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Dougherty Comprehensive High School Reviews

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Dougherty Comprehensive High School is an very good school. Not only that, they have a lot of school pride and support everyone in their extra curricular activities. The administrative staff is on point with the rules and regulations and cares about everyone’s safety. The administrators are very considerate about letting the students of the school voice their opinions and concerns as young adults. I like the fact that they give us a chance to be heard. They teachers are also very supportive and caring. They truly care about the seniors futures as we get prepared to leave the school. They are always checking up on us and reminding us to get our selves in order for college and helping us stay on track with graduation.
My experience at Dougherty High School isn't the best but it will do. Teachers are very disrespectful to students and students are very disrespectful to teachers.
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Dougherty high school is an excellent school. I have attended this school for a total of four years. Through my experience of being here I was able to learn about the importance of my education. The teachers and counselors are preparing the seniors for graduation and for college readiness.
The experiences at Dchs is life changing. For the fact that the teachers are there one hundred percent of the way. If you need any help the teachers are after school. The food is great and the people are friendly. Being at Dchs is like being at home all day because, you its like one big happy family.
One thing that I love about Dougherty comprehensive High is that we have incredible teachers that want to see us succeed.One thing that I would change is the amount of school spirit that the school has as an whole.
Dougherty high was and still is an great school, I actually looked forward to going to school some days.
Dougherty Comprehensive High School is a good school. It has very good teachers who really care about your future. Today, September 25, my math teacher asked me if I was going to go to a college meeting where scholarships are being offered. At first I told her I wasn’t but she insisted in me going. She told me to go to the conselour office and see if there is a spot on the bus. Unfortunately, the conselour said there isn’t anymore room, so I completely understood and told my teacher what had happen. My teacher told me to go back and ask them to find a way for me to go. My teacher even offered to take me if she has too. So we settle a deal and I was able to find transportation, just because my teacher cares so much about my future and wants me to receive scholarship money.
The school is great. Most of the teachers use fun ways to learn but every teacher doesn't teach that way.
My experience at Dougherty high was great. The adults and students there actually help you out in any way they could.
I like how they make sure that students don't skip class . They make sure that we get our work done and that even though we have extra curricular activities they make sure you have time to stay after school for tutoring to catch up on your work and get all of the work completed. We are also only one of the only school in Dougherty county that offers initial credit, meaning that if u need to take human anatomy next school term but you don't want do it the full year then you can do initial credit and complete that area in a month.Last thing that i want to talk about is that even though it can be busy and frustrating to do all this work they still make the time out for us to still have fun and have different activities going on
My experience at the illlustrious Dougherty Comprehensive High School was amazing. I made memories and also long lasting friendships. I had teachers to motivate me and push me to be the best I can be.
Very good school and academic classes .It is a very family oriented school. Teacher and staff are very great at there jobs and care about the students
They try hard to work with students. Great sense of community. Great counselors. Office staff not always helpful. Administration is very visible.
I was transferred here after the closing of my previous school, and the environment helped me adapt quickly.
Attendig Dougherty helps me learn a lot of life lessons as well as focusing on my acedemics. I believe it is a diverse school, with many people in authority looking out for you and preparing you for life. Although, I would like to go back to Albany High, I still love Dougherty.
This is my first year at DOUGHERTY high I’m currently an senior an it has been awesome for me .The environment is very peaceful everybody is happy an i enjoyed every day i have been at DOUGHERTY so far .Im an athlete an the school spirt is great Our fans Our fantastic an they support every game . Every Football game is a sell out we really do have an Great school
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Dougherty highnid a very good school. The teachers are easy to work with and the everyone learns the same way. The counselors help students to enroll to colleges that they want if its affordable for them. The administration and staff are good and discipline students equally.
I had an overall great experience. I wish that the food was improved and that administration and teachers had a bit more of an opened mind.
It’s an amazing school. We have a lot of learning opportunities. We have family friendly staff and students. Our teachers take their time to explain everything we need help on and teaching us easier ways to remember . Dougherty Comprehensive High School is where I want to spend my last year. I love my school!
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