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I really like the diversity at Dorman and how there is so much involvement with the student body. Something that I wish that could change is just more academic recognition than athletic recogni
Dorman High School is a great school and this school will make sure that you’re all prepared for college. Dorman has a lot of hands-on learning so its a lot easier to understand the lesson.
Everything is amazing. Dorman high school is a safe environment. It's where you find out what you want to be when you get older. They prepare you for college better than you can imagine. The teacher and principals all strive to make our futures bright.
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During my years at Dorman High School I have enjoyed many school activities, made many friends. However, being such a big school, I wish that more students would be more open to new ideas and kinder.
Dorman had amazing teachers and everyone was willing to help everyone out. They offered dual enrollment classes and RDA classes so you could get a head start on your life or job. They had a beautiful fine arts theatre and the sports at Dorman are the best around.
I like Dorman High School because we’re one of the best high schools in South Carolina. We have the best staff and administrators hands down. We have one of the best facilities, and we are a big school with great protection for us. I like the way we have dual enrollment and AP classes because it helps us get ready for college and prepare for other things in our life. I would recommend anyone to enroll or attend Dorman High School as their high school it’s is a fun, safe , and most importantly the best high school EVER!
It's a great environment for upcoming students and the safety for the students is very important and it's noticeable. The teachers are well at making sure all students are prepared and full of knowledge for the next step in life. Facilities at Dorman are maintained and kept clean for guests and students. The programs for example, dual enrollment, gives students an idea of how college will be and gives us a chance to be ahead in college electives.
The community is really great and the facilities are amazing. The teachers are willing to help and truly want their students to succeed..
I love this school for he most part! I think that most of thr teachers are amazing! I think that we should have more pep rallies.
Dorman is an AWESOME school! It is an equal opportunity school with great teachers and principals. Dorman offers dual credit classes and AP classes. You are also able to take classes at RD Anderson which was great. RD Anderson helped me to realize what I wanted to be when I grow up. I would recommend Dorman High School to any student.
I like that Dorman takes pride in their education. They offer tons of college credit classes that are free for students if they pass the class, which saves students tons of money for college in the long run, if they take advantage of it
I spent 4 years at Dorman High and was involved in many extracurricular activities. I love that there is always something for you to be involved in, as they have a very wide variety of clubs/sports/programs to choose from. However, due to class sizes being so big, sometimes the 1 on 1 in the classroom doesn't happen. Most teachers do their best to fix that, but in some classes it's simply impossible. So that'd be one of my only and main problems.
I love everything about Dorman. The campus is huge and awesome. The teachers care about the students. We feel safe, we learn, and we also have lots of fun. I am on the drumline and play football. The fine arts department is one the best in the world. The football coaches and the team is top notch. You couldn't ask for a better or safer environment for the students. The programs, and the campus is state of the arts. We have the best high school in the state. Our highschool looks more like a college campus. The extra curricular activities keeps us happy and we in turn do what we are suppose to do in class. Im glad to be a Cavalier, and it's something to be proud of.
I graduated in the class of 2019. Dorman is a large school with many administrators working together to supply students with everything they will need post graduation in whatever endeavors a student may pursue.
Dorman was a great high school. Prepared me extremely well for college especially through the STEM program.
Dorman has excellent teachers and staff. Students are well prepared for college and also to go into the workforce straight from RD Anderson Applied Tech Center. Athletics, Clubs, Activities and Music and Arts are offered with something to appeal to every student. A diverse student population and supportive, involved administration.
Very big school that offers great opportunities to the students. There are a lot of great teachers and safety is taken very seriously. Many clubs and activities are offered as well as a chance to take classes off campus with provided transportation. The principles are very inclusive of every minority and does not discriminate but encourages others to be inclusive as well. One event in particular that I believe is very beneficial is the day that time is set aside for over 100 colleges to come and students have the opportunity to talk to them and receive more information which is good for those who do not have a way to physically go to the college themselves.
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Dorman is one of the biggest high schools in the state. It functions as a small university....students have even taken to calling it DU. Overall, I wish rules were enforced more by teachers and followed by more students.
Dorman high school is a very nice and big school. Most teachers are very good at their job teaching. Other staff are nice and helpful. Very involved with athletes. C wing is a nice area of the building. Kept mostly clean and chill. They are getting better at safety of the school. The bathrooms around A wing are not as kept as they should. Nice gym area.
Dorman High School is a phenomenal school. It has a diverse student body, so you are sure to find friends easily. The teachers are friendly and helpful. We have a large variety of academics to choose from, to include dual enrollment opportunities from our local colleges. Dorman offers many clubs and has lots of activities to get involved with from clubs to athletics. Our athletic teams are very successful and our students love being involved and cheering on their fellow classmates at various sporting events. Our facilities are some of the best in South Carolina! I am a proud student of Dorman High School.
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