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Dos Pueblos Senior High School Reviews

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This school is horrible easily the worst in the district. Some of the worst teachers I’ve ever met are here they’re so lame most of them have no personality. The food here is straight trash chad to transfer my junior year this school is just so bad. If you want your child to have an enjoyable high school experience, SMHS, middle college, AVHS, even SB high are better choices imo. I’d highly recommend to avoid this school.
Overall, DPHS is a great school. Like any schools, you have good and bad teachers. If you take an AP class, you should take the AP test at the end of the year, even if you think you’ll fail.
My time at Dos Pueblos High School (DP) defined by a very tangible sense of wonder, learning, and home. At DP, I have found a wonderful balance between tough classes, dedicated teachers, and competitive sports. DP has a very welcoming culture which helps create an environment where we can be ourselves and truly enjoy high school. DP has allowed me to explore a plethora of interesting subjects beside people that I love. Dos Pueblos truly is a place built for us.
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Dos Pueblos is an amazing school. The environment is filled with joyful students, great administrators and happy vibes. I can challenge myself with different course levels, but also be involved in the community.
One thing that stands out about DP is a school-wide sense of community. During December of 2017, the entire Santa Barbara area was affected by the mudslides that arose from the continuous rain after the Thomas Fire. Numerous houses and families were in serious danger and the whole school community was supportive towards those, who were at risk. Various student-led clubs and organizations began drives to raise money for families that have been affected, teachers constantly offered their help and the school administration provided counseling services for those, that needed a safe space. There had been even student-run talent shows that raised money for organizations that were directly associated with victims.
Teachers and staff don't take threats, harassment, safety, and mental health there seriously. It is like a prison full of zombies. All work, never fun
I was here in 02-06. Worst years of my life. I'm a short Indian guy, didn't take care of myself and had a lot of mental problems which made me a bullying target from students and staff until my last year, which still had a little bullying from my computer teacher. Almost failed my last year because of the anxiety and depression and other mental crap I got from here. A lot of kids did drugs. I barely remember anything that was taught here. I wasn't that good of a student but not a terrible kid too but still dealt with too much. DP knew I had a lot of mental crap but didn't put me in special ed classed which turned out to be a disaster shortly after I graduated.
I really like the laid back community as a whole. I love the block schedule, it makes planning the week so much easier. There are a lot of great programs that can help distinguish you from other applicants for college, and our sports teams are also pretty good.
I saw myself really grow here. Not everyone can be a teacher, but all of my teachers were some of the best educators I have ever had. If it wasn't for the AVID program at DPHS, I would have never been where I am now.
My teachers have been understanding & every class I’ve taken has been interesting. DP has the Engineering Academy (DPEA) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program, but I’m in neither. DPEA is hard to get into and you must apply before freshman year. I’ve heard mixed feelings. I love the 3 IB classes I’m taking & appreciate the global learning approach that relies on public speaking/oral exams instead of strict tests.

We have a lot of go-getters; many students take challenging classes, but there are built-in resources to get academic help. Unfortunately, the only real way to be in the top 10% of your class is to be in the DPEA or IB programs, as these are weighted. Taking 1/2 weighted and 1/2 unweighted classes while earning straight A’s did not get me into the top 10.

I wish the food was better & lunch lines were shorter. I also wish school functions like dances and theatre shows were planned better, b/c many have fallen on the night before the SAT/ACT.
I liked the diversity of the student population and the support I received from the teachers and staff. I would like to see even more counselor involvement with the students.
Loved the athletics and academics. Something I would like to see change is how schoolwide problems/issues are addressed by administration. College readiness depends on how you take charge of your course schedule.
Dos pueblos has the engineering academy, which is completely overrated. going to middle college is a better experience than that program. the practical skill obtained in this program are minimal and hinder student's ability to learn about other opportunities.
I had a great experience attending Dos Pueblos High School and received an incredible education out of this. My teachers were more than cooperative and provided me with all the resources I needed to succeed. I met some of my best friends and was involved in a lot of social activities and had an overall great experience. I wish the school did more to contribute to our community and show how great our school was in the areas that we shined, but overall I had a great experience.
Some buildings could use updates. Good teachers/staff. Good programs and clubs, variety. Help and resources available. Good sense of community.
Overall Dos Pueblos is a great school which offers amazing courses for all levels at equal opportunity. The campus is very nice always portraying a clean sharp image and demonstrating lots of school spirit. It offers rigorous programs to prepare yourself for college level educations, such as the engineering academy which put students through fun and difficult experiences while also looking great on high school transcripts. The staff is always welcoming with open arms providing the best educational and emotional support inside or outside classes. Our sports are ever improving and excelling every year with rowdy home games and competitive drive. Dos Pueblos provides lots of great aspects for every student and much more.
Most teachers are very kind but still academically challenging and enforce learning and study habits that allow students to compete for spots in the best universities in the country. I never saw any kind of physical bullying, and its easy to find a place to fit in.
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DP has very good teachers who are always willing to help you, however the students are usually not welcoming to international students, so exchange students usually hang out together because most of them do not feel comfortable around Americans since they are usually rude for no reason to them. it is a very safe school and all staff are always willing to help you with anything the students need.
I like the atmosphere in the school, everybody is so friendly and the teachers are very good at teaching. But, the food taste bad.
Great environment and people. Many great ways to get involved in the school and surrounding community
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