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I have had a good experience with Doss High School throughout the years I’ve been there. I have been involved with extra-curricular activities such as marching band, pep band, and jazz band. Our school has a diversity and a good school community to be around. There is a lot of clubs and sports to be apart of, the teachers are wonderful, and I enjoy being a student at Doss High School. I would only change the school spirit, I feel like we have improved a little bit on school spirit, but I feel like we should have more.
Doss High School is a standard based school meaning the teachers won't move on until all student can demonstrate their understanding of a topic. Teachers care deeply about students and connect on a personal level , I would like to see the amount of school spirit increase within the school.
Being at Doss has helped me with real life situations. At Doss, I have become CPR and AED certified; this will help me in the long run in life and will also help in college. In class, these certifications can be beneficial because many people aren't trained in CPR and the AED. I could save the life of a classmate. I am glad that I have learned how to do these things. I also know how to do the Heimlich maneuver, which is helpful if a person is choking. Doss is a pretty good school.
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when I went to Doss I liked the fact the the teachers I had were really caring and helpful. I don't know bout any other year but I know my year everyone graduated with college ready and about people went to serve for the U.S.
My experience in Doss. Are one of the best things that will help me secede on with my life. The teachers there are there to teach thoes who want to learn and improve as well to help you get where you want to be. I recommend going to doss for your choose of high school.
It is a decent school to get you through high school, but it doesn’t prepare you for life after, such as jobs, College, or every day life
I came into Doss High School as a sophomore. Both of my older sisters already graduated from Doss, so it’s in our blood. We have a STEM pathway that I’ve chosen and I love it. I can further my studies in the STEM Academy to become a pediatrician. The security guards are like family. I can come to any of them for anything. The staff is super nice & very helpful. I came into Doss not knowing if I would like it or not, it has truly changed my opinion.
Doss high school is a great school, nice teachers and staff who go out there way to make sure you're getting the education that you need. Safe and clean environment. Doss gives you the opportunity to be involved in any of that activities so you will not be left out. Wouldn't want to be apart of any other school.
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Doss is a really easy school to find where you can fit in. It was very easy for me to find friends and establish good relationships with teachers and staff. It has the same problems that a lot of JCPS schools have which is a very limited budget. We still do fun things like spirit weeks, pep rallies, and dances. The staff is usually pretty easy to get along with but there are a few questionable teacher choices.
At doss high school, i feel that the combination of students don’t help others that actually want to learn, learn! It’s filled with bad behiavior and it’s a place i don’t really enjoy learning at. I still continue to maintain my A’s through these distracting classes. Sometimes, the students get me off track and i can’tesrn what i want to.
My overall experience with Doss was tremendous, the staff members help students when they need it. There is always a staff member that each and every student can trust. Learning topics are very helpful for in the real world, criteria that I learned here has helped me in the real world. Doss was wonderful!
Doss helped me be ready for college and life it self I loved it here I'm put my kids here one day The teachers ,coaches everybody want to see you do something with your life and if you don't they will still try. They will put effort into you because they can see the potential in everything that you can't see in yourself
I would like to see them better prepare students for life outside of highschool. Doss staff should help with scholarships and how to use them. They focus on students bettering there test scores to make Doss look like it has improved but don't help the students with life after high school.
I have been three years in Doss high school.
All the teachers are amazing and I really enjoy going there.
The first year when I move there I always see fight and arguments but since 2015 I don't see anything like that anymore. All the students are under control and most of the students work harder than they did before because of the teachers and principals passionate.
I have been a student at Doss High School for all 4 years of high school and I wouldn't say Doss is a horrible school but it has its ups and downs. During my 4 years we have gotten a new principal named Dr. Marty Pollio and I think he knows what he wants which is for us to be ready for the real world and also have fun with our school years not all just strictly business. Overall the school is a good school but I think one thing that should change is the lunch and the teachers need to start teaching better standards to students to help challenge them because basic information isn't going to help us succeed in the long run. If we had better lunches and challenging work that makes us think a lot more in school then it will be a better place.
I'd say most teachers at doss high try their best to teach but some just get distracted easily.
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We have security guards in the halls at all times we also have a sheriff that stays in the school or in the car all day. We do not have a school nurse. The doors are locked at all times, mostly all teachers keep their doors shut and locked during class time.
We have 6th and 7th period which is there to give help to students who are currently failing a class of have failed a class in the past or need help with the ACT. It have helped the school as a whole tremendously! This year the whole school is taking education more seriously.
I would chose to go to this school again because I was on the volleyball team for 4 years and I don't think I would have been comfortable trying out at any other school.
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