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I attended Dorchester Public Schools since I was in first grade. While the school is very small when compared to other schools, I feel like I had a good experience while there.
Small school with personal focus on every student. Each child matters. Also supported by a strong alumni base.
My guidance counselor had me take dual credit classes while in high school. All I had to pay for were the books. It helped prepare me for college.
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They have a great variety of technoloy. The facilities are new but not in the best shape. The guidance counselor Is awesome at her job.
They are average for the size of the school and number of people that participate.
some are good at what they do others aren't
We have a very small school with little diversity. However, for being a small school the students are more prejudice and teachers let them say whatever they want to. Not only are a lot of the students in the high school portion prejudice but they also bully quite a bit. It is sad that the students get away with it seeing as how the teachers have less than twenty kids in a class and they still can't keep them in check. I've been to two other schools both at least ten times the size as my current school and no student ever got away with half the stuff the kids do at my school. It's sad that teachers with twice as many students have more authority and respect than those with less than twenty at a time.
Our school offers quite a few activities even though we aren't that big of a school. It is both surprising and great that so many of our students do participate in so many activities.
It's a smaller school, so it's easy for students to get help from administrators and counselors if they need it.
A lot of our teachers use Powerpoints to teach class, which isn't very interactive. The ones that use hands-on and group activities help us learn more and have fun while doing it.
There are alot of options for athletics, but not alot of students participate in them.
There are a lot of rules in place but the administration does not enforce them. Instead most of the teachers enforce the rules more severely than the principals.
I lie this school. It is very good and thorough.
Everyone pretty much accepts everyone else. It is a small school so you pretty much have to be friends with everyone.
I feel very safe at Dorchester High School. Some kids get bullied but not very much.
Not very good. Only have one option. Eat it, get a salad, or bring your own. I bring my own probably almost half the time.
They are pretty good. Many clubs and sports offered. Not very many people go out which makes it hard to practice, but everyone gets to play. I think if more people would go out we would do better overall.
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