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Dothan High School is an amazing school and has been going through some major changes. I went to this school and was in marching bad which was the best experience of my life. The school spirit at Dothan High is amazing and the parents are very involved in the lives of the students as well. Teachers are great at handling the schools diversity and the clubs really make you feel involved. I wouldn’t change my high school for anything.
I liked nothing about it, school was a pain. Teachers taught but not many paid attention. Although I did find my best friends for life there. Dothan High culture was not bad,but a vast majority of the kids came from the same place and had somewhat of the same backstories.
My daughter grades come up this year her grades were better than her
then the 10 years before . We moved from Johnson City Tn to Dothan AL.
She loved it ! They welcomed her and never had any issues at all . It was a
growing experience for my daughter.
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What i like about Dothan High is that.... Yes there are teachers there that may not care about you... but most importantly if they see that you really want the help they will help you..
Overall, it's not a bad school; the faculty may be lacking in care, but most of the teachers I have encountered have been fair and invested in their students. There are quite a few who don't care much for their students, but that's neither here nor there. The students aren't the kindest, but most mind their own business; a few bad apples tend to spoil this bunch. As for the building itself, its over 100 years old, so its going to have some wear and tear. The bathrooms might reek of weed and have a few missing toilets, but it's not like I myself go in there often. The police officers on campus are a nice comfort, but after watching a girl mace another student in the hallways, you can't be too relaxed. A nice school, but it has its problems. I wish I could spend my four years there, but sadly the two high schools of the city will be merging for my final year.
Overall Dothan High School is a great school but there's not many fun electives or organizations to get involved in. I wish there was more sports and electives for the school.
Dothan High School is a good school. I like the way the counselors are involved and caring towards the students future. If there was anything that I would change I would say the involvement and the attitudes of the students. The staff is not by all means perfect but the students could involve themselves more and care more about their own future. We have had so many students get into difficult and bad situations with other student in which causes jail, fighting and sadly death. I pray that the school will change for the better and the students would put in the effort to make a better future for themselves and their future children and students.
Overall, Dothan High is a really great school. However, my experience there was average because there were some teachers that just didn’t really explain certain subjects that good. But what I would like to see changed is putting the teachers where they teach and explain an subject best.
Dothan High School has some great students and staff, but it also has it's fair share of not so great students, staff and administrators. Parent communication has improved this year, and the school continues to offer numerous extra curricular and varied course of study opportunities. Unfortunately, the campus is not well maintained, and there are low expectations when it comes to school cleanliness. Safety is a problem, and there has been more than one occasion where a loaded gun has been recovered from a student.
I would like to see a school wide shift in the attitude towards academics. I want every teacher to care about their students and every student to care about learning. I also wish the facilities were cleaner, and I wish there was a plan to reduce the number of fights. I learned a lot while at Dothan High School, but that’s because I focus and pay attention in class. I wish the entire student body would do that.
I would like to see the change in learning, curriculum, and interactions with teachers and students.
I was in honors and took some classes toward my college degree. It was a very good school. Not a lot of trouble, teachers were helpful an overall great 4 years.
Dothan High School is an average school. There is nothing that makes it stand out. There are occasional fights among students but these are quickly maintained by administration. The selection of clubs and other activities could be improved to represent more diverse interests. Sports programs are average with little hope of improvement. Focus is on the football program with all other sports considered to be unimportant with no booster clubs allowed. Honors academics are also average with some faculty pushing their own ideas and agendas on students.
I had several great teacher during my last few years. I had many service and involvement opportunities. This being said, the musical departments are falling apart, the sports aren't great, and there tends to be mass consequences when a small group gets in trouble. Even though the things I was interested were severely lacking, my teachers made an impact, and I was able to obtain a full tuition scholarship to a state university.
I liked the diversity of students and experiences that they all presented. I like the athletic programs, especially basketball. If there was anything I would change, it would be to get more funding in the school to upgrade the facility and resources.
My experience at Dothan High School is wonderful, which is hard to believe due to its reputation. Like many say, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Although it’s ugly on the inside there are kind people inside. As a Dothan High School Tiger, the school can have its days where the student body is reckless, most days, it’s an awesome school. What I would change in the school is the security, rules, and food. Security is key to having a safe school. The school is safe, but fights break out which puts the kids in danger. Rules should be strictly enforced more and the food should be double checked before giving out to the children because it can make people sick.
Dothan High School was a school revolved around sports. Football was the main sport the school cared about. The teachers cared more about dress code then actually teaching. Dothan High School is ranked at 350 for education. The building was very old and basically falling apart. The women's restroom was extremely disturbing with roach infestations, broken toilets, and a strong odor. The classrooms barely circulated air or heat and sometimes smelled really bad if the air or the heat was on too long. Furthermore, the school is not a place where a student goes to learn instead it is a place a student goes for athletic scholarships.
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Dothan High School is an average school I would say. My experience wasn't anything spectacular but I did have unforgettable moments. Most of the teachers are pretty helpful and rules are enforced fairly and equally. The school spirit here is through the roof and administrative involvement is at an all time high. The only thing I would change is the cleanliness of the school but with me currently attending our administrators are working hard to fix this. I'm truly proud to be a DHS Tiger!
I like the clubs/organizations but the things that go on here sometimes just isn't fair. You can be out of dresscode you get ISS or go home but others can be out of dresscode but don't get in trouble or anything basically they get they way. Girls wear short dresses/skirts but make it a bih deal when we wear small rips in our jeans that ain't really showing any skin or nothing at all
Of my 4 years at Dothan High School, I only had a handful of teachers who actually taught and cared about their students. The faculty did not perform how you would expect a high school faculty to do. They did not enforce rules and regulations and allowed students to run rampant.
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