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Doral Performing Arts and Entertainment Academy is the best arts high school I've had the pleasure of attending. As a part of the television production program, I have had endless opportunities to learn how to further better my skills in producing pieces for our school's morning announcements as well as for separate projects with the Telemundo television network. This school really does give the best Arts as well as traditional education and supports all of its students to excel academically as well as artistically. Anyone who attends will become a more well-rounded student.
In this school, I can explore my artistic ability while also taking challenging courses in STEM to fully explore all my interests.
Doral Performing Arts is part of the larger Doral Academy, a school who's administration only cares about making money rather than the well-being of its students. Expect really dumb rules, lackluster administration, practically walking a mile to get to another class, serious overcrowding, and a general kind of annoying time(Unless you're an athlete for the school or part of the SGA).
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In Doral Performing Arts Entertainment Academy, I learned that administrators don't quite support the performing arts programs except to the TV production program since they advertise themselves in the morning announcements. Most people at my school don't even know that we have a keyboard program.There are many performing arts programs; choir program, theater program, band program, orchestra program, TV production program, photography program, visual arts program, keyboard program, and not everyone knows that. I would want the administration to know that the performing arts would get more recognition that it deserves, the school does not provide enough money for the art programs.Tv production program always goes out of state to do the annual tv production competition, it just seems unfair for the music program to do their winter show at our gym. I hope to see an improvement in the Doral Academy support on all of the performing arts programs.
What I liked most about Doral PA were the teachers. They are very passionate about what they teach, and they know what they are teaching, they always made the classes fun and interactive.
Doral Performing Arts and Entertainment Academy has helped me grow as a student and artist that will end up being successful in the Dance world in the near future. The teachers were very caring, the administration was very good and strict upon the students which help us with discipline and how to function in the real world as adults. The performing and visual arts program is amazing overall.
The school is excellent academically but very biased with its students. Athletes receive special privileges. The school is very hectic.
Doral is a very spirited school, but the facilities are not the greatest. It's not a private school so it's understandable, but I'd at least like to have actual mirrors in all of the bathrooms. Also, every time there is a new project done in the school, like the new building, they always say it will be done way earlier than it actually will be done.
Though Doral's academics are great, it is very stress full and does not feel like a high school. Many teachers do not give many grade opportunities other than tests and they take long to input grades.
Once you enter Doral Academy and you’ve been there a while, you won’t want to leave. Doral Academy will turn into you’re second home and the people there will be your family. Everyone is so helpful with whatever you need, and I know I always have someone to talk to when I need one. Administration is extremely involved in daily student life, but they make the experience at Doral Academy the best one.
Doral academy really did prepare me for my next step in life which was university. The different teachers helped me look for a school that had what i was interested in studying and also applying and making the transition to the new school easier. All the teachers were easy to talk to and friendly so i didn't have to feel scared to approach them.
Doral Performing Arts is excellent at integrating academics and artistic endeavors into the learning experience, by inspiring its students to make time for their passions and creativity in the pursuit of academic achievement.
Transferring half-way through my sophomore year was a difficult process, but the teachers and the amazing friends I made were worth it. This school will heavily prepare you for college, so good luck!
Doral is such a unique place with a nurturing environment to have your high school experience at. I have had some of my best moments here and would not trade it for the world.
great school

horrible school spirit

very bias with some students

alright administration

strict dress code
What I liked about Doral Performing Arts & Entertainment Academy is the opportunities presented to students who are immensely dedicated to their craft. As a singer, I’ve been able to perform in places like Carnegie Hall in New York City, Adrienne Archt Center, Kobe Center in South Carolina, and Disney World. I also liked the techniques presented to students in relation to their arts. They are taught many valuable skills that are useful for their future in a career in the arts. For example, I’ve been taught vocal lessons that have been essential for auditions to colleges like Berklee College Of Music and AMDA. I believe that the only change needed should be more funding for the arts. Our program has very small classroom with restricted space, it would be nice to have more space for our practices.
Doral is a great school, the performing arts program is very good. Teachers are nice and want to see you succeed.
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Amazing, there are many classes and choices. The teachers really love what they are doing and help is made when a student is struggling. I really feel like I am being prepared in this school for college.
I love my school. I provides an outstanding and comfortable environment for me to flourish in. The college prep is amazing and the Arts programs stand out from any other in the state.
Doral Performing Arts and Entertainment academy is a welcoming and safe environment for students with all kinds of talents and skills. Here students are able to express themselves in whichever way they please and are able to explore their possibilities through many creative outlets. Whether it be through journalism and tv production or writing and science, there is a place for everyone here in Doral. Everyone is welcomed and accepted and you feel that sense of family from the moment you step on campus and are greeted by our amazing administrators.
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