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It is a great school, honestly. Just at times kids tend to get out of control but nonetheless, the experience and memories made there are the greatest ones you'll remember. Plus the sports team are exceptional, all coaches always do great in their field. As well well as teachers of course. There is even video production, animation, and music classes for the artsy students. All in all Dorsey is an amazing High School to attend.
It was a fun experience for me to be around that kind of environment and culture of different kinds of people
I attended high school here from 9th to 12th grade and received my high school diploma as well. For me, this high school was a great experience all around. Was around where I grow up and it was just good for me
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I love how many opportunities that Dorsey has to really get involved, flourish and explore into different career pathways. The teachers are very dedicated and understanding of student needs. I have never had a better experience with my teachers though I feel like I need to be more challeged. Speaking in behalf of the magnet program, all teachers, student and staff are well mannered and handle business accordingly. I do think that remodeling the old buildings and bathrooms would be a good addition to the school. I would also love to see more diversity within the school.
I'm one of the many people who wanted to let people know that there is gonna be change by the previous role models that have been able to make sure that they fulfill an education to insure that the next generation follows of my h.s years .
Dorsey high school is a school offering great opportunities for all students. They focus on college readiness and encourage all of their students. The school is welcoming to every student, and is a safe and healthy environment.
Susan Miller Dorsey High School is a place for anyone who is interested in law, sports, the arts, etc. Many believe that this school holds a bad reputation due to its past involvement in many events, but in my personal experience this school has been great. So far I've learned that this school offers "the real-world" molding of each and every student that attends. The administrators are very persistent in getting their students to college as well as preparing them for a career in their interests. Parents are thoroughly involved with the school,considering the fact that they believe the it to be a part of the community. Dorsey not only stands as a school that has historical meaning, it also leaves a trail of success. The alumni, teachers, students, everybody shows that you just can't hide, that Dorsey pride!
It's just like any other school in the south central LA area. It has problems but it's trying to better its students.
As soon as one steps foot onto campus, the school spirit is infectious. Every student there is involved in some aspect of the school life that really allows the institution's social aspect to flourish. There are extracurricular activities for people of all walks of life: we have the Bible Club for religious people, a multitude of sports for athletes, Mock Trial for future attorneys, a Film Program for future actors, directors, and screen writers, college programs such as Upward Bound to prepare students for the future, and countless more groups. This allows Dorsey to be a truly inclusive school. Not only that, but students are also held to high standards when it comes to both academics and community service allowing students to be well rounded individuals.
I loved the math & science magnet at Dorsey. The teachers & faculty loved all the students like no other. Dorsey always felt like home. I love to learn at Dorsey the teachers always pushed students to learn outside of the box. Dorsey really prepared me for college.
what i liked about Dorsey was the overall experience that i got out from going there , the competition was high since mostly all the students was to the best . what would like to see a change is the award ceremony that are only held for magnet students
I like how Dorsey offer an infinite amount of resources that help, toward college. I would like to see change is some of the teachers put more discipline in the classroom so there can be a learning environment.
Dorsey is great for experiencing diversity. Not only are you getting a college ready education in the classrooms, but you begin to familiarize with students from different cultures.
Some of the teachers really care about your future goals and help you in every way to get into the college of your dreams.
Dorsey is a school that gives you many opportunities to Be more involved with the profession you seek. As there is a law & Public Magnet and the Fire department and the police department allows freshman to have a one time experience by meeting sheriffs and chiefs.
When I went to Dorsey high school from my freshman year to my senior year, everything seems quiet different to me because that was a school I have ever gone to in the united states. based on my opinion on how Dorsey school is when I was in the school the school has what it takes to get the students more educated and more involved in their culture and experiencing other culture as a whole. In fact, Dorsey school makes students get more involved in their environment so that when they see something that is not meant to be in that place they get to help clean their environment and be more educated
I loved Dorsey cause they have great academic courses . Amazing sports teams . Enthusiastic people and great opportunities for college.
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Admin/ counselors do a average job addressing concerns / needs of parents and students...teachers need smaller class sizes so they can spend less time disciplining/safety on campus is questionable : the security on campus need to spend less time trying to be the students friends and more time being alert to what is going on on campus/diversity is not a option on this campus the student body consist of Blacks and Browns.../
My experience at Dorsey High School was magnificent. I had the support I needed from the staff members. It was also hard being a student here because of the stereotypes that was put upon the students from years ago. Many believed that Dorsey High Students where all members of a gang because of the area the school was built in, while that might of been true from when the school was first founded. Now the neighborhood around the school may be filled with gang violence the staff helped to keep all and if any gang violence away from the school and their students. The students were there to learn and the professors were there to teach us to the best ability that they can. I am a Dorsey High School success story; I graduated with honors with a gpa of 3.2, and I also graduated with having being involved in many different organizations and activities. If I had to recommend a school to a middle school graduate I would recommend Dorsey High School.
I feel that my schools bullying policy isn't affective.I also think the staff there don't take much responsibility for stolen items,or criminal students.Dorsey has cool teachers when it come to teaching but either than that it's okay.
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