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Dos Palos High School Reviews

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Its a great small school where you can get to know your teachers. What sports they have are good but a few more would be good. It would be nice to see a few more elective classes to choose from.
It's a good school altogether. Needs a few more clubs, more activities. The teachers are great and have great spirts. I recommend you to go here.
Dos Palos High is a school in a small town. So you get the whole cozy small town experience and genuinely get to grow with the people around you. Lots of diverse people.
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I liked that the school was small enough that you could know everyone and feel like a community. However, since the school is small there were less opportunities.
What I enjoyed about this school is how easy it was to make friends, because it is such a small town. It is great to see people get along. Although what I would like to see changed is the resources provided for students and opportunities in the different field of studies.
Overall my experience at this school has been okay, although I did make the best of it. One of my favorite experiences at this school is being able to be part of ASB Leadership class. Not only were you involve in every single thing that happens around the school, but you were also utilizing your communication skills and open-mindedness. Even though I had an okay experience here at Dos Palos High, I would not choose this school again and do it all over. For one, saying your ideas to make the student body better or ideas to have a better environment will not go into consideration for the teachers it will be a straight NO! Teachers here base their students grades by favorites which I do not like at all. Overall even though I had some good times, I would not come back to do it all over again.
If you know how to have fun and invest the time to finding what's fun in athletic clubs/dances, it is a very fun place. The people here are very friendly because of our ethnic diversity. We all have the opportunity to learn, which is great because it is a small school in a very friendly environment.
It really depends on the teacher, but the majority put the effort in, and they teach real well.
Students can be very involved, but because not much is offered at the school there is a lot of trouble with well rounding the opportunities. In regards to ethnic diversity the school is mainly Caucasians and Hispanics.
Our school is okay; every year they try to add more of a variety of classes, but they mostly revolve around agriculture. They do offer tutoring after school three times a week and teachers also offer their own time like during their lunch break.
I really love the Ag programs.
It's not bad. But some things could improve.
We have a police officer and dog always on call at the campus and unarmed security guard.
There are few clubs that there is that students have to get involved. Most popular is CSF, students always want to get ahead in their academics.
My favorite experience is joining clubs that they do have to offer. It is always nice to see everyone work together; I would not do it again, because I would like a better education system and a wider variety of extra curricular activities, clubs, and opportunity.
At Dos Palos High School there is a handful of teachers that go above and beyond to help the students. So go as much as giving up their lunch and and hour after school everyday for extra help. Those teachers also have the patience to help those who ask or are afraid to ask. Meanwhile there are teachers that are not a s considerate towards students and don't let students learn at their own pace.
They don't really talk about sex ed at the school anymore. You're just expected to know about it all when coming into high school.
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Students here are pretty friendly, but they act like they're better than others.
The school safety is pretty decent. The only problem is the police that work there take advantage of their high authority. They harass students for the heck of it sometimes.
Clubs at this school are more careered to the popular grou. If a mjnority or unpopular student tries to join, it's hard for them to be accepted by others. Most student don't participate in clubs because the popular kids act as if they're better than everyone and the teachers pretend like they don't notice that at all.
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