changed me for the better. The school made me work harder than I thought I could, it is a very competitive school. Most of the teachers in there are simply amazing and you build a relationship where they want you to succeed more than anything. There are many opportunities to get help from tutoring... This high school really got me prepared for college, especially since I was part of a class called AVID
Sports were a big thing and we would always go to games and have fun with the school spirit
Dougherty Valley is a great school for learning. There are great teachers that seem to genuinely care about teaching and getting students prepared for the real world. Although there are a few teachers that I found myself incompatible with, most are pretty great. The lower score is because of the school environment. Dougherty is highly competitive in academics. Many students are reportedly depressed, stressed, and overworked. The competitive nature of the school has even lead to widespread cheating within the school. The facilities are okay, although there is not enough room for people to eat inside the cafeteria so many are forced to eat outside on the ground. The school is diverse with a pretty high Asian population. I've always felt safe at Dougherty except for a few threats that have been made, but the constant police presence at the school helps (although it also impedes it in some way - an authoritarian vibe).
Dougherty Valley High School is a very diverse school, teachers are generally nice and will help when asked. There is a definite emphasis on academics, including an unhealthy amount of APs and difficult classes and extracurriculars. Students often stress themselves out on filling boxes and qualifications, definitely impacting school culture. Still, the high school is what you make of it, and there are some fun productions and events within the school to bring spirits up and make days more fun.
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There are great academics, resources, and teachers. However, there is lot of competition. Overall, you will receive a great education.
Dougherty Valley is an excellent school, but it, like all others, has its drawbacks. Academically, we are one of the most competitive in the state, but this detracts from some of the other aspects of a complete high school. Our football team is average at best, and this is reflected in the atmosphere on Friday nights. Several teachers hardly teach at all, but many others are still great people as well as educators. The school is also very new, and consequently has some of the best facilities for a public school in the state.
Contrary to popular belief, I love Dougherty Valley High. Most say it is too acedemically challenging and competitive, but unless you buy into all the pressure and beat yourself up for it, it is a really amazing place to be. Our faculty is the best in the district, and our spirit is through the roof!!
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